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1 16 inch brass tube

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Make an AsusROGseries,There is a model that can be said to be famous.,This isROGfantasy16,It has up to6Root heat pipe,Super-intensive,Thereby achieving better heat dissipation。

1 16 inch brass tube(1 16 inch brass tube)

Actually,Many people are more suspicious about this picture,Is it not a creative diagram?,Actual product is different from this??Then let's take a look at the actual picture.。

1 16 inch brass tube

can be seen,Really up to up to6Heat pipe,Include3Ultra-long heat pipe,This makes it possible to give full play to the performance of the processor and graphics card.,Make people feel relieved。

This notebook processor isi7-11800H,Configured8core,16Thread,24MBThree-level cache。Basic frequency2.3GHz,Rui frequency4.6Hz。Due to cache、frequency、Power consumption,It is said that it is better than the previous generation performance.30%,Still very awkward。

at the same time,ASUSROGAlso make this45WProcessor,release70WPower consumption,Realize stronger performance。

1 16 inch brass tube

It has16GB DDR4 3200RAM,1 x SO-DIMM,Maximum support40GB,Description onboard8GB,Single strip can be exchanged to32GB。512GB PCIE 4.0 SSD,There is also the second oneM.2Slot,Convenient expansion。

Its graphics cardRTX3060,6GB GDDR6RAM,95WPower consumption。

1 16 inch brass tube

Its screen is16inch,2560x1600Resolution,165Hz,100% DCI-P3Professional wide domain。It reached500nitbrightness,Support Pantong certification,Support Dolbye。can be seen,Compare15,Its screen is larger than,Reached94%,Show area larger area,This is very attractive.。

1 16 inch brass tube

Keyboard is full-size keyboard,No keypad,Both sides are speakers。It has6Voice Dolby Panorama,2bass4Treble,Very powerful。

Interface aspect,Thunder4,HDMI 2.0b,There are twoUSB,OneType-C,It is really enough。have90WhBattery,weight1.9Kg。

1 16 inch brass tube

Currently,On the e-commerce platform,It is110,000 reviews,I can see everyone for this compact notebook.,Still very recognized。although10499Yuan is not a history of low prices,Due to its popularity,It is not easy to reach the low price of history.,Interested friends can pay attention。