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brass compression tube fittings sizes

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Usually, everyone know more about the main material。Then do you know what the water pipe joint is??pipe connector,Is a component used to connect the water pipe。Water joints can be divided into use:External threaded tube joint、Case water pipe joint、Self-solid water pipe joint。Many brands that do the water pipe have the joints of the water pipe,So,Water pipe joint specification、size、brand、What are the prices??Although these materials are common,But don't need us to buy、Install。but,As part of house building materials,We still have to understand it.。Next,I am coming to everyone to explain the semolio joint specification.、Brand and other related knowledge,I hope to help your purchase.!

brass compression tube fittings sizes

What is the water pipe joint?

(brass compression tube fittings sizes)What is the water pipe joint??Water pipe joint raw materials mainly cast from zinc alloy materials,Surface chrome、Galvanized、Grinding;Structure,Airless hole,high strength,Is one of the most decoration accessories today。Widely used in high-end buildings、hotel、Hospital、building、stadium、Museum、Unit unit、villa、Residential area。

Water pipe joint specification

brass compression tube fittings sizes

(brass compression tube fittings sizes)Water pipe joint brand

Water pipe joint brand1.Weixing tube industry

The company took the lead in the same industry.ISO9001/ISO14001quality、Environmental double system certification, etc.。advanced equipment、Quality raw material、Superb craft、Innovative R & D capabilities and refined modern management model,Ensure that Zall's unscrupulous quality。PP-RSeries pipeline、PEGive water、Gas pipe、Double wall corrugated pipeline, etc.“Country inspection”。

Water pipe joint brand2.Golden cattle industry

NullpprWater pipe joint accessories。

Water pipe joint brand3.Link

Lianwei Group is founded in1986year,Is one of the manufacturers of plastic pipes and plastic extrusion production equipment in China。The Group's main business items are plastic pipelines、Steel-plastic pipeline、Plastic machine、Building electrical appliance、Plastic profile、Decorative building materials、Plumbing equipment and international trade investment,Business and services。

Water pipe joint brand4.Shanghai Bai Die

(brass compression tube fittings sizes)Widely used in industrial and civilian hot and cold water supply systems、Pure drinking water system、Heating and central air conditioning and other systems,Is ideal alternative products for traditional metal pipes。

brass compression tube fittings sizes

Water pipe joint price

(brass compression tube fittings sizes)There are many parts of the water pipe joint.,Not only can be used as home,Can also use the use of an automobile water gun。Due to water pipe joint brands、Model and manufacturers,Price is also different,The price of the water pipe joints in more than ten yuan to dozens of yuan.。

Note:This price is for reference only!Due to the different geographicals,Of course, the price will also be different.。For more details, please,Please provide information on local dealers!

Water pipe joint installation

(brass compression tube fittings sizes)How to install a water pipe?Before this,Need to understand each original composition。The composition of the water pipe joint mainly includes:elbow、Variable end、Inner and outer wire elbow、Three-way、Three-way、Inner wire joint、Variable inner wire joint、Outer wire joint、Inner and outer wire connector(Fixed core)、Cap、Block、Live joint, etc.。If you choosePPRTube,Welding it with hot melting machine.;If the iron pipe is used,Then need to use a spring machine,Use tangle or raw material。

1)Installation,Suitable raw materials,It is best to understand the use and advantages of various types of water pipe joints.。

2)Pay attention to the installation location,Water pipe buried in the wall can not have a joint。

3)Water pipe joint,Turn off the water valve first,After,Open on test。

4)When installing the joint,Be aligned,Do not make loose situations at the joint,This will cause water leakage at the joint,Once solder,Take it again。Owners who have no confidence in installation,You can make a dedicated decoration personnel to operate,So no problem after the joint。

brass compression tube fittings sizes

What to do with water pipe joints

Water pipe joints are important components,Water pipe joints are different from other parts of water,Unable to fix,Can only replace the water pipe joint。usually,If you don't have a solution,Can request a special master to deal with this problem。

(brass compression tube fittings sizes)1.When the joint is leaking,Remove the connector。If rust is not good,Tablet saw,Only do not touch the water pipe,Can you cut a mouth,Use the tube pliers down。

2.Gummine mature or no,Need to replace new,Apply a thick layer of white paint at the mouth,Wrapped in hemp(Emanad)After loading。

3.Governing or welding at the junction,In the case where you can't solve it,It is best to ask for professionals to help。