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1 16th inch round brass tube

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12moon8day,Hai Liang has a grand starting ceremony in Zhuji and Modern Environmental Protection Equipment High-tech Industrial Park.。The project adopts Hailiang's autonomous patented research and development technology,Automation、Intelligent、Advantages of low energy consumption, etc.,Reach the international leading level,Marked Hai Liang to upgrade traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing。Push to promote the non-ferrous metal processing industry in Zhejiang Province to green、Intention、intelligent、High-end、International development has positive significance。

Shaoxing Municipal Party Committee Secretary Ma Wenguang attended the ceremony and announced the project starting。Shaoxing City、Zhuji City leaders Xu Guolong、Terrestrial、Xu Liangping、Wang Fenxiang、Yao Hansong、Guo Hao Liang、Xuan Xuanle、Meng Guofeng、Zhu Hongwei and Hai Liang Group Feng Hailiang、Feng Yali、Cao Jianguo、Zhu Zhangquan, etc. Attendance ceremony。

1 16th inch round brass tube(1 16th inch round brass tube)Hailing autonomous patent application Traditional manufacturing upgrade intelligent manufacturing

Hai Liang has a total investment of industrial parks61.28Billion,Planned land1000mu。According to planning,Park will be implemented in three phases:Phase I plan new“Annual production40Tens of thousands of tons of copper and copper alloy ribs intelligent energy conservation and emission reduction”,Expected2019year12Month completion delivery; Phase II plan new“Annual production1510,000 yuan tons of precision aluminum construction project”,Expected2021year6Month completion delivery;Third phase plan new“Undered metal processing field upstream extension project and innovative experiment platform construction project”,Expected2022year12All completed month ago。

After completing the whole line,The park production line will reach the international leading level,Equipment has automation、Intelligent、Low energy consumption, etc.,Process is cleaned、Short process、Intelligent control technology, etc.,Product is precise、Environmental friendly、Zero defects and other advantages,Compliant with the national non-ferrous metal processing industry development strategy and low energy development requirements。

“Hai Liang Nonferon Work Industrial Park Construction,It is our business vision we have to become a colored materials.,A solid step。”Zhu Zhangquan introduced in the foundation ceremony,The project across the product、Cross-out applications to upgrade traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing,It is a major strategic project of Hailiang Group。

1 16th inch round brass tube

Coverage customer area expansion Quickly arrive in the industry to high

From the characteristics of the copper processing industry,The most significant value from traditional manufacturing leaps into smart manufacturing is,Take today's latest equipment、Technical construction new smart production line can quickly arrive in industry to high。Hot exchange copper alloy tube(Brass)、Hot exchange copper alloy tube(White copper tube)、Ship big diameter white copper tube、Electronic communication copper fittings such as high、Refined、Pointed product,Handmade production will bring a certain difficulty to quality management。therefore,The automatic trend of the copper processing industry is imperative,Intelligent manufacturing becomes an effective means for ensuring product quality。

(1 16th inch round brass tube)After recent years of efforts,Hailiang Group in copper tube、Key process machine for copper rods and other products have been first achieved。In this basis, the sea bright colored material 智 造 园,Not only can you significantly improve product quality、Increase productivity、Reduce product cost、Reduce energy consumption、Improve environmental quality。Can also eliminate future industries,Accelerate industry upgrade,More beneficial to promote the healthy development of the industry,There is also a very positive impact on energy conservation and emissions of society.。

1 16th inch round brass tube

In addition to production links,“Wisdom”The value is also reflected in the product application field。After the project is completed,Hai Ling Group has a colored material manufacturing industry sector product coverage customer sector will be expanded,On the basis of maintaining the supplied customers,Will have greatly add communication、car、Appliance、Gas cooker、Water heating bath、Valves and other industry customers' quality products supply capabilities。

(1 16th inch round brass tube)Drive the development of related industries Promote Shaoxing Industrial Process

Hailiang Group has a colored material manufacturing industry sector currently owns total assets200Billion,Net assets79.07Billion,Staff7100Surged,2017Realizing business income298.16Billion。In recent years,exist“Colorful materials to create a leap-forward development”Goal,Hailiang Group“Colored material wisdom2025”development strategy,Be2025New year238Tens of tons、Net profit43Billion、Operating income1100Billion。Around this strategy,Hai Liang has strategic layout on its own copper processing industry worldwide.,And already in Zhejiang、Shanghai、Anhui、Guangdong、Chengdu、Vietnam、Thailand、Ten domestic and foreign regions such as the United States have established production bases。

1 16th inch round brass tube

Colored metal processing based on copper processing is the fist industry in Zhuji Industry、Competitive industries,Start early、Foundation、Fast development,There is a component in the industry,Arabia in the industry。Hailiang Group originated in copper processing,Focus on copper processing,Is the refined management benchmark company in the copper processing industry,It is the episode of traditional manufacturing transformation and upgrading,Continuous profit growth capacity for years of recent industry for many years,For development、Strong Zhuji colored metal processing industry has made excellence contributions。The completion of the project is driving related industries、Promoting economic sustained and healthy development will play a positive role。

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