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3 4 inch brass tube

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3InchpeAlthough the inch mentioned here generally refers to inches,3inch3inch,An inch is equal to25.4mm,therefore,3The inch tube is3*25.4=76.2mm,because its diameter is close to80mm,So the general specification is written asDN80(3inch tube),Note that the size here refers to the inner diameter of the tube,3The inch pipe is often used as a sewer pipe。

3 4 inch brass tube

Downpipe installation precautions

When the water pipes of the kitchen and bathroom are filled with water,to give the ground an angle,Install the sewer inlet at the lowest point on the ground,So that the water can flow into the sewer smoothly,Otherwise every time you take a shower or rinse the kitchen,There will be a lot of water on the ground,Can't keep the ground dry。And make a water bend for the sewer pipe,Not only can effectively prevent the odor emanating from the sewer pipe,And also insect repellent。

(3 4 inch brass tube)3 4 inch brass tube(3 4 inch brass tube)

Selection and installation of water pipes

Because the water pipes are installed in the wall and under the floor,Therefore, in the event of leakage, it is necessary to destroy the walls and tiles,Maintenance is very troublesome,Therefore, before installing the sewer pipe, check whether the water pipe and connecting accessories are damaged.、crack,Try to choose high-quality pipes,This is something that will take decades,Don't save money on plumbing material,Minimize the trouble caused by later maintenance。

3 4 inch brass tube(3 4 inch brass tube)

plumbing during installation,Keep it simple,Minimize plumbing,The waterway is complicated and has a tragic leakthe bigger,In addition, use as few connecting accessories as possible under walls and floors,This reduces the risk of leakage,During the installation process, the location of the washing machine should be preset in advance,Compatible with the location of the power outlet。also,The plumbing installation of the whole house should be carried out strictly according to the design drawings,If there are temporary changes,Design drawings to be annotated,Keep the drawings,In the event of a catastrophic leak in the future,It will be much easier to find out the tragic leaks with the blueprint。

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