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brass tube manufacturers in jamnagar

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(brass tube manufacturers in jamnagar)When the author stands on the Jumeira Beach in Dubai,Feet on soft thin sand,Well a row of luxury hotels behind,Facing the blue water of the Bay,Skyscrapers overlooking,I am sighing for a few decades that is not a miracle of Shenzhen.,Suddenly thinking about such a miracle is not created by the Indian Labor?

(brass tube manufacturers in jamnagar)brass tube manufacturers in jamnagar(brass tube manufacturers in jamnagar)Indian workers in the Jiani street

Indians are full of lazy in the eyes of many people,Taking this as an evidence that India will not succeed,Many Indians have went to the United Arab Emirates for their livelihood.、Saudi、Qatar and other nationalities。Bahrain,The total labor force of India even exceeds the total population of the Bahrain!Indian labor has leaving India,Created miracles with hardworking hands,Just like the people of the people in China,It's a pity to make a wedding dress for others.。

A sign of China80Indian era of township entrepreneurship

Starting in India and China,20century80Beginning of the age,Cassette and tape drives are popular in India,Because they are cheaper than the black rubber,It is also more easy to operate。The box tape on the initial Indian market is dominated by Sony and Singapore, Japan,But then there have been some local brands.HMVSaReGaMaWait,But still very expensive。

Later, a name is calledSuper Tape Industry Co., Ltd.Super Cassettes Industries Private Limited)Producer,AgainT-SeriesT-SeriesLarge mass production and low costs not only bring changes to the cassette tape market,Also began to export products to more foreign immigrants,Such a history of happiness is similar to China80Township enterprises rise in the age。

brass tube manufacturers in jamnagar

T-SeriesCard belt industry legend

Today's transformation,T-Seriesmainly atYouTubeChannel broadcast music film、Movie trailer,As of2020year9moon,Its channel has exceeded1240Billion's viewing and exceeding1.5Billion subscription,YesYouTubeCumulative view of the number of channels,The company's boss Mal will use half of the company's profit for charity,He is in the local areaMata Vaishno DeviFree lunch in the temple,This tradition has been continuous30year。recent,The company also donated new crown virus.1.1Yi Lu ratio。

As early Moti2014Annual elected prime minister and created“Indian manufacturing”Slogan,From Delhi“Juice-Wala”Just achieve this goal。It defeated many Western brands,It is firmly occupied by the throne of the Indian juice market share,ifJuice-WalaCan do this,So others can do。

(brass tube manufacturers in jamnagar)brass tube manufacturers in jamnagar


(brass tube manufacturers in jamnagar)Another excellent manufacturer's example isMoser Baer。This headquarters is in Delhi20century90In the age in Danouda(One of the satellite citys in New Delhi)Two factory manufacturing computer aids。Computer storage floppy disk gradually,BeCD-ROMreplace。Moser BaerGrab this opportunity,Relying on the Indian market to become the second big in AsiaCD-ROMmanufacturer。India has been imported from China to import most of the computer hardware,CD/DVDIt is the only equipment that India can produce globally.。

brass tube manufacturers in jamnagar

Moser BaerFactory

2000Year2010YearMoser BaerHigh speed development period,They then start producing solar panels,And becomes a leader in the Indian solar panel。During the Vajpa(2003year),India's solar industry has once more than China,Moser BaerThere is a lot of participation in production in this field.。However, India and China have expanded in the scale gap manufactured in solar panels.50Multiplication,Solar panels used in India90%Dependence on import。

(brass tube manufacturers in jamnagar)Obviously20Year,India's industrial policy has serious problems。During this period,All manufacturers are encouraged to use cheaper Chinese products,Get bigger profits in sacrifice local employment。

Destroy India“Township entrepreneurial tide”China manufacturing

Indian Dalouda Toy City has a plush toy manufacturer,At2001Teddy bear toys began。It is not a high-tech product,The manufacturing threshold is very low,Fierce competition。The only way to reduce the profit is to produce mass production.,Only achieve sufficient scale economy,Can survive。This factory is large,Higher share occupied by the Indian toy market,2008The business has always been very good before the year.。

