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brass inner magazine tube

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The magazine is a gun's supply device。Modern firearm is fast,Big bullet consumption,So use high-elastic detachable magazines for supplying。No bullet,Good guns are burning fire sticks。HitAKShot bullet,I can't stand on the ground, a bulk bomb is always in the gun.,Therefore, the magazine is imagined to know the importance of firearms.。

In the history of human war,I have emerged for many kilonious magazines and supply devices。for exampleDP-28Circular file、mp-18Snail-type drum、Shaosa machine gun semi-circular magazine。

brass inner magazine tube

These are all product imperfect products in the development of firearms.,Now it has been eliminated by the army。Instead,Is the arc magazine of the assault rifle、And pistol and sniper rifle、Exquisite shooter。The bullet capacity of the conventional magazine of the assault rifle is also less poor or more,Gradually return to fire and weight is very moderate30send。So,These forms of magazines,What is the difference and the doorway??

one、Different housing taper creates different magazines types

(brass inner magazine tube)The primary factor for determining the design of the arc and direct bombers is the shape of the bullet.,Exactly is the housing taperedness。

Pistol monitors9mmPistol,Still desert eagle0.357Magan pistol,They all have a feature,That is the cylindrical type of the shell.,Or is a cylindrical type,Almost no taper。The radius of the warhead and the bottom of the shell are almost。

brass inner magazine tube

DisclosureAK47andAKMAncestral7.62×39mmMid power rifle,This bullet warhead。The shell has obvious taper,Like a bottle,Under narrow width。

(brass inner magazine tube)Separate these two bullets to compare,Will find,Pile up pistols is straight a row,and7.62×39mmIn the influence of the middle power rifle,Can only work closely with a moon。

brass inner magazine tube

In order to make the interior space of the magazine to be reasonably utilized,The designer adjusts the mapping of the mapping according to the natural nature of the bullet.,Make the bullets more compactly together。The most typical example is in World War II,Use a pistolMP40Be a direct bomb,Use a riflestg44Bending。

brass inner magazine tube

two、Tactical needs

The taper of the bullet is not the only reason why the magazine bending is,NATO5.56x45The shell of the rifle is extremely low.,Almost straight cylindrical type。But many rifles that use this bullet,Such asHK416,Is the bending bomb。what about this?

In fact, early5.56The caliber rifle is really direct bullet.。for exampleM16A1rifle,This gun1959When the year was launched by the US military,only18Military version。

(brass inner magazine tube)Because the US infantry light weapon small diameter and automation have just started,Can only design improvement according to the experience of World War II。In World War II,US military20BulletBARMachine gun can easily press the number German98K,So they want to find that the automatic rifle should also be almost the same.。Until they encounter firepower in the jungle of Vietnam30Bomb56RushingAKM,I started thinking about how to extend the magazine.。

brass inner magazine tube(brass inner magazine tube)

First batch30Bomb caskets are put into use in the past,A small amount of equipment is in the US military。1973year,US military withdraws from Vietnam,This batch of magazines simply helped the Vietnamese South Regime.。

M16The magazine of the rifle can beARSeries guns internally universal,Means ofM4Rifle can also use this magazine。This magazine is compared with previous short magazines,More features,That is the bend。butARThe curved bend is notAKThe gun family is so big.。

The reason is not straight,Because the straight line is the shortest,In the case of the same vertical distance from the ground,Bending the bullets can be loaded with more bullets。When the infantry of the bending blade is shooting in the lying position,Low height,Vertical exposure area small。

On the war zone,The firepower is not unique。Sniper rifle and precision shooter rifle with higher shooting accuracy,Do not pursue fire density。Weight for balancing,So the short-borne bullets are generally used.,Such as thisPSG-1Sniper rifle。

brass inner magazine tube

Whether it is a straight or bend?,Designers will do it shorter when the birth is constant.。In this way, the soldier is shooting.,There is more space that is out of the bottom.,Event is more flexible。Based on the magazine,Achieve a comfortable and scientific shooting posture。

three、whyAKMagnkey is so bent?

(brass inner magazine tube)Magazine is made of aluminum、Metal material such as steel。Design,Simple structure,Built-in spring and tray board。Automatic rifle shooting,The last bullet was shoveled,Next, the next bullet will be joined,Received to the loaded mouth,Enrich。

(brass inner magazine tube)Previous mentioned,due toARSeries rifle uses a low taper、NATO of the cylindrical shell5.56Rifle,So it's short boiling,Long mailer, slightly bend。

brass inner magazine tube

andAKMagnkey is so bent,Nature is closely related to its housing taper。As for why the Soviets want to design the bullets so,It has to be stated from an important military alloy.。That is brass。

NATO's bullet is more brass as raw materials。This metal is not only colorful,And it is not easy to rust,Soft texture,Extensibility and flexibility first-class。Bullets,The bore is in a state of high temperature and high pressure,The general rough metal can not expand、split,Make the shell and the bullet card,Causes the shells。Brass bomb shell because of its material characteristics,So rarely appear this problem。

7.62×39mmMid power rifle in four、The same is true for NATO in the fifth,Brass shell。But did not produce how much。In order to save resources,The Soviet Union adopted a discounted approach,Use surface electroplated brass steel bulge shell。

brass inner magazine tube

The problem that the shell is not smooth and the casing is coming,To solve this problem,In addition to the education soldiers for guns、Outside the lubricant,Still starting with the design of the bullet。

so7.62×39mmThe middle power rifle bullet housing is small,Bottom,Whole shot is tapered。There is more contact area between the shell and the housing hook,The shell is more smooth。

Whether it is a straight or bend?,It is a valuable logistics resource.,Every soldier has a special recycling bag,Place the finished empty bomb。

The situation of moving the movie and playback in the game and the game is not allowed.,Unless emergency,Soldiers can't discard their magazines。Because if this is done,One will expose your own whereabouts and bullets,Second will increase pressure to the military logistics。

Soldiers are kept like a firearmeters that keep your own firearms.。At night before each execution task,Pressing a bulk bullet into the vacant magazine,Fill up,All ready to go。

From the bomb clip to the bridge,From direct playback to the bending box,Various design ring loops。Behind every brutal war,Along with the rebirth of weapons technology。I like military and hobbies, I don't conflict.,Like military does not mean like war itself,Never mean the brands。But admire the delicate beauty of advanced weapons,Movement in historical story touching ending。

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