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brass tube 1.5 24 foot length

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The world's leading energy and commodity trade giants Switzerland Mochui Energy Group(Mercuria Energy Group)Buying value from a company in Turkey3600Ten thousand U.S. dollars(Bind2.34Billion yuan)brass,However, when the goods arrive at the destination,This should be filled with brass containers are all tounted to be equipped with a stone block coated with a metal color.。

brass tube 1.5 24 foot length

Swiss Mochui Energy Group

(brass tube 1.5 24 foot length)This incident is like the Hollywood movie“Stealing day”plot,Now staged in the real world。Foreign media3moon9Day report,Turkey police said this is an organizational crime,Dedicated to the brass quasi13people。

Monura,The goods are in front of the port near Istanbul, Turkey.,Exceed300About the container6000Tons of brass has been packaged,Changed to a stone-coated stone。

Moco Rui's lawyer Southern·Bolovali(Sinan Borovali)Say,MOU Rui last year6The month agreed with nameBietsanCompanies buy brass,MOCRU, previously supplied with this Turkish supplier to travel。

brass tube 1.5 24 foot length

Brass in the container is replaced with a pigment

Bolovali said,These brass are loaded into the first container,Then check by a test company,Fixed with anti-counterfeiting seals on the container。But under the night cover,Someone opens the container,Changed brass to stone。Be free to be aware,The commutator also replaces the real seal with a false seal.。

When the truffler leaves the Ma Pott pier of Anbar every few days,The same thing will occur again:Copper is secretly removed at night,Replacement into a stone。"They are doing this,"Bolovali said。

The file provided by Mocha Rui to Turkish investigators,MOU Rui is in the sea in these boats,Pay for five issuesBietsantotal3600Ten thousand U.S. dollars,The last payment2020year8moon20Day payment。The tuning behavior is discovered until two ships arrive in the destination port later.。then,all8Board has been going to the destination。

brass tube 1.5 24 foot length

all8Boats have been going to the destination

Turkey police said in a statement:“Buyers have filed a criminal investigation petition for sellers and two middlemen。”“confirmed,This event is organized by organizational fraud。”

(brass tube 1.5 24 foot length)usually,Traders can claim according to the goods insurance policy。But Mocery,BietsanCompany uses7Insurance contract,Only one is true,The rest of the impact。

Motony has filed criminal proceedings in Turkey,identifyBietsanCompany cargo suspected of tent goods and insurance fraud。BietsanThe company has not yet made a formal response。

(brass tube 1.5 24 foot length)Total13The suspect is detained in a series of raid operations this month.。It is expected to start this week.,The judiciary will hold more listening on this case。

Southern reporter Shi Minglei