Later, the factory boss realized the low-cost toys that the market began to emerge.。China is in2001In the year, the World Trade Organization has been added.(WTO),Most countries are in accordance withWTORegulations cancel the trade barrier。Indian dealers and toy store bosses began to ask for cheaper Chinese toys。therefore,More traders have become China's importers。They just go to Yiwu's small commodity wholesale market purchase,Then go to the Indian market。Thousands of Indian merchants have become very rich by importing small products from China.。

brass tube manufacturers in jamnagar

Indian buyers in Yiwu small commodity market

The boss of the toy factory is aware of a simple truth——“If you can't beat them,Join them”。then,He handed the factory to your brother.,Go to China Import Toys。Through this business,He enriches the product sales goods class,And use of his already mature distributors and distributor networks,It becomes super rich in a short period of time.,Never have to worry about the daily operation of the factory,Such as salary、Worker strike、power failure、High electricity fee, etc.。He even placed the factory。Today's market90%Toy from China。

(brass tube manufacturers in jamnagar)2018A Indian director Charante is released.·Cartaria's movie《Indian manufacturing》,There is a plot to depict a clothing worker secretly put the clothes“made in China(Made in China)”Tag of,The person in charge of the factory said if not“made in China”,Who will buy these clothes??

This sad story is transplanted to90China China,I believe that many Chinese resonance can also be caused.。If you exclude smuggling、Illegal business such as luxury loan,It can be said to be the most profitable low risk business from China.。That's why I will find a trader who sells China's small commodities in the streets of each Indian city.,Such as lock、Scissors、Toy、Umbrella, etc.。Business people can in China50rupee(5RMB)A large number of purchases of umbrellas,Then in the sidewalk in India100rupee(10RMB)Price For sell。

(brass tube manufacturers in jamnagar)brass tube manufacturers in jamnagar

2018Year fire movie《Indian manufacturing》

India's disadvantage

If you do not analyze the system,Just measuring India from the perspective of business people,You can find the following many questions:

(brass tube manufacturers in jamnagar)-Industrial electricity cost high。In most states,Agriculture electricity is either free,Either subsidized for policy reasons,Because farmers are one of the biggest sources of votes。This makes electricity prices high for commercial and industrial units,Because of the need to subsidize agricultural electricity。also,In summer when electricity demand is high,Power outages in industrial parks are the most serious,Forcing companies to buy diesel generator sets as backup。

brass tube manufacturers in jamnagar

India imitates China's SEZs

-Logistics costs in India are high。Rail freight punctuality uncertain,And most routes are congested。therefore,over the past few decades,Rail freight as a percentage of total freight from1951Year85%Fall to2015Year33%。expensive road freight transport from1951Year15%increase to2015Year58%。

-Water transport is the cheapest mode of transport,but India70almost no development over the years,China has developed extensively。2018year11moon12day,Modi pushes for first canal waterway between Kolkata and Varanasi,and a lot of publicity。But after importing expensive excavation equipment from Germany,Not much is known about the canal。

(brass tube manufacturers in jamnagar)brass tube manufacturers in jamnagar

India's canals are too shallow,Unable to develop the transportation industry

-Indian highways do not meet international standards。Chinese truckers make three times as many daily trips as Indian truckers。China to the world's longest bridge、tunnel、subway、Subway system and high-speed rail make huge investments。China's high-speed rail line exceeds310,000 kilometers,India's first high-speed rail project is still under construction。

-China's export-oriented industries are mainly distributed along the coast,Reduced shipping costs。India plans to build special economic zones along new highways,May not be as attractive as coastal SEZs。

-India's tax laws are complicated,Because different states have different tax rates。Although Modi'sGTSrule(Unified Goods and Services Tax for Indian States)has resolved this issue,butGSTThe collection process remains chaotic,It may take years to standardize。

(brass tube manufacturers in jamnagar)brass tube manufacturers in jamnagar

was opposed by many indiansGTStax law

-India is a weak government,Lack of enforcement of industrial policy,Not many industrialists make world-scale factories,Excessive economies of scale are quite unfriendly to business owners。Most people would rather build small factories to get the policy protection of SMEs。

The above story about toys explains how Chinese imports are destroying Indian industry。exist20In the first decade of the century,The Indian government has barely reacted to the influx of Chinese products。As the Indian economy is2000Year to2010also experienced rapid growth in,Unemployment in the industrial sector is therefore not taken seriously。along with2010The economy gradually slows after the year,Unemployment starts to affect India's election results,lead to the Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP)Narendra·Modi is in2014became prime minister。

