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c26000 brass tube

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Human history,Copper is the earliest use and development metal,The earliest bronze can be traced back6000Ago,“Bronze Age”History of human civilization。With different requirements for use and performance,Copper and its alloy develop together into four common categories today:Copper、brass、bronze、White copper。Copper and its alloys have better strength and plasticity,At the same time, there is also a good processing performance.,Excellent corrosion resistance,Natural color beauty and other advantages,Therefore, it is widely used in machinery、Chemical industry、meter、electric、Thermal、Refrigeration、Decorative building materials、Crafts and even high-energy physics。Among them, brass also has good electrical conductivity.、Thermal heat,Low price,Light density,Colorful color, etc.,Often used in manufacturing valves、water pipe、Air-conditioned internal and foreign machine connecting tube、heat sink,Shell and other products,The most widely used in copper alloys。

c26000 brass tube(c26000 brass tube)

c26000 brass tube

Corrosion resistance is an important performance indicator of brass,Wide attention and research。Brass stress corrosion is also called seasonal rupture(Seasonal crack),abbreviationSCC。The earliest record。20Century,In the southwest monsoon,India is a hot rainy season,During this time, the British Army will reduce military activities.,Store ammunition in the stables,Standing the arrival of winter dry season;But soon, they found that brass bullets gradually occur.,The skin shell is particularly serious。But because everyone doesn't know why everyone,until1921Yearmore(Moore, H)、Beqina(Beckinsale,S)、Marlinsen(Mallinson,C.E.)Explain this phenomenon。This phenomenon is due to the result of the residual stress produced by the process in the matrine and brass.。

Seasonal crackIt is the stress corrosion crack produced under the coincidence of the corrosion of the brass in the atmosphere and a large amount of water vapor-condensed ammonia solution layer corrosion and internal residual stress.。

The higher the zinc content in brass,The greater the stress,The shorter the duration before the race。Due to a deeper fragility crack due to parts season,Cracks grow to critical dimensions,Rendeze、Wafer or mixed break,Almost no contraction deformation is generated during the process,Therefore, it is difficult to prevent and discover in advance.。

(c26000 brass tube)

Although the seasonal phenomenon was first found in brass,Such as copper、Bronze and other copper content,Alloy products such as internal stress may exist in this phenomenon。Quarterly cracks are sudden,Extremely harmful,Not only affect the performance of the product,Vimcresses from suppliers and users,Even a safety hazard。

Can you assess the risk of seasonal crack??

(c26000 brass tube)In order to avoid serious impact and loss due to seasonal cracks,Amphin test can be carried out to assess the race of season。

What is ammonia test?

Principle of strong sensitivity of stress corrosion in ammonia atmosphere in ammonia gas,Time to expose the sample to the ammonia atmosphere.,Then check the crack,To understand the ability of product to resist stress corrosion。Ammented tests have a lot of standards at home and abroad.,surface1Some commonly used test criteria summarize。

c26000 brass tube

surface1Common standards for ammonia test

c26000 brass tube(c26000 brass tube)

How to perform ammonia test,Aspects of stress corrosion tendency to copper and its alloys,SGSMetal material laboratory has accumulated many years of test experience,Can help customers conduct accurate risk assessments,Reduction。