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anderson metals brass tube fitting coupling 3 8 compression

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Coupling introduction and assembly

1 Summary State

General machinery is made from the original motility、Transistors and working mechanisms,These three parts must be connected to work,The coupling is an important device that connects them.。The coupling is mainly used for coupling between the two axes,It can also be used for shafts and other parts(reel、gear、Pulley)Join。Its main task is to transfer torque。

According to the relative positional relationship between the two axes being coupled,Coupling can be divided into rigidity、Three elastic and liquid power。Rigid coupling can be strictly in the two axes,And where relative displacement does not occur at work;The elastic coupling is used where there is a relatively displacement in both axes or in work.;Hydraulic coupling is transmitted with liquid kinetic energy,Places used in the need to protect the original motives without overloading and can be loaded。

Characteristic comparison of various couplings14.6-1。

surface14.6-1 Comparison of the characteristics of various couplings

Serial numberClassificationtype ModeAllow torquekgf.mJournal rangerange of rotationr/minMake use strip Pieceexcellent pointlack pointApplication example
1Rigid couplingSocket coupling0.75~3012~42200~250Concentric height、Work is stable、No shock load、Passing torqueSimple construction、Safety、Overloaded over largeCan only be used for small beam neckslathe Gantry
2Conical pin sleeve coupling3.2~40018~100200~250Two-axis requires concentric height、Work is stable、No shock loadSimple structure、Small size、Easy manufacturingDisassembly difficulties、Transmission power
3Key sleeve coupling7.1~56020~100200~250Work is stable、No shock load、Allow key slots and hole shaftsSimple structure、Small size、Easy manufacturingDisassembly difficulties、Transmission power
4Rigid flange coupling40~160040~601450~3500Usually used for conditions for vibration,Connect a two-axis of low speed and rigiditySimple construction、low cost、Can transmit large torqueCannot eliminate impact、Can not eliminate the consequences of two axes or different heartsVertical water turbine with marine shaft
5Rigid couplingVertical clamp coupling8.5~90030~110380~900Speed、Using temperature250ºDismantle、No need to move as a shaftNot suitable for use in the impact,Not easy toMixer
6Longitudinal casing coupling18~125030~110Suitable for low speed transmissionDismantle、Simple parts、Easy to make and changeNo adjustmentReducer、Mixer, etc.
7Gear couplings71~10000018~560300~3780The two-axis parallel error is large,Frequently in turn,And the movement required to pass is very correctTwo sides of the other、The maximum transfer torque is the same as the sizeManufacture is quite difficult
Serial numberClassificationtype ModeAllow torquekgf.mJournal rangerange of rotationr/minMake use strip Pieceexcellent pointlack pointApplication example
8just ShaftFloating coupling(Also known as cross sliding coupling)106~2100dⅠ=55~150dⅡ=30~130Used to connect low speed、No violent impact、Stiffness large axisSimple structure、Transfer torque is large、DismantleCan't adjust、High demandLifting conveyor
9Hinged joint shaft(Direction coupling)2.5~12810~40Used for two-axis angle,The two axes are parallel and the center is large.Can be used for transmission of non-concentric shaftsComplicated manufacturing
10Elastic couplingNylon column pitch10~4000012~400760~7430Used to start frequent high speed、Low speed transmission allows a large axial directionmanufacture、maintain、Replacement is easy,Simple structure,Two sides,Can be exchanged,Buffer,long lifeUse temperature limitCan replace elastic circle cylinders
11Wood pin coupling36~940018~250Axial swift、Positive reverse transformation、Frequently、Can with load startManufacturing and maintenance is easy、Simple structure,Can be interchanged on both sidesSize in shapeEqually
12Elastic circle push coupling6.7~153825~1801100~5400Positive reverse transformation、Frequently,High-speed shaft,Operating temperature-20~+50ºGood elasticity,Can be burst to reduce the earthquake without lubricationProcessing requirements,Short life,Use rubber materialMotor with reducer,Engine, etc.
13ZTType brake wheel elastic column pin coupling11~71630~180130~4700Oilless quality,Suitable for operating temperature range-20~+50ºConnection load,Frequently,Can buffer partial impactProcessing requirements,Short life,Use rubber
14Clamp type elastic coupling2.91~27.220~703400~6300Used in small power impact load,Start more frequent occasionsSimple structure、Good elasticity、DismantleRequires high casting accuracy、Use rubber
15Elastic block coupling11~195030~110Suitable-20~+50ºOil、Weak base、weak acidVariable load、Frequently、Can ease part of impactShort life,Use rubber materialVertical reducer
Serial numberClassificationtype ModeAllow torquekgf.mJournal rangerange of rotationr/minMake use strip Pieceexcellent pointlack pointApplication example
16NZFlexible claw coupling1.7~47015~951700~8200Small power、High speed、No shock、Axis torsion stress250kg/cm2Within rangeCompact structure、Small shape size、Small flywheel torqueMore complex manufacturingGeneral oil pump and controller, etc.
17Winding spring coupling3.6~27000Two-axis connectivity for torque changeDelivery、Safe role、Two-axis allows small deviationsComplicated manufacturing
18Liquid coupling45~95Can easily achieve no-load startup、Clutch and speed control;Suitable for starting power、Unsafe placePrevention、overload,Transmission is stable,Load distribution between uniform multiple primary motivesPower loss in the transmission、Dimensional weight,Large coupling must have auxiliary settingsBelt machine、Hind、Tapping machine、

