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cnc brass tube

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Correction,In all materials,Copper performance is soft,But it is also very difficult to process。Copper in the machining industry,Not stranger,Everywhere。

cnc brass tube

Do you know how copper is produced??

(cnc brass tube)Copper raw materials are generally copper ore or concentrate,Copper ore is a ore from a copper mine。

(cnc brass tube)cnc brass tube

Copper ore can become copper concentrates having a high copper concentrate containing copper and copper minerals.,Copper concentrate needs to be smelted,Can become fine copper and copper products,This seems to be,Its complexity can be seen。

cnc brass tube

Copper production method

1、Fire method:Fire-making bronze is the main method of producing copper today,World80%The above copper is extracted from the vulcanized copper concentrate with fire.。The most prominent advantage of fire-making copper is adaptive,Low energy consumption,high productivity。

(cnc brass tube)cnc brass tube

2、Wet abnormal copper:Wet abnormal copper is a copper-copper process in solution。Regardless of the poor or rich mines、Oxidation or vulcanization mine,Both copper can be extracted by wet abnormal copper.。The advantage of water-making copper is simple in equipment.、Easy to operate,Don't use the blower、Smelting equipment,Copper can be extracted at normal temperature,Fuel,As long as there is a place where cholescence,This method can be applied to produce copper。

did not expect,One small copper,Production crafts so troublesome~

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