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brass fittings for clawfoot tub

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-15 05:35:19

Bathroom wants to achieve bath、Toilet function,Light bathtub、The toilet is far less enough.,It also needs the corresponding accessories to make them normal use.。But the bathroom fittings include?Some people are worried that the quality of the bathroom accessories is not good.,Just choose the right brand,So, which brand is good??

brass fittings for clawfoot tub

one、Bathroom accessories

1、Frame。Now there are two materials with aluminum alloy and stainless steel,Stainless steel acid-resistant,Better quality,So the price will be some,General200-300Yuan/Square meter,but,Not all stainless steel is high-grade goods,Domestic production201、202Easy to rust,At least304Can withstand rust。

2、grass。This is also determined by the quality of the frame,Good stainless steel can bear10mm、12mmThick tempered glass,Good aluminum alloy8mmThick glass is no problem,Border,Can withstand5m m、6m mThick glass,Safety is naturally low。Glass choice,The temperatures of automotive-grade glass are superior,Surface is very transparent,No particles and pinholes。

3、Water-waterstone,There are two kinds of artificial and natural。Natural stone is not too high,Suitable bathrooms that have been paved,Artificial stone once formed,No seam,It is not easy to resist debris,But relatively high,Can be used when the rough house is decorated。

(brass fittings for clawfoot tub)two、Which brand of bathroom accessories is good

1、TOTO,At present, the status of the leader in the industry,Dongtao(China)Co., Ltd.,TOTO,Bring a lot of quality products for everyone's bathroom。Be founded in1917Japan,Intelligent bathroom global famous brand,Japanese historic health equipment manufacturers,Professional production、Sales of civilian and commercial facilities manufacturers with bathroom and related equipment。

2、Farnesha。This brand is also relatively firm,The famous trademark of Guangdong Province is because of the quality of the quality, I entered our market.。Guangdong famous brand products,Foshan City, Fa En, is a set of design、Research and development、Production、Sales high quality bathroom、Modern large ceramic bathroom group in tile and supporting products。

3、Rising sunCME,For the top ten bathroom brands,was created on1992Annual quality is impeccable。Guangdong famous trademark,Bathroom industry related standards,Set research and development、manufacture、Sales high-grade ceramic cleansing、Smart ware、High-tech enterprises in the integrated products such as induction sanitary ware and bathroom accessories。

Bathroom accessories?In fact, there are still many bathroom accessories.,Mainly to see what kind of products do,Bathroom accessories needed for different products。As for the bathroom accessories, which brand is good?You can look at multiple brands comparison,See which brand's product is better,Then buy yourself and need products。