2General introduction:

(1)Rigid coupling: Sleeve、Rigid flange、Vertical clamp、Longitudinal detachable、gear、float(Cross slider)、Hinge(universal)Coupling ,common7kind。

a. Socket coupling: Make it easy,Long vertical dimension。Axial movement when loading。Usually used to transfer torque less than1000kgf.m,The speed is lower than250r/min,Less axial diameter is less than100mm。It is divided into flat key sleeve coupling、Cylindrical pin sleeve coupling、Totally pin coupling。As shown:

picture14.6-1 Cylindrical pin sleeve coupling picture14.6-2 Conical pin sleeve coupling

picture14.6-3 Key sleeve coupling picture14.6-4 Rigid flange coupling

1-disc(one) 2-disc(two)3-Nut

4-bolt 5-washer 6-Screw

b. Rigid flange coupling:It is two flanged half-shaped shafts,Intermediate bolts are integrated into two half-coupled。

c. Vertical clamp coupling:It is composed of two semi-cylindrical clamps and bolts coupled to them.。Disassemble,No need to move as a shaft。More used in diameter less than200mmAxis。Be reliable,Middle plus one flat key。

(anderson metals brass tube fitting coupling 3 8 compression)

picture14.6-5 Vertical clamp coupling

d. Longitudinal detachable coupling:Basicscresemblance。

e. Gear couplings: It is made from two internal ring gears1、2Outer gear3、4composition。And inner ring gear1、2Bolt joint,Outer gear with key connection。

Its advantages:More tooth work,Can pass a large torque,And allow comprehensive displacement,Here is heavy、Wide application in high-speed machinery。So it is highly manufactured,Cost is also high。

f. Floating coupling(Cross smooth coupling): It is a half-shaped shaft with two end surface1and3And a middle plate with shoulders on both sides2composition,Two shoulders are vertical and embedded between the two half couplings perpendicularly。

picture14.6-11 Floating coupling

1-Semi-shaftⅠ 2-Intermediate disk 3-Semi-shaftⅡ

This coupling can slide in two recesses due to shoulders,It can be allowed to have a certain radial displacement and angular displacement。This coupling structure is simple、Cost-off。Disadvantages produce large centrifugal force and wear。Generally only applicable to low-speed shafts。

Our company's calciner is generally applied to this coupling。

g. Hinged joint shaft(Vientiane coupling)It mainly is packed in a half-diploma in two axes1and2,Trisfit3Join,Torque。

Maximum features:Working at a larger sline angle,Deflection angle450

Above7A common feature of seed joints:No resilient element,Cannot buffer vibration。

