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brass tube malaysia

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-14 21:59:24

Are you going to the toilet??

Everyone has passed。

Then there is a special thing in the toilet you have used.?If we don't say beautiful decoration, we will not say it.。

If you come to Malaysia,You will find the compartment of each toilet,There is a spray head with a water pipe on the right hand of each toilet.。This extra water pipe is not used to wash the toilet.。

brass tube malaysia

correct。It's what you think.。Be usedFitof!

Malaysia has three major races,Malay,Chinese and Indians。The main use of this water pipe is Malay and Indians.。They feel that rinsing with water can be wiped with paper.。

How do you use it??It is always possible to put it in the pants directly.,Otherwise, you don't want to see your wet pants.。

(brass tube malaysia)Just mentioned,Water pipe is on your right hand,Let us implant one concept,In the culture of Malay and IndiansThe left hand is not cleanof,The right hand is clean。When they eat, they are always right-handed to eat.,Left hand is not on the table。So,When using the water pipe to wash your ass,Right-headed pipe,Left hand assist。correct,auxiliary!help!(Attached to a smile)。They will carry a small towel that wipes the whip,Strictly put it on the left side of the pocket to wipe the mouth and wash your hands.。

In fact, this excess water pipe is very common in Southeast Asia.。It seems like Thailand,Malari,Singapore,There are some Muslim countries have this。

brass tube malaysia

Is it good to use toilet paper??What water is used?!but--Survey certificate,Malaysia is the country with the lowest rate of acne,This is mainly due to hand wash ass。,Another reason is that Malaysia's climate belongs to a hot high temperature in a year.,Water in the water is not cold at all times.,Imagine if there is such a winter in the northeast of China。。。。。。

What is the look of the water pipe??There are many possibilities,Highly equipped is the same as the water tube connected under the shower.,Then match the same shot like a gun。

brass tube malaysia

The low match is a simple water pipe.。Yes。A simple water pipe。Pouring the kind of car wash。No nozzle。Maybe you can use your fingers to press the water level to enhance the water flow。

(brass tube malaysia)brass tube malaysia

PS. Come to Malaysia and people shaking do not have left hand.!

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