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brass fittings for water you tube

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brass fittings for water you tube(brass fittings for water you tube)

Water pipe is one of the auxiliary materials in the home improvement,It is related to homeWater safetyExperience。

(brass fittings for water you tube)

If the water pipe has problems,Light house seepage,Undermine local,Heavy water disaster,Not only need to be renovated,Drop downstairs,Neighborhood contradiction。

Select in the water pipeline,Requires the service life of the integrated water pipe,Whether water is safe、Health and other ways to choose。

(brass fittings for water you tube)brass fittings for water you tube

According to these water pipe properties,Materials from the water pipe、Fitting fitting、Pressure and temperature resistance to select high quality water pipes。

(brass fittings for water you tube)

01 Raw materials for water pipes

On the marketPPRWater pipe raw materials have two types,one type“Recovert”,one type“100%Original ingredient”。


(brass fittings for water you tube)“Recovert”,Recycled plastic,traditionalPPRMost of the pipe will be in the production process,Doping“Recovert”andPPROriginal ingredient mix。

(brass fittings for water you tube)And plastic material is easy to at high temperature,Release chemicals harmful to human body。Excessive doping in pipeline ingredients“Recovert”,Equivalent to chronic poison,Be able to become“Poisonous pipe”。

brass fittings for water you tube

100%Original ingredient

100%ofPPROriginal ingredient,BeWhite high-grade polyethylene or polypropylene particles,Making a water pipe using such a material,More in line with national productionPPRStrict quality standards for water pipes。

brass fittings for water you tube

high purity100%Water pipe made from original ingredients,Longer life,More high temperature,More environmentally friendly,Healthy environment is healthier。

02 Fitting fitting

Important components as connecting water pipes,Pipe fittings also need to choose from。Water pipe fittings on the market usually have“Electroplating copper alloy”and“brass”Fitting fitting。

“Electroplating copper alloy”

Most of the traditional pipe fittingsElectroplatingCopper alloy”,but“Electroplating copper alloy”Containing lead in the pipe、promise、Nickel and other heavy metals harmful to human body。

When it is used for household water,Easy to cause heavy metal over the water。

brass fittings for water you tube(brass fittings for water you tube)(Left is electroplating copper alloy pipe fittings,Right is low lead copper pipe)


Brass tube is copper as raw material,And more expensive materials,No rose, no more environmentally friendly,Also more solid,preservative,Shock proof

brass fittings for water you tube

Detection method

During the actual purchase process,Can be weighed,To test whether it is a brass pipe。The same specification is placed on weighing,The higher the amount of copper,The restraint。

03 Withstand voltage

The difference between the thickness of the tube wall,It also directly affects the cracking coefficient of the water pipe.。The thicker wall,itsPressure enduranceBetter,Anti-aging effect is better。

brass fittings for water you tube

The minimum standard of tube wall thickness in home improvement water pipes is2.9mm。

In the diameter of the pipe25mmin the case of,The wall thickness of the hot water pipe is4.2mmabove,Will be more resistant to high pressure、High temperature。

brass fittings for water you tube

04 Temperature resistant

(brass fittings for water you tube)Three elements affecting the temperature resistance of the home improvement water pipeRaw material、Wall wall、Cold water pipe attribute。

  • 100%High purity raw material temperature resistance is better;
  • The minimum standard of the wall thickness of the wall2.9mm,Can guarantee the pressure and temperature effect of water pipes;
  • Hot and cold water pipes are different from the thickness of the tube wall,Cold water pipe wall thinner,Worse withstand voltage and temperature resistance,Smaller function range;The hot water pipe is thicker by the wall,Relulence and temperature resistance,Higher cost,Use more functional range。

so,Most families use hot water tubes to replace the cold water pipe,Double-purpose effect。Good hot water tube maximum operating temperature can be reached95℃,Fully meet the requirements of the hot water system in the building water supply and drainage specification。

(brass fittings for water you tube)brass fittings for water you tube

Good water pipe can be in the same environment,safer、healthy,And the service life of the water pipe is also longer,Reduce the frequency and cost of home improvement,Strictly treat the choice of water pipes,It is also responsible for your life quality.。

brass fittings for water you tube(brass fittings for water you tube)

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