(2)Elastic coupling:This coupling application is relatively widely used,Disassemble、Simple structure。

a. Nylon column pins and wooden pin coupling。

(anderson metals brass tube fitting coupling 3 8 compression)

picture14.6-14 Wood pin coupling

(anderson metals brass tube fitting coupling 3 8 compression)1、 2Semi-shaft;3-Wooden sales;4Ring ring

b. Elastic column pin coupling: It is similar to the rigid flange coupling,Different is the column pin equipped with an elastic ring instead of the bolt connection,Added elastic components。Elastic ring common rubber or leather。This coupling is the most used、Broadest。

picture14.6-15 Elastic circle push coupling picture14.6-16 ZTType brake wheel elastic column pin coupling

1- Semi-shaftⅠ2-Nut3-Spring washer 1-Semi-shaft2-Nut3-Spring washer4-Row

(anderson metals brass tube fitting coupling 3 8 compression)4-Retaining ring5-Elastic ring6-Column pin7-Semi-shaftⅡ 5-Elastic ring6-Column pin7-Brake wheel

c. ZTType brake wheel elastic column pin coupling: Basically, the same as the elastic circle pin coupling structure,Just lengthen a semi-built-in shaft as a brake loss。

(anderson metals brass tube fitting coupling 3 8 compression)d. Clamp type elastic coupling: This is composed of two claw type coupling and intermediate rubber gears.。

picture14.6-17 Clamp type elastic coupling

1-Semi-shaftⅠ 2-Semi-shaftⅡ 3-Rubber star wheel

e. Elastic block coupling: anddresemblance

(anderson metals brass tube fitting coupling 3 8 compression)f. NZFlexible claw coupling: Commonly used in controllers and oil pump devices,Whether the torque is not large。

g. Winding spring coupling: Two-axis coupling for large torque change。

(3) Liquid coupling: Liquid coupon,It is a powerful liquid transmission machine for transmitting power with liquid kinetic energy.。

3. Coupling assembly and finding。

3.1Coupling assembly

3.1.1Unopened demolition requirements tool(Double trip arm disassembled or tricker disassembly)Just rotate the handle,The coupling will slowly pull out。 displacement:Heating the coupling outside with gas cutting,After the thermal expansion,Pull the coupling out with pull。 dismantling:Special pressure machine。

(anderson metals brass tube fitting coupling 3 8 compression)3.1.2Assembly requirements of couplings for the required quasiors and tools,Carefully check the shaft according to drawings/Processing quality of the inner hole in the coupling、Dimensional accuracy、Switching accuracy and surface finish,Unqualified coupling is not allowed。

(anderson metals brass tube fitting coupling 3 8 compression) axis with kerosene、Coupling inner hole,Then remove with clean cloth,Coated lubricant。 Everything is ready for work,Start assembly,Less axial diameter is less than50mmof,Knocking method,Waves with copper rods or wooden bats,Tap the copper rod or wooden stick with a hand hammer,Match the coupling in place。 .The axial diameter is greater than50mm,Generally adopted a hot method:A coupling can be placed in oil(Use firewood)Uniform heating to120℃--150℃,Then removed,Push up to the shaft。

3.2 Find positive

(anderson metals brass tube fitting coupling 3 8 compression)The joint of the coupling is also known as the coupling,The pair can be divided into cold and hot,This section mainly introduces the technology。

3.2.1Analysis of timing offset situation

When looking for a positive coupling,Generally, the following four situations may be encountered.。

(1) s1=s3,a1=a3。Figure14.6-25(a)Shown。This means that the two-half joint shaft is in parallel and concentricity. Location,At this time, the center line of the two axes must be on one line.。Heres1、s3anda1、a3Represents above the coupling00Below1800The axial gap and radial gap in both positions。

(2) s1=s3,a1≠a 3。Figure14.6-25(b)Shown。This means that the two half-coupled shafts are parallel to each other.,But different hearts,At this time, there is a parallel radial displacement between the center line of the two axes.,Its eccentricity ise= (a1-a 3)/2。

(3) s1≠s3,a1=a 3。Figure14.6-25(c)Shown。This means that the two half joint shafts are concentric,Do not parallel,At this time, there is a tilt angular displacement between the center line of the two axes.(Inclination anglea)。

(4) s1≠s3,a1 ≠a 3。Figure14.6-25(d)Shown。This means that the two half joints are neither parallel,Different hearts,At this time, there is a radially displacement between the center line of the two axes.,Angular displacement。

picture14.6-25 The four situations that the coupling may encounter

(anderson metals brass tube fitting coupling 3 8 compression)

