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author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-15 07:24:14

Hot-dip galvanized square2011Since the year, the continuous decline of galvanized square tube,Causes the steel mill to maintain a low inventory strategy。The latest issue of data display,The average number of galvanized squares of sample steel mills in East China can be used13.5sky,In the same period last year20sky;North China steel mill inventory available days8.3sky,In the same period last year8.3sky。Steel plant invented in North China is flat in the same period last year.,East China steel mill inventory is already in absolute low。

Analyst said,With the gradual increase of steel mills,Domestic seamless square tube market inventory continuously,At present, the national standard inventory level has dropped to new low in the year.,Supply reduction to steel price support。The central bank continuously reduces the interest rate,Will boost seamless square tube market demand and market confidence。It is expected that short-term domestic steel prices or will be stable and trend。

As the market supply and demand relationship changes,Galvanized square tube is different in different seasons supply and demand relationships.,When supplying more than a time,The price of galvanized square tube is correspondingly reduced,When the relationship is opposite, it will increase accordingly.,Therefore, galvanized square management manufacturers can also simply judge the market supply and demand through product prices.;Export volume is also an important factor in determining the price of galvanized square tube,When the relationship is tense or relax,The price will fluctuate。

Tianjin Zincheng Liye Steel Tube Co., Ltd. Analysis Regardless of the basic level from the internal level or from the external environment,Recently, hot galvanized tube is difficult to rise,However, the possibility of sharp rise is also small.,It is expected that the hot galvanized tube market is mainly used in a micro-plated。

to date,Government infrastructure stimulation is delayed,Downstream demand weakness and large logic of upstream mining production have no fundamental changes,In addition to the inventory of the hot-dip galvanized tube market,Also increase the price of hot dip galvanized tube。“Jin Jiuyin 10”Legend has become a legend,This year is no exception,The hot galvanized tube market is still full of chills.。

However, in the medium and long term, it is limited to the reduction of the interest rate on the steel industry.。Industry insiders said,On the one hand, the bank even has sufficient credit quota,I don't want to turn funds to the steel industry that is over-capacity and serious loss.;On the other hand, hot galvanized pipe business is difficult,Universal reduction in investment and inventory hoard,The overall demand for loans is also shrinking。therefore,Central bank“Double drop”The overall impact on the steel industry is still limited,Domestic steel market should reverse the current difficulties,It will still be hoped in the gradual reduction of overproduction industry, and the recovery of the real needs of the market.。Industry insiders also pointed out,The demand for steel market is still facing slow pressure,At the same time, domestic steel industry environmental pressure is likely to continue to increase,In addition, industries、Structure upgrade is likely to be further accelerated。

brass plated square tube suppliers