2010year,Government of India and10ASEAN countries and South Korea signed a free trade agreement,Allows the removal of tariffs on imports from these countries。After signing the agreement,India's trade deficit with these countries started to increase rapidly。Worries about the impact of Chinese goods on India,India has never signed a relevant agreement with China,China has become the factory of the world。

(brass tube manufacturers in jamnagar)brass tube manufacturers in jamnagar

Samsung opens world's largest factory in India

But China's exports to India are still growing exponentially,Just like the big toy importer mentioned above。Chinese companies in Vietnam、Malaysia and other places have opened sales channels,Take advantage of India-ASEAN trade agreement,sell products to india。India's trade deficit with China2003Vajpayee period15billion dollars to2014Year380One hundred million U.S. dollars。

(brass tube manufacturers in jamnagar)2010years later,Many coming business owners switched from industry to education。they realize,Cheaper Chinese imports flooded,Manufacturing is no longer attractive。So began to buy land next to the highway,Opening of the School of Engineering and Medicine,These colleges appear to be more profitable than manufacturing。Delhi has8arterial road,arrive2014year,Every highway has at least50Multiple engineering or medical schools,The quality of education at these institutions is likely to be an issue for years to come。

brass tube manufacturers in jamnagar

In recent years, the construction of highways in India has made great progress

However, in the past two years, there have been some changes in India's favor,Diwali last year,Significant reduction of Chinese products in Indian market。Modi participated in the groundbreaking ceremony of Samsung's world's largest mobile phone factory in Noida, India,on the contrary,After the closure of the Samsung factory in Huizhou,The surroundings are quite desolate。Later,Modi gives up againRCEPAgreement and the Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar Belt and Road Initiative。

but,Many measures may be in vain,E.g2018India imposes two-year safeguard duty on solar products from China and Malaysia,to encourage domestic manufacturing。but the result is disappointing,Because no international solar manufacturers are building factories in India,Implementation of solar projects delayed。2018Annual solar power generation increased10.8 GW,but2019only increased7.3 GW。

Although slow,But India is still moving forward

Of course, there are also cases of unintentional insertion of willows and willows.,along with2020The spread of the new crown epidemic,India starts a business to produce personal protective equipment(PPE)。PPEOriginally intended primarily for use by doctors in hospital operating rooms,So the demand is very small,No Indian manufacturer will produce,Almost all imported from China。

Demand for personal protective equipment is soaring,Even China, the world's largest producer,also focused on the western market。so,no choice,India can only support its ownPPEIndustrial Development。Modi said,India could become the second largest in the worldPPEProducing countries。

There is a more successful case——west coast of indiaJamnagar Refinery(Reliance Jamnagar refinery),It is one of the largest integrated refineries in the world。To reduce logistics costs,It is built on the coast near the oil-rich region of the Persian Gulf,Designed to meet the world's energy needs,This is the largest industrial project in India's history,there was once7More than 10,000 workers participated in the construction。

brass tube manufacturers in jamnagar

Jamnagar, the world's largest refining center

such a massive refining complex,rare in developing countries。Jamnagar refinery looks more cost-effective,Because Chinese refineries need to ship crude oil to China through Malacca,pass near8times the sea distance。therefore,Reliance Group of India(Reliance)Construction of Jamnagar refinery appears more competitive in global market。Most of the gasoline and diesel produced in Jamnagar are currently exported,Sold to America and Europe。

(brass tube manufacturers in jamnagar)also,Plant also increased polypropylene production,Polypropylene is a fiber that can be used to make、Industrial products for films and household plastic products,It is of great significance to the development of light industry。

(brass tube manufacturers in jamnagar)brass tube manufacturers in jamnagar

Reliance Oil overtook Exxon Mobil to become the world's second-largest oil company last year

Nowadays, China is prevalent“中国之后,After China”的历史终结论,No country can complete industrialization,将印度从建国精神到制度安排进行全盘否定。

Historical termination,地理环境的分裂造成印度确实在短期内很难实现质的飞跃,Just like Fushan, the United States's historical end is like。世界上各个国家都存在着种种的问题,India will be done from the spirit of the founding of the founding to the institutional arrangement“熠熠生辉”In the author。可是,The split of the geographic environment has caused India to achieve quality leap in the short term.,印度依然在前行。

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