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bath tub soap dish from franklin brass

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right“Self taught”Perfect interpretation

1706year1moon17day,Benjamin·Franklin is born in Boston, New England,His ancestors1628End of England to New World,There are seventeen children in the family,Franklin is the smallest boy。

Eight years old,Franklin entered the grammar school study,At the beginning, it is medium oriented.,Gradually ranked first,Then I jump again。Originally can rise directly to the third grade,But due to the burden of nursery,His father let him transfer to another school study writing and calculation。

Ten years old,Franklin dropped out to go home to help my father cuisine,They operated at the time, candles and soap。Dried two years after my father's store,He also came to the brother's print shop as a assistant。

(bath tub soap dish from franklin brass)Franklin loves to read from small,Zero flower money is spent on buying books。Work in the print shop,Let him get a friend who apprentice as an apprentice,And can borrow some books from them。Book borrowed at night,The next morning, you must return it.,So he often picks up the night reading。

(bath tub soap dish from franklin brass)Sixty year old,He began to try vegetarian food,And will save the food costs in the purchase,So he not only more time reading,Time-saving diet also makes him clear、quick thinking。

Seventeen years old,Franklin because of his brother,And decided to leave the brother's print shop。A variety of twists,He came to Philadelphia,People introduced in a printing office。it's here,He met some young people who holy.,Often talk to them to late night。Later,He stayed in London in the UK for about a year and a half.,Working over a larger printing,Prepare for your own business。

bath tub soap dish from franklin brass(bath tub soap dish from franklin brass)
(bath tub soap dish from franklin brass)

1730year,Twenty-four-year-old Franklin founded his own printing institute with friends in Philadelphia,Published the first newspaper《Pennsylvania》。This newspaper is better than any local newspaper.,Its writing is clear and tidy,Printing。With the success of the newspaper,Printing business source is constantly,And through his friend Hamilton help,They began to be responsible for printing local banknotes。

1733year,Franklin began learning foreign languages,I can master French soon.、Italian language、Spanish and Latin。

1737year,Thirty-year-old Franklin served as the Music Music,Although this position is relatively low,But it is conducive to newspapers,So he got a considerable income。Business is growing in printing,Let him encourage。

1743year,37-year-old Franklin funded a school:Philadelphia College,Later, a famous Pennsylvania University。

bath tub soap dish from franklin brass

“Research science,I was serious”

Later,Franklin gradually handed over the transaction of the printing office Hall,This way he can be divided into bonus on time,It can also spend time and energy in research philosophy and science.。

Franklin won a profound knowledge through diligence self-study,Scientific。In his forty-two years old,He bought an experimental instrument,Electrically experiments with great interest。

bath tub soap dish from franklin brass

He began to think about the relationship between artificial electric sparks and sky lightning,He infers the electricity in the atmosphere in the edge of the cloud,Aerial thunder,When two clouds collide,There will be electric release,Lightning。

To prove your own point of view,He designed a dangerous experiment:Flying a kite in a rainstorm,Apply wax on the handle of the kite shaft,Wire the wire on the body,Another head is dragged on the ground。(If there is no such strict protection measures,It may be lost by lightning。)This experiment proves:Lightning electricity and artificial electric sparks are exactly the same。

bath tub soap dish from franklin brass
(bath tub soap dish from franklin brass)

Franklin's experiments have attracted electricity from the cloud,He was selected as a member of the Royal Society of England,Copulum medal。

Thereafter,He found a metal pole with a pointed metal pole to the ground.,thus,He invented“lightning rod”。Franklin puts the righteous needle to his house,Then,The lightning rod can be seen everywhere。

Franklin in physics、math、Optical、Botany and astronomical research have been studied:He discovered the Market of the Gulf of Mexico、Explain Northern Light、Invented swimming glasses、Invented the lightning rod、Improved tensile stove、Invented the double focus glasses used by the elderly、Improved circuit。

Although he can't count on a complete scientist,But he tells people with action:“Research science,I was serious。”

bath tub soap dish from franklin brass

One of the opening of the country,But did not be a president

Although Franklin never pulls votes to voters,Nor did it express the wish of the campaign,But while he conducts scientific research,Ten years of renewal is selected as a city senator。

1754year,48Aged Franklin attended the Albany Conference,propose“Federal government”plan。

1757year,Because of his reputation,51The aged Franklin is delegated to London,Submit a petition to the King of the UK,Handling the dispute between the parliament and the lord。

bath tub soap dish from franklin brass(bath tub soap dish from franklin brass)

1766year,60Year of Franklin published articles,Advance the abolition of the United Kingdom's implementation of North American colonies《Stamp》,back《Stamp》Abolished。

1770year,64The year of Franklin is selected as the Massachusetts parliamentary agent;1775year,69The year of Franklin is elected as the representative of the second mainland conference。

(bath tub soap dish from franklin brass)1776year,70The year of Franklin is responsible for《Independent declaration》Drafting Committee,And far went to the Ocean to make France,Use the contradiction between the British and France successfully obtained the support of the University of North America,Twisted battle,Then he hit the hoof to promote Spain.、Netherlands,Accelerated the victory of the United States independent war。

(bath tub soap dish from franklin brass)bath tub soap dish from franklin brass

1782year,76Year-old Franklin held and talks with the British representative,To recognize the independence of the United States,1783year,Attend《Paris Treaty》Signing ceremony,The UK officially recognizes the independence of the United States。

1785year,79After completing the last diplomatic mission, Franklin returned to Philadelphia,All city dispatched welcome,He was selected as the governor;1787year,81He was elected as a representative to attend the federal constitutional meeting,Participate in the development of the US constitution。

bath tub soap dish from franklin brass
(bath tub soap dish from franklin brass)

1790year,84The age of Franklin went to the family at home,More than 20,000 people participated in his funeral。

Franklin is the only one in the founding of the three most important bills of the United States.:《Independent declaration》、《1783Paris and about》and《the U.S. constitution》。

bath tub soap dish from franklin brass(bath tub soap dish from franklin brass)

The avatar is printed on the most big dollar,Deserved

The Fa American Alliance is a major diplomacy achieved in the Independence War of the United States.,The contribution made by Franklin's independence in the United States is considered only under Washington.。Some people have evaluated him like this:

“He got lightning from the sky there,Since the tyrants have obtained the civil rights。”

(bath tub soap dish from franklin brass)bath tub soap dish from franklin brass(bath tub soap dish from franklin brass)
(bath tub soap dish from franklin brass)

Not only that,He is also an early US economist、Scientists and thinkers,He is a household in the United States.,No name,Structure that only relying on their own unyielding struggle has been successful,His virtue is more thanked by the future.。

He has left many famous words:

“I gradually believe,The most important thing between people and people is true、Sincere and integrity,The biggest happiness in life is also here。”

“Don't sell virtues in exchange for wealth,Do not use free exchange power。”

“If a person is tilted all for learning,So these learning is no one can take away.。”

“Bible people don't need suggestions,Stupid people do not adopt suggestions。”


Benjamin·Franklin is one of the Sanjie, USA,He was greatly respected by the American people.,His avatar is printed on the biggest banknotes of the United States.。

bath tub soap dish from franklin brass
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