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The jacuzzi is a bathtub that will be selected when many people are buying a bathtub.,Can effectively alleviate the pressure of people,There is also the efficacy of spa fitness,But when we buy a jacuzzi, we will find it out.,Which brand of jacuzzi is better??Jacuzzi purchaseWhat is the method??How did you listen to the installation network?。

Jacuzzi is good

1、Spa effectivity

(brass pipe tub spout)Massage bathtub has a fitness treatment function,As long as you gently press the water in the bath, it is like injected into life.,Automatic cycle。If you carefully observe,You can find that swirls will appear in water,The high-pressure water flow cycle can achieve the function of spa health around the human body.。

2、Soothing pressure

(brass pipe tub spout)It is known to know a native bath bubble hot bath,Can slow down pressure,But it is just a high temperature to relax the tense muscle。The massage bathtub is different.,There are small holes in the bottom of the massage bathtub and four walls.,That is used to spray water。Through the high pressure water flow of the four walls, the human acupuncture road makes people relax,The bottom of the spout can act as a massage back,The combination of the two can be more perfect soothing。

3、Timed intelligent water

The general bathtub is in the bathtub.,Waiting for the water level to rise to standard tick。But the jacuzzi is different from the traditional bathtub.,It has timing intelligent water,As long as you set a time on your smart,You are responsible for you to enjoy it.,This will not spend time on the water.。

4、Automatic cleaning disinfection

(brass pipe tub spout)Everyone knows that it is very pleasant to lying in the bathtub.,However, it is not very hard to clean up.。I can help you at this massage bathtub.。Automatic cleaning and disinfecting function of jacuzzi,You can easily complete the cleaning only if you need one instruction.,Self-disinfection,This makes it easy to save the bathtub.。

brass pipe tub spout

Does the massage bathtub safe?

Some people will ask the massage bathtub will not leak electric problems.,First of all, as long as it is a massage bathtub mass purchased in a regular mall, it is more reliable.,The regular bathtub now is hydropower separation,That is to say, the motor pump and the water in the bathtub are separate.,As long as it is not a significant sealing problem,Both will not leak electric。Secondary the power of the motor is not very large,No large voltage,It is difficult to leak electricity。The motor is used in the bathtub.220V,This is relatively small in such a case where the power of electrical appliances is relatively small.,So the jacuzzi is safe。

Jacuzzi purchase method

Buying jacuzzi should have3Step:Understand the nozzle、Listen motor、View details。

1、Understand the nozzle

Jacuzzi cylinder wall、Cylinder,Distributed,Two pairs,More than ten pairs,It is used for water,To achieve the effect of massage。

The nozzle is roughly divided into two kinds.,Sprinkling and jet。

Water spray head is divided into two,One is through the pipeline、Pump,Spray the water from the nozzle;The other is the first brand of Kadwi, the first brand of the European jacuzzi.,Each of which has a separate motor,Water inhaled from the nozzle,Suddenly ejected from intermediate。Water spray head massage through water flow。

The jet spray head is not water,It passes through air pump、pipeline,Discharge airflow,Forming air bubbles to massage in water。

Compared to jet sprinkler,Slow water spray head massage is strong。In order to increase massage strength and intensity,The usual practice is now,Adding airflow in the spray mouth。generally,Simple spray spray head is installed on the wall,Jet nozzle installed in the bottom of the cylinder。

The bottom of the cylinder is mainly for massage back,The spray head of the cylinder wall mainly massages the bottom、Body on both sides and shoulders。

(brass pipe tub spout)Jacuzzi generally has no standard massage nozzle configuration,Like a Kadweida jacuzzi,Have a minimum of8Ahead,The US jacuzzi also has4One。

Jacuzzi according to the configuration of the nozzle,Multi-class system and mixing system,Single system,Single sprayed with single jet,Composite system,It is combined with spray and jet.。

What kind of jacuzzi is purchased?,Just know the effect of the nozzle,The effect of the nozzle combination。

brass pipe tub spout

2、Listen motor

Understand the nozzle,I have to know the quality of the motor.。Massage bathtub is said to be appliances,Just because there is a motor,Motor is the heart of the jacuzzi。But the motor is in concealed,The average person does not understand the motor,How to determine the quality of the motor??

The easiest way is to listen to the sound。

Time,Connect to electricity,Let the jacuzzi work,Then listen to the sound emitted by the motor。Motor is good,Can't listen to the sound。Such as in accordance with Germany,Jacuzzi motor22decibel,So sound,People's ears are almost can't hear。Difference motor,I can hear noise,Even obvious noise。

(brass pipe tub spout)3、View details

remember,Jacuzzi is electrical appliance,Safety is very important。So when you purchase,Be sure to view security certificates as electrical appliances、Motor equipment security certificate。Do you haveCECertification and other European、US Electric Security Certificate。

In addition, we must ask for sale and warranty.,General jacuzzi warranty30year。

Because it is electrical appliance,Another electric appliance with water,So try carefully to check the nozzle、Whether the interface of the pipe is strict。

Shopping secret:

1) If it is not common,For example, use the week to use it once,Best to buy a single jet jacuzzi,Do not use pipe water spray jacuzzi,Because pipelines are easy to bobility;If it is water,Use for a while,It is recommended to disinfect before use,That is, in the water, disinfectant,Let the system run7arrive10minute,Let the water away,Use a clear water again。

2) If the budget is abundant,Need to have a massage,Choose a motorful jacuzzi,It does not deposit in its nozzle,So quite hygienic。Or choose a combined nozzle,With automatic disinfection。

3) Bathtub insulation problem,In fact, it is not the point of purchase.。Because it is said that the acrylic bathtub is insulated from the steel bathtub.。actually,90% of the water temperature is lost by water。Acrylic bathtub is relatively light,Cheap;And the advantages of the steel bathtub are in terms of durability、solid。

brass pipe tub spout

Jacuzzi brand recommendation

(brass pipe tub spout)1、Albert Built in1978Hong Kong,High-end price,Main brands of leisure bathrooms such as acrylic bathtubs in China

2、Whale bathroom Built in1994year,year,中国重要休闲卫浴生产商,High-end price。

3、华美嘉洁具 China's important casual bathroom producer1999年,Especially in the jacuzzi,以生产按摩缸、Huamei Jia JieSPA 等休闲卫浴为主的品牌商。

4、Built in outdoor1996年,中高档价格,Mid-range price、按摩浴缸、Production of massage cylinders。

5、英皇卫浴 创建于1996年,Waiting for casual bathroom-based brand、按摩浴缸、Apollo bathroom。

以上便是关于按摩浴缸的相关知识了,Built in。