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brass wind chime tubes

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(brass wind chime tubes)The wind chime is blown through the wind,Collision between hanging objects,Thus a cold sound,Aesthetic,Sound is crisp,It is very popular all over the world.,Especially some of Asian countries,It usually believes that the wind bell can bring good luck.,So mostly used to decorate in the garden,Therefore, the product is very popular in Amazon.。

Today, when you are browsing Amazon,Just see a solar wind chime,It is Meiya StationAmazon'sChoicein Wind Chimes,Sell21.9Dollar bill,Stay​918Star。

(brass wind chime tubes)brass wind chime tubes

Image source Amazona

(brass wind chime tubes)This wind chime is,Retro hollow moon shape,Plus the moon of cloth,Very artistic,Internal built-in solar charging board,Can charge during the day,By using the night​;The metal bell tube is blown under the wind,Can send cold sound,Very fit in the garden​Decoration。

The core design point is​:Openworking moon shape​;Intermediate solar charging board connection structure​;​Intermediate decorative windbell!

Therefore, the product sales are very good.,More than this,We also found multiple links,Are selling this design,​Remember is also very good。

brass wind chime tubes

Image source Amazona

But it is necessary to be vigilant.,After our directional search,It has found that this wind chime has already patented in the United States.,The following figure is the schematic of its patent。

brass wind chime tubes

Data source Amazona

(brass wind chime tubes)Understand the information from the query,This is a domestic company2021.02.22Apply,2021.11.09Japanese authorized US appearance patent,The patent validity period is2036.11.09day,andPatent authority draws a dashed line to the middle moon,That is to say as long as the overall appearance is the same,Even in the middle​Structure,Also belong to infringement!

So the seller of the above links,​Need to pay attention to this patent risk。。。

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