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laundry tub faucet rough brass

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Every winter,Community、Property staff will notify,Pay attention to zener,Especially in the home, I have encountered the frozen fracture of the water pipe.,Residents who have been inhaving,It's more very careful.。

Unfortunately,No. 7 home encountered two immersion accidents in winter。A hydropower installed water pipe plug(Plastic material)Frost,The whole house is deep and the threshold;Once, it is a balcony washing machine quick joint break.。

laundry tub faucet rough brass

Today, I will talk about some of the reflection of the faucet.。

one、long-term use,Don't use the washing machine with the faucet to quickly connect

“Remember to wash the tapping machine in winter”,This small thing everyone knows,But winter can be strictly done every time you use the washing machine, you will be afraid that there are few。

laundry tub faucet rough brass(laundry tub faucet rough brass)

1、Sign of fast connector:

(laundry tub faucet rough brass)We usually use the quick connector of the faucet,But it has been used for a long time.,White hard smear appears on the surface of these quick connections;

Remove the washing machine,It will also find that the quick joints have galvanized layers.,Tooth default,It will cause the washing machine to the water pipe seal is not strict and leaking.。

At this time, pay attention to the timely replacement of quick connections.,Don't continue to use。

(laundry tub faucet rough brass)Especially on the balcony,Direct contact with outdoor,Lower ambient temperature,Easy frozen fry。

laundry tub faucet rough brass

Here,I am not sure the hardness of the quick connector is weak.、Easy to break,With these fouling、Coating is peeled。Just find that there are more than those signs,Quick connections are basically not durable。

2、Quick Connector——Have a better choice

The quick joint with the faucet comes with metal,But very thin thickness,This also caused extremely unbreakable to the quick connector,Jozing risk increase。

laundry tub faucet rough brass

Quick connector connecting the washing machine into the water pipe,Recommend you to choose this“Copper thickening4Minute/6Spherical quick connector”,Copper,Wall thickness5mm,Use more peace of mind,Price only6Yuan or so,Also。

(laundry tub faucet rough brass)Online shopping search keyword“Copper thickening4Minute/6Spherical quick connector

laundry tub faucet rough brass

two、What should I do if the faucet leak??

The faucet valve is closed.,Still slowly flow。

(laundry tub faucet rough brass)When the faucet does not fight,Usually we will buy a new faucet,For insurance,Also choose“Stainless steel valve body”、“Pure copper ceramic spool”Faucet,See these two requirements,It is estimated that it will be spent in the physical store.20Yuan or so。

laundry tub faucet rough brass(laundry tub faucet rough brass)

The quality of the faucet valve body is generally very passed.,You can usually replace it。

When the faucet is leaked,Mainly the valve core is broken.,Just replace the spool。

1、Valves common fault:

A、Water impurities against the bottom gasket(Chart blue silicone seal ring),Caused from sealing

B、Water impurities against ceramic switch cores of the spool(White ceramic tablets below),Cells causing ceramic cores that cannot be completely closed

C、Bronze structure of the spool(Broken brass housing)

D、Black rubber seal is not compressed,Or tighten the brass outer shell is too tight and the seal is deformed。

laundry tub faucet rough brass(laundry tub faucet rough brass)

laundry tub faucet rough brass

2、Replace the valve core,Is it in trouble??

The seal of the spool is a rubber seal ring,So just tighten the screw,Feeling that there is a resistance。

Notice:Don't complete the spools completely,Sending seal is extruded,Leakage of the spheroidus position,As long as you feel a bit resistance, you can。

laundry tub faucet rough brass

3、Where to buy

Online shopping search keyword“Wadhead universal spool“,Probably price7Yuan3indivual,Can find coupons cheaper。

laundry tub faucet rough brass

three、Silicone gasket

Do not use the traditional eaten tape without the installation of the faucet,Please select the use of silicone gasket,Can install the faucet free hand。For the introduction of silica gel gasket, please see the previous video or article。

laundry tub faucet rough brass

Winter protects the faucet,Also to protect more property in home。Don't learn the same,Take a few times a year to improve the molded bedside table、Bed leg。