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brushed brass garden tub fixtures

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After purchasing the bathtub,How to install another problem。Let's learn the installation method of the bathtub.,In order to stand at any time when you need it in the future。

brushed brass garden tub fixtures

one、Bathtub installation consideration

1、The size is important

For the installation of the bathtub,In fact, the choice of size is a very important aspect.,Because the size of the size is related to the location of the installation, etc.,For example, our bathroom is very large.,So when choosing the bathtub,There is a relatively large freedom,How to install the bath will also become a very simple problem。But if the bathroom size is very limited,Then the location of the bathtub may be relatively fixed.,Limited installation location。

brushed brass garden tub fixtures

2、Treatment method of skirt and bottom

How to install a bathtub?The treatment of skirts and bottom is to pay attention to,Because the installation of the bathtub is generally carried out in the process of decoration.,Instead of all completed after installation,So say, according to the actual size of the bathtub,Brick cement skirt,External and skirts Adding magnetic bricks,Bottom brick and cement platform,The height is just right to top to the bottom of the bathtub.。At the same time, the water pipe must be installed correctly when installing.。

brushed brass garden tub fixtures(brushed brass garden tub fixtures)

3、It is very important to use glass glue.

A lot of toilets and wash basins,The use of glass glue is very common,How to install the bathtub,It is also required for the use of glass glue.,Although the volume of the bathtub is more sinking,But for the stability of the bathtub and the life of the bathtub,It is recommended to put glass glue in the bathtub and the skirt and wall.。This ensures the step of the bathtub,Preventing the invasion of water,This will prolong the service life.。

brushed brass garden tub fixtures

4、Check the bathtub level、Before and after、Whether the left and right position is appropriate,Check if the drainage facilities are suitable,To install solid,Take anti-dirt with bathtub and water in the installation process、Anti-tissue、Anti-blocking facility,Angle Grinder、Spark of spot welding should not splash to the bathtub,Otherwise it will cause damage to the glaze.,Effect of beautiful bathtub。

brushed brass garden tub fixtures

5、Jacuzzi installation must set the ground wire and leakage protection switch,Pay attention to picking the electric plug when installing,Well waterproof around the pad,Avoid leakage accidents。Equipment test to do motor before connecting the water pipe,Listen to whether its voice meets the requirements。

6、Bathtub with bracket before installation,Check if the bath is placed in place;After putting the bathtub in the reserved position,The support foot nut should be adjusted with a horizontal feet,Did to the bathtub level。

brushed brass garden tub fixtures

7、Pay attention to bathtub protection,In the bathtub installation and house decoration,Soft material can be covered with the bath surface,Do not stand up in the bathtub,Or place heavy objects on the edge of the bathtub,To prevent damage to the bathtub。Bathtub installation24hback,Can use。

brushed brass garden tub fixtures

two、Bathtub installation points

1、Bathtub placement form:Delicate and embedded

Bathtub installation,first,Need to know,Bathtub placement。There are two separate and embedded forms in the form of a typical bathtub.,The shelving is put on the bathtub directly on the bathroom.,This way is convenient,Easy to repair,Suitable for choosing in the case where the ground has been installed。The embedded is embedded in or partially embedded in the table.,Embedded bathtub,Easy and convenient,Suitable for body weak。

2、Stand-alone bathtub installation points

Separate bathtub installation is simpler。Among them, the installation of water outlet is a key issue.。Before installing, you must reserve or modify your bathtub and other channels.,Then place the bathtub on two wooden strips.,Connect to the water,Try water in the bathtub,Check if the water is leaking。If there is no leak,Take the wood strip。Bath of the bath。

brushed brass garden tub fixtures

3、Embedded bathtub installation points

Embedded bathtub installation focuses on waterproof。Main steps,After doing a good job in the bathtub,In order to achieve the effect of waterproof, you must focus on the grooved part.,It is best to detect whether it will leak in one or two days.;Located under normal order;Use foam tile pad well embedded bathtub,Height is generally60cmWithin;Note that in the position of the water pipe250x300mmNormal size overhaul hole。