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author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-14 23:45:42

Chutian Metropolis Daily6moon25Day message(Reporter Warm Weili Wu Yuanqiang)It is clear that it is brass,After the payment payment,The buyer opened the bag and found that brass turned into loess.。6moon24day,Two men drive scams,Come on the crime in Shiyan County。

6moon24day12Fill,Mr. Peng, Fang County, opened a truck235Town, the provincial road, the town, the willow tree is observed.,A hanging“SichuanB”Black sedan on a plate is next to the tricycle,Two men on the car took the initiative to say hello to Mr. Peng,And claim to be a national grid employee,There is a bag on the car75Kug brass ready to sell,Because it is left behind,Inconvenience,If Mr. Peng is willing to,Price can be low。After viewing brass,Mr. Peng calls the purchase price of brass,I feel favorable,Immediate payment1700Yuan,Two men raised the brass from Mr. Peng from the car,Quickly drive to the county county in the county town。

Other party,Mr. Peng also opened a truck,I think about the brass to pull the brass to go to the hand.。The car is not far away,Mr. Peng feels some unassays for the brass bought.,Park the car on the roadside,Open the bag,This view really makes him stupid.:Before the price, I saw brass in the bag.,How to become loess? After receiving Mr. Peng alarm,The Fang County Public Security Bureau Tuzhou Police Station and the traffic police three squadron police immediately launched。In front of the police station,See some police officers intercept on the road,Hang“SichuanB”The black sedan of the license is in the direction of the county.。After receiving the police station,The traffic police three squadron police set obstacles on the road to intercept,Prevent it from taking it again。

After running in front of the Tuocheng police station,The police station has opened the police car all the way.,When the car is traveling to the road section of the Turkish town white,However, due to improper operation,Two men on the car abandoned the car and escaped。The police station and traffic police organizations, and the people of the traffic police organized along the two men.,Row high temperature in the thorns weeds,1After an hour, I successfully captured it.。

Creation and investigation verify,Men's Huang Moubo,37age,Xiaochang County people;Liu Mouping,35age,Anlu city people。Two people with brass in the bag,Pretending to be a national power grid employee,Posted at low prices,After obtaining the trust of the victim and collecting a cash,Dispersion of victim,Will prepare in advance、Another bag of the loess to leave the scene immediately after the victim's car。Before the day of the house county,Cut cash in the same way in Shiyan City1200Yuan。 Check,The police also found,Two men driving the car“SichuanB”Motor vehicle number plate for a card。On the same day,Two crime men have been detained。The case is still in further investigation.。