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brass bath tub antique

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China's antique text,Unfortunately, there are a lot of money among the war.,It is also the loss of Chinese people,In order to protect only the cultural relics,The national government is also highly valued,Prevent more cultural relics,Today we tell you the story behind such an antique,Nowadays, it has become a national treasure.,For the museum for people to visit。

brass bath tub antique

The story occurs in the Qing Dynasty,At that time,Taiping army wants to overthrow the Qing dynasty,It is also an explosive peasant uprising,But in the end, because the Taiping army is shameless,Eventually the Qing army encircle,As a Huaijun's general, Liu Ming Chuan also brought the team to kill,At the time of encircling the Taiping army,In a Wangfu, I found such a metalware.,There is no difference between the appearance and the bath.,This Liu Mingchi has no experience.,Naturally, the knowledge of these cultural relics is not known.,That's this bronze basin,I thought it was a tub for a child.,Sorps to take back to let children take a shower,That's going home,Wipe with water,The bright and beautiful appearance did not cause Liu Ming Chuan's attention.,For three consecutive years, it is used as a bath。

brass bath tub antique

But carefully observe the texture of this copper basin quite exquisite,And there is a copper ring on both sides,Such a treasure,A little bit of people,Never deal with it so much,Later, a person who had a little one or two of the cultural relics came to Liu family.,Found this copper basin appearance,And there is a unique charm,Purpose:This is the cultural relics,How can I be trampled by my child??

brass bath tub antique

Liu Mingchuan, who heard this sentence is very unexpectedly:how you said that?When is this?After the guest's explanation,I learned that this is the copper dischead of three thousand years ago.,Named season white disk,Time to take care of this time,Send it back home,As a hometown, people appreciate,This is also very fast by the world.,In order to protect this artifact,Liu Ming Chuan also informing the future generations of her home.,Must pay attention to it,Do not miss him,In this way, this passage is always passing by Liu Jia.。

brass bath tub antique(brass bath tub antique)

After that, an American businessman wanted to have eight hundred and two gold acquisitions.,And said that Liu Jiaxue is going to the United States to live,Facing such conditions,Liu's family did not have to choose to hand over Guobao,But stay in my own home,I didn't expect such a thing to directly let this national treasure rose to the thousands of gold.,But no matter how much money,These future generations are also unwilling to sell them to foreigners.,But continue to inherit to today。The descendants of the children will also think about being handed over to the country.。

arrive1950Yearn,The country attaches great importance to the protection of Liujia,It is also sent a strong soldier.,Come to Beijing,Now this is also in Beijing Museum as a primary cultural relics.,It can be seen that its value is worthless!