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beef tubes brass scx10

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  Ms. Chen:1moon8day,See propaganda in a large online shopping e-commerce platform,It is called2022Member card consumers,Get value588Yuan beef gift box,Excord time limit1moon1day—31day。There is also one in the event propaganda page.“Tips”:Expired,It is deemed to have automatically abandoned by consumers,Platform does not assume any responsibility。Originally a frequent visitor,This needs,I handed a member card.。20I found that when I redeem the beef gift box at the time of the day.,Mall has no model beef gift box products,Always wait until25day,Indeficit,Worried that expiration is invalid,Contact customer service staff again,Just indicating that has been recorded,Give feedback、Urins to arrive as soon as possible,But until2moon1Day in the morning,Still no state。Pearing solution,Reply, only compensation value165Yuan's shopping voucher(Can only be used in the mall of the online shopping e-commerce platform),Strong dissatisfaction with this solution。A more coming,2Month,There is a stock in the mall of the e-commerce platform.,Are everything so coincidence??Once the time limit is available, there is goods.。

beef tubes brass scx10


  E-commerce platform reply

(beef tubes brass scx10)  Contact customer negotiation processing plan,The customer agreed to the beef gift box reissue plan。

  Reconciliation results

  2022year2moon15Sichuan consumer network return visit,Ms. Chen said that it has been negotiated.,Waiting in the delivery,Satisfy the results of this processing。(Peace of mind)

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