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spring blossoms,Resumption of work, production and resumption of the market。Foodies' favorite milk tea shop is back,According to recent takeaway platform data,,Hangzhou milk tea free list jumped to the second place。

brass beverage tub rectangle(brass beverage tub rectangle)And temporarily ranked first in Shanghai,There are statistics,Fourth week of resumption,sold7.210,000 cups of bubble tea,If you press a cup12pearl meter,These pearls could fill an international-sized swimming pool。and,Fourth week of resumption,ask for a mug、Oversized cups of milk tea orders compared to last year12Monthly normal week increased3.4times。

brass beverage tub rectangle(brass beverage tub rectangle)“retaliatory”drink milk tea

5The title of the liter milk tea bucket dominates the screen

you must have noticed,recent,In the circle of friends of foodies,A barrel is said to be able to hold5Liter milk tea buckets come out all day to dominate the screen——

3moon6day,tea brand“people in tea”Shanghai's20Multiple stores launch this product simultaneously;3moon9day,Nayuki's Tea、Its sister brand Taigai has also successively launched domineering bottled milk tea、milk tea family bucket……

brass beverage tub rectanglebrass beverage tub rectanglebrass beverage tub rectangle

@kitten who loves milk tea:This milk tea bucket looks very similar to the water dispenser bucket,Once contracted the afternoon tea for our entire office。

@YY:I haven't had milk tea for a long time.,must“Liter cup feeding”。

@Midong:Compared to placing an order for multiple cups of milk tea at one time,The mode of milk tea bucket can make people feel the fun of sharing,more experience“retaliatory”The pleasure of drinking milk tea。

brass beverage tub rectangle

@Xiaoxiaoming:I am in Shanghai,from2moon10First week of reopening,Are Shanghai people hungry?16Wandan Milk Tea,But it's the fourth week of reopening,This number has become33million orders,One of the users placed an order at one time77cup of milk tea。i am one of them。

@SEIJEJFOA:carry5Sheng milk tea on the road,I'm the prettiest guy on the street。

@Dr. Cai:Such a big bucket,It is estimated that blood sugar will jump with happiness。

Hangzhou can also drink milk tea for the whole family

(brass beverage tub rectangle)As a milk tea lover,Foodie Xu has been wanting to challenge the milk tea bucket for a while。some time ago,no matter how you search,This net red“revenge milk tea”Only available in Shanghai and Shenzhen……

(brass beverage tub rectangle)In the past two days, I actually saw the same style in the circle of friends——

brass beverage tub rectangle

Decisively ordered a bucket to satisfy my curiosity,A bucket included10cups and two cans of accessories,ThissizeIt is not an exaggeration to be called the whole family bucket in the milk tea industry.

brass beverage tub rectangle

Alone Better Together,How can such a big bucket of milk tea be enjoyed alone?!A Xu will eat in Hangzhou520Studio,Run a fan sweepstakes,Send it to Aunt Cai5LA bucket of milk tea for the whole family!

There is an opening in the lid of the milk tea bucket,Milk tea can be poured directly,There is also a handle on the side of the milk tea bucket,want a hand to lift it up,It's not easy。

brass beverage tub rectangle(brass beverage tub rectangle)The foodie girl tested this bucket of milk tea,After filling ten cups of milk tea,almost3、4cup of milk tea,I feel like I can invite all my colleagues in the office for afternoon tea.!

brass beverage tub rectangle

The taste of milk tea is no different from the one made in the store,Except for pearls and taro balls, probably because the delivery time is a bit long,A little sticky when pouring,But just pour it into milk tea and steep it for a while.。

brass beverage tub rectangle(brass beverage tub rectangle)such a giantsizeThe whole family bucket of milk tea is as long as128Yuan,able to fill10+cup of milk tea,On average, a cup of milk tea is less than ten dollars,I feel that the freedom of milk tea can be realized.!

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