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1 in o.d tube compression x mip brass

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one、Inches It is a phyttal called a nominal diameter to change to a millimeter, which can only be a nominal diameter.,Can't correspond,Because the same nominal diameter tube has a size diameter

two、There is no absolute conversion formula in the specifications of the pipeline,For less than100Can only1Inches=25 Caution,Take a similar number,For greater than100Pipe1Inches=25Fully match calculation。Commonly used:

Nominal diameterDN6 Correspondence 1Minute

Nominal diameterDN8 Correspondence 2Minute

Nominal diameterDN10 Correspondence 3Minute

(1 in o.d tube compression x mip brass)Nominal diameterDN15 Correspondence 4Minute

Nominal diameterDN20 Correspondence 6Minute

Nominal diameterDN25 Correspondence 1Inches

Nominal diameterDN32 Correspondence 1Inches2Minute

Nominal diameterDN40 Correspondence 1Inch

(1 in o.d tube compression x mip brass)Nominal diameterDN50 Correspondence 2Inches

Nominal diameterDN65 Correspondence 2Inch

Nominal diameterDN80 Correspondence 3Inches

Nominal diameterDN100 Correspondence 4Inches

(1 in o.d tube compression x mip brass)Nominal diameterDN125 Correspondence 5Inches

Nominal diameterDN150 Correspondence 6Inches

Nominal diameterDN200 Correspondence 8Inches

Nominal diameterDN250 Correspondence 10Inches

Nominal diameterDN300 Correspondence 12Inches

Nominal diameterDN350 Correspondence 14Inches

(1 in o.d tube compression x mip brass)Nominal diameterDN400 Correspondence 16Inches

Nominal diameterDN450 Correspondence 18Inches

Nominal diameterDN500 Correspondence 20Inches

Nominal diameterDN600 Correspondence 24Inches

(1 in o.d tube compression x mip brass)1 inch=25.4Millimeter =8Score

(1 in o.d tube compression x mip brass)1/2 Yes Quarter(4Score) DN15 =1.27cm

3/4 Yes Six points(6Score) DN20 =1.905cm

(1 in o.d tube compression x mip brass)1 in o.d tube compression x mip brass


1、DN(Nominal Diameter)Means the nominal diameter of the pipe,Is the average of outer diameters and inner diameter。DNValue=DeValue-0.5*Tube wall thickness。Notice:This is neither an outer diameter is not an inner diameter。

water、Gas conveying steel pipe(Galvanized steel pipe or non-galvanized steel pipe)、Cast iron pipe、Steel-plastic composite pipe and polyvinyl chloride(PVC)Pipe and other pipe,Named diameter“DN”(Such asDN15、DN50)。

2、De(External Diameter)Means the outer diameter of the pipe,PPR、PETube、Polypropylene tube outer diameter,Generally adoptedDeLabeled,Need to mark the outer diameter*Wall thick form,exampleDe25×3。

3、DGenerally refers to the inner diameter of the pipeline。

4、dGenerally refers to the diameter of the concrete tube 。RC(Concrete)Tube、Clay tube、Acid-resistant ceramic tube、Cylinder tube and other pipes,The pipe is suitable for an inner diameterdExpress(Such asd230、d380Wait)。

5、ΦRepresents the diameter of ordinary circle;It can also represent the outer diameter of the pipe.,But at this time, it should be multiplied by the wall.。Such as:Φ25×3,Outer diameter25mm,Wall thickness3mmPipe。Seamless steel pipe or colored metal pipeline,Be labeled“Outer diameter×Wall thickness”。E.gΦ108×4,ΦMay omit。China、ISOAnd some steel pipe standards in Japan use wall thickness to represent steel tube wall thickness series。The representation of such steel pipe specifications is the outer diameter of the tube×Wall thickness。E.gΦ60.5×3.8。

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