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bending brass tube parts

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There are now many people to bend copper pipes in the market.,Simple small angle bending directly can get in hand。But a large angle bending or partial angle or is recommended to use a dedicated bend,So as not to cause the copper tube elbow portion to become flat during the eluting tube,Affect the flow state of the refrigerant in the pipeline。Damage to the compressor when severe。

  • Hose carrying the elongation operation:Use the elbow to process the pipe to the curved curve,Can reduce the number of welding ports,Reduce the risk of refrigerant,Reduce pipeline resistance。

Bending pipe:The elipe is a special tool for curved the bending of the copper tube,Structure and method of use of elutips;Put the copper tube into a fixed wheel and fastening rod of the guide tank,Let the copper tube in the guide trough of the active rod。Holding the active rod handle to smoothly rotate。so,The copper tube is slowly curved in the guide tank to form a fixed shape.,Slow speed during operation、Even force,Avoid death or cracks。

Manual bending pipe:In daily installation and maintenance,Sometimes need to be bent copper tube,At this time, you need to use a manual elbower.,His shape is a spring,The spring is used on the copper tube that needs to be curved during use.,Try to bend with a larger radius,Slow and smooth