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In our daily life,Because there is a washing machine,Can we liberate your hands?。But what makes human pain is the drainage problem of the washing machine.。We generally wash clothes,Inevitable problems that will haak water,In fact, the main reason is that the drainage tube is not good.。

There is a big problem in our laundry machine.,That is, after each after washing clothes,I will find that the ground drain will take water.,Just started to think that it was the drainage pipe of the washing machine.,Later, I found that every time washing clothes.,Give the balcony all water,There is also an unpleasant taste,Then I will change the drainage pipe,But the problem is still not solved,Because the reason is not at all, the drain pipe is broken.,It is not suitable for use in the washing machine.,If it is neighbors to see,I am still silly, I don't know why.。

brass scupper tubes

one、Why can't the washing machine drain can not be directly drained?

(brass scupper tubes)After the neighbor said,I finally know the problem.。In fact, this is also the main problem when it is decorated.,If it is the problem of washing machine drains,Then there will be no such water leakage.。

(brass scupper tubes)Generally, the general ground drain is relatively small.,No need to be very urgent。But the washing machine is not the same as,The washing machine is very anxious after washing the clothes.,Once the ground is leaking,Then it will leak to the ground.。My family is this reason for leaking.。Generally, the ground drain of the washing machine drain is no curve.,This drain will not block it.,And the ordinary ground is missing under the curve,This kind of drain will naturally be very slow.,Especially the water flow that cannot be row。

Neighbor,Try to do two floor drains when installing,One is the ground drain that is also used,One is the floor drain for washing machine drains,The bottom cannot be designed with a curve,To seal,This will not leak to the ground when the washing is drained.,Give the ground to get wet。There is also a benefit of the washing machine drainage and drainage is that drain is more clean,There will be no bugs and bacteria。

(brass scupper tubes)I believe it is not just me.,Many people who don't understand this may have the ordinary ground to miss the washing machine drainage.,The consequence of that directly leads to the water to the ground.。At the end of the root, it is not responsible for the master installed.,Drainage drain without the installation of the washing machine,So there is a person in the renovation house,To remind the master to install two floor drain。

brass scupper tubes

two、How to choose the washing machine?

1、Washing machine floor drain

(brass scupper tubes)Selection of the washing machine floor leak should be used for dedicated floor drainage,The laundry machine is dedicated to the central part of the ordinary floor, there is a round cover that can be removed.,You can directly insert the drain pipe of the washing machine.,Not affecting the emissions of water on the ground。

2、Choose floor drain

Now there is generally mainly cast iron in the market.、PVC、Zinc alloy、ceramics、Cast aluminum、Stainless steel、brass、Copper alloy, etc.。Among them, stainless steel and copper alloy floor drain prices are,Beautiful,durable;Brassically leaks all aspects of performance。

brass scupper tubes

3、Select floor drainage

Space in the ground,Moreover, the water is not hindered by the ground,Can choose as appropriate when purchasing。

4、Selection of leakage jacket for washing machine

Washing machine land leakage tube has single tube and double tube,Washing machine can be drained directly to floor drain。Three-way-Double tube is achieved2Washing machine、Or drainage with the washing machine and pier cloth,The single tube is the laundry machine。

5、Deodal effect

One of the main functions of deodorant floor drain,It is best to choose physical deodorant,Switch tiles by water pressure and permanent magnet,Thus the role of deodorant。

brass scupper tubes

three、How to install the washing machine?

1、Before the installation of the washing machine floor,First, you should purchase a suitable washing machine floor drainage according to the size of the water pipe under the washing machine.。Nowadays, the general water tube50,Then go to the drainage in the size of the ground。Only the size is in line with the installation of the washing machine floor drain.。If you don't have a drainage, you need to install the washing machine, you need to process the ground and then take it on the floor.。

(brass scupper tubes)2、The installation of the washing machine floor leaks First, choose the location where the washing machine floor drain is installed.,Floor brick leaks a certain slope,Then spread the brick in the position of the washing machine,Washing machine landlink installed in a brick,Open diagonal,This is the best drainage effect。

(brass scupper tubes)Four、Washing machine floor immerses troubleshoot

1、Fault、Washing in the washing machine。

The overflow water is slow when the washing machine is drained, because the ground drain drainage pipe is too small and the drainage speed caused by excessive drainage curve is slow.,It is generally deep water sealing ground drain and inclination.,Replace the washing machine deodorant。

2、Fault、When the washing machine is drained, take off the drain cover or insert the hole in the middle.,Will return to odor。

This is because there is no real defensive core for shallow water.,Use the washing machine specially leaking,Not only the deodorant function is not affected,Don't take off the land leakage,Very convenient。

brass scupper tubes(brass scupper tubes)

Don't underestimate a small washing machine floor,If you choose or install improper installation,It will bring a lot of trouble to future drainage.。The above content is to introduce why the washing machine drain can not be directly populated and how to choose and install the washing machine.,I hope to bring some help to everyone.。