The permission deviation value of the angular displacement and radial displacement of various coupling is shown in the table14.6-8。

surface14.6-8 Allow deviation values of various couplings and radial displacement

namediameter,mmAngular displacementRadial displacementnamediameter,mmAngular displacementmm/mRadial displacementmm
Gear couplings150~3000.50.3Elastic column pin coupling100~3000.20.05

Floating coupling100~3000.80.1Elastic block coupling130~2001.00.1


3.2.2Coupling to find a status request:The coupling must achieve the two semi-couplings that are in parallel and concentricity.,At this time, the centerline of the two axes must be on a straight line.。The angular displacement of each coupling is included below、Allow deviation value of radial displacement and axial gap:

Jointly axis Be aware of name saystraight path,mmUnlatten angle angle Position shiftmm/mDifferent hearts   Radial displacementmmAxial gapmm
Elastic column pin coupling(GB5014-85)90--1600.20.052.5
Cross slider coupling70--1900.80.10.5
Three claw coupling50-1801.00.12

3.2.3Find a right way

Coupling to find timeline,Mainly measured the same axis(Radial displacement or radial gap)Peace(Corner displacement or axial gap),There are four ways to use according to the measurement.。

(1)Measuring the same axis of the coupling using the right angle feet(Radial displacement)Each utilization of flat and wedge gap regulations measuring the parallelism of coupling(Angular displacement)As shown:

Measuring coupling is transferred by a fastener and a plug        Angular displacement with a flat-regulated wedge scale measured coupling

(anderson metals brass tube fitting coupling 3 8 compression)This method is simple,Application is relatively wide,But the accuracy is not high,Generally used on running devices that are not very high at low or medium speed requirements。

(2)Measuring the coaxial degree and flatness of coupling using center card and plug,See the real thing。

Simultaneous measurement of the coaxial degree and flatness of the coupling using the center card and the plug。

(3)Measuring the coaxial coaxialness and flatness of coupling using center card and percentage。

Similarly to the above method。

(anderson metals brass tube fitting coupling 3 8 compression)(4)Directly use percent、Squatting measurement couplings and flatness of couplings。

But pay attention to a little:To ensure that the machining accuracy of the two couplings meets the standard。

(anderson metals brass tube fitting coupling 3 8 compression)During the measurement adjustment process,Adjustment method:Usually adding or decrease the actor in the vertical direction(Motor)The gasket below the foot or method of moving the position in the horizontal direction。

For running equipment required,Depending on the offset,Adjusting the thickness of the strip gasket using a gradual approximate method and

For operational equipment with high precision,Then use the calculated method to determine the thickness of the addition or subtract and the displacement of the left and right movement.。

3.4 Calculated example

Figure(one)Shown,Distance between the vertical two legsL=3000mm,Foot1To the distance between the coupling measurement planel=500mm,Calculation diameter of the couplingD=400mm,The radial gap and axial gap number measured at timing see the picture(two)Shown,Trial1Feet2Gasket thickness should be added or subtracted。

(anderson metals brass tube fitting coupling 3 8 compression)Figure(two)Know,Coupling0°and180°Axial gap in two positionss1<s3, Radial gap a1<a3, This means that the two half joints are neither parallel,Different hearts。Schematic diagram of the assembly calculation of coupling offsets according to these conditions。Figure(three)所示。


first steps1<s3,故b=s3-s1=0.42-0.10=0.32mm。Parallel the two half joint shafts,Gasket了要使两半联轴器平行,due to2Value can be calculated from the formulaxmmSo,xIn order to make two half-coupled shafts parallel:

(anderson metals brass tube fitting coupling 3 8 compression)


第二步,Must from the active foot。

由于a1<a3,Sub-reduction thickness(偏心距)为:

所以,Value can be calculated from the formula,必须从支脚1but2下同时减去厚度为


At this time, the center of the acceneous axis on the active axis is raised.,在支脚2下减去厚度为:



Second step,调整水平方向的偏差。Two halftone shafts concentric。然后,due to。