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brass wind chimes with 7 tubes

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I returned home last night.,Dad turned out, I was a child, I was doing it.,oh,my god!How long is this far away?,I didn't expect Dad, as well as the baby collection.,Let me accidentally!Recalling that when I was a child, my father and I was doing a manual operation.,The two two often have a laughter.,Play all night to play very late,It is estimated that Dad is still thinking about now.。

Dad did so many times for us.,This year, Father's Day,I also make a manual for my father.,Don't ask for a lot of exquisite,And lies in that heart,Chasing the warm memories between our women。Really simple,When I was a child, my father is our superman.,Now I want to be a father's superman。

brass wind chimes with 7 tubes


- 4indivual12Centimeter fine metal pipe(Different colors)

- 30Cm long brass fist

- 30Class long brass tube

(brass wind chimes with 7 tubes)- clay

- White pigment

- 50Centimeter long skin rope

- Wooden beaded

- Hollow brass


- Engraving knife

- 1Axious black elastic jewelry line

- Floral line

- driller

- Shear clamp

- glue

(brass wind chimes with 7 tubes)- Scissors

brass wind chimes with 7 tubes

1. Making white clay feathers,First, the clay block is crushed into3Cm thin thin film。Engraving the shape of the feathers,Then roll out a thin tube sticker in the middle of the feathers,Imitation of blood vessels。Drad in the edge of the feathers,Mimic the feathers of the bird,Rewashing with a needle or toothpick,Mimic the context of real feathers。exist“Blood vessel”Tail string one round hole,Guaranteed that the round hole must be copper wire。Repeat this step to make other3Feathers,Dry after drying into the kiln roasting,Remove spare。

brass wind chimes with 7 tubes

2. exist12Class's brass hall1/4s position,Use one1.02Drill drilling hole of millimeter drill,After it polishing smooth drilling。Fixed with brass wire in a circular copper tube,Bore holes on both sides are fixed with the same method.,After fixing, use the shear pliers to cut the jewelry line。

brass wind chimes with 7 tubes

3. Fixed the clay feathers12Classic copper tube and circular copper tube,Leave a surplus in the end of the jewelry,Part of the lane。

brass wind chimes with 7 tubes

4. Repeat the above steps in each pendant,Barbed brass tube and circular brass tube,For the beauty of shape,Our different colors of copper tubes and feathers alternately fixed。

brass wind chimes with 7 tubes

5. All pendants are fixed on the ring,Take all the tits in the initial jewelry line。Use one with one50Centimeter long leather tie first decoration line in the middle of the rings,Wood beads。

brass wind chimes with 7 tubes(brass wind chimes with 7 tubes)6. Put the lesion15Certic rice passes through a hollow brass tube,Fix with glue。

brass wind chimes with 7 tubes

Complete,A few simple materials,On the left and right, you will make a festival of a Father's Day to your father.,rest assured,This wind bell will not be jehaving,So mother let his father dislike。It is a silent gift consisting of clay feathers and copper tubes.,Hanging on father's bedroom door frame,It is a thought that you have left to your parents.。How,Do you want to try a try??

brass wind chimes with 7 tubesbrass wind chimes with 7 tubes(brass wind chimes with 7 tubes)Reprint, please get the authorization first,And indicate FUNJUST.com。thanks!