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brass waterfall tub faucet

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In daily home cleaning and maintenance,Small parts are easy to be ignored by people。If we use a very high frequency dragonhead,Many times, they are in their faucets.、Rust or drop water、When you can't pay attention to water, etc.,talentThink of the water faucet。How to maintain a small faucet can make it“Longshou”Woolen cloth?

brass waterfall tub faucet

  • clean:Discrimination Inside and outside

At present, the main material of the faucet on the market is mainly brass.、ceramics、grass、Stainless steel、 cast iron、Alloy material, etc., General top spray and showerheadsABSMaterial。Different from the material,Cleaning method and force taken during cleaningDivision is also different。

Such as the plating surface of the copper faucet,Can be used to cleanse,You can also use some strong oil to go directly.Dirty detergent for cleaning。Such as the scale on the plating faucet、Rust,Just use a wet cloth or sponge to pill a small special purposeCleaning agent wiping surface,Wipe dry with clean rag or rinse it with water.。

Although the tap chrome plated layer declares that corrosion is not rustic,Not correct cleaning method,Will still lead to different faucetsOften worn。please remember,Do not wipe the surface of the faucet with hard objects such as steel balls,Because the steel wire is very hard,Easy to put water dragonsHead surface shaving flower。

in addition,Many people only notice the surface of the faucet when cleaning the faucet,But in fact, the internal faucet is more important.。If the water dragonHead outlet water or effluent bifurcation,It may be due to the bloating blockage。Remove the bubble,Soak with vinegarback,Clean debris with small brush or other tools,Then reinstall。

brass waterfall tub faucet

  • maintainance:Four major principles extended

The maintenance of the faucet is very important,Can master the following four requirements:

(brass waterfall tub faucet)1、Switch faucet does not force,It's easy to rotate it.。

2、The tapped head metal hose of the bathtub should maintain a natural stretch state,Don't put it on the faucet when you don't need it.。

(brass waterfall tub faucet)3、After using a period of time,If the amount of water is found,Even the phenomenon of water heater flameout,Can be in the faucetWater mouth is lightly screwed under the screen cover,Clear impurities,Generally, it can be restored。

4、To make an experience and qualified professionals for construction installation。

Of course,More important than cleaning and maintenance is to choose a good faucet。How to pick a faucet??Xiaobian is also simply sorted out:

brass waterfall tub faucet


It must be very heavy in the faucet that is all brass.,Why choose brass faucet??Because of yellowCopper faucet can inhibit Escherichia coli in water,Therefore, you must use brass,The bronze faucet is generally veryHeavy。

(brass waterfall tub faucet)2、surface。

A set of faucets with heart must be surface light, like a mirror,If the thicker faucet, the electroplating is not soEasy rust,Come and watch the eyes of the eye can be judged.,Can you see if there is a hole?,Have you raised orConcave point,This is the basic standard of judging the faucet。in addition,You can also blow a breath,If it is scatteredThen represent the surface treatment.。


Buy a bathroom product must choose a big brand,Because the bathroom is durable consumer goods,I can use it for a time.5YearLong,Therefore, you must buy a big brand of products.,This is the material of the materialOr quality is reliable。

4、A certificate。

A brand that pays attention to quality will generally go to obtain a quality assurance,Although many certificates now have a little water,But it will also have a foundation to pass.,Therefore, the certificate is also a judgment basis for the product's strong guarantee.。The faucet like the drinking water you have purchased must have a lead-free proof。


The after-sales service of the product is very important,It is also the guarantee of your worries.,Therefore, it is necessary to buy a good after-sales service.Productive product, General faucet is at least5year,Therefore, you also want to view this。