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brass tube manufacturers uk

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New energy in the past two years、semiconductor、The military direction is favored by the market,The industry as a whole also showed a continuous upward trend。The company I saw today,its products,Has entered into the new energy vehicle、Wind photovoltaic power generation、telecommunication、semiconductor、Industrial chain of strategic emerging industries such as military industry。next,Let's take a look at the company's current competitive advantages and business highlights。

brass tube manufacturers uk

first,The company is the largest in the world、One of the most competitive copper processing enterprises in the world,The world's largest copper tube manufacturer,China's largest copper pipe、One of the export enterprises of copper pipe fittings,Be the benchmark enterprise of refined management in the copper processing industry。

Company in Zhejiang、Shanghai、Anhui、Guangdong、Sichuan、Chongqing and other domestic provinces and cities and the United States、Germany、France、Italy、Spain、Vietnam、Thailand and other overseas countries have 19 major production bases,throughout Asia、America、Europe's vast area。The company has accumulated a large number of high-quality and stable customers at home and abroad,and130More than 8,000 customers in more than 10 countries or regions have established long-term business relationships,Become a strategic partner of many industry brand enterprises。

brass tube manufacturers uk

Currently,The company's main products have entered new energy vehicles、Wind photovoltaic power generation、telecommunication、semiconductor、Industrial chain of strategic emerging industries such as military industry,While further enhancing the company's profitability, it also opens up a broad space for business growth。

first half of this year,The company applies to new energy vehicles、High-end equipment manufacturing、desalination、industrial system、The sales volume of products in copper water pipes and other fields is close to4tons,increased year-on-year64.08%,17.70%、39.60%、28.47%、16.05%。

can be seen,The company is indeed in the copper processing segment,Truly a leading company。After watching the highlights,then next,Let's take a look at the quality of the company,

brass tube manufacturers uk

Let's take a look at how the company has grown in recent years,

(brass tube manufacturers uk)brass tube manufacturers uk

In terms of operating income, The company's operating income in the last five years,Showing a continuous upward trend,

The average annual growth rate of the company's operating income is29.71%。

In terms of revenue growth rate,Excellent growth

brass tube manufacturers uk

Let's look at profit,The last five years of the company,Profits have continued to rise in the first four years。

but2020year due to the epidemic,There has been a certain drawdown in the company's profits。

And in the latest semi-annual report,Company revenue soars40%,The main profit is soaring100%,Has exceeded last year's main profit。

The company's average profit growth in the last five years has also exceeded10%。

Overall, It is also remarkable。

Let's take a look at the company's profitability,A company capable of generating higher yields,Naturally more attention from the market。

brass tube manufacturers uk

The company's ROE in the last five years has been in the first four years10%above,Last year, there was a certain decline due to the external environment。

However, the average annual return on equity in the last five years is still at12.36%。far outperforms inflation and regular。

Also perform well。

So,What is the current financial position of the company,Is liquidity sufficient?

brass tube manufacturers uk

The company's net asset-liability ratio in the last five years,exist55%-65%oscillate between。

Debt is in the normal range。

brass tube manufacturers uk

And from the perspective of the company's liquidity,

most recent quarter,The company's current assets can cover134%current liabilities;And even excluding inventory,still cover96%current liabilities。Ample liquidity。

(brass tube manufacturers uk)Finally, look at the company's cash flow,Because companies that can continue to generate cash flow,Just a good company,

brass tube manufacturers uk(brass tube manufacturers uk)

As a company in a cyclical industry,Except for the last five years2017The company's cash flow is consistently positive。

This company isAHailiang shares listed。company growth、Excellent profitability。normal financial situation,Ample liquidity。Overall continuous inflow of cash flow。

Besides,Which subdivision track leaders are you optimistic about in the non-ferrous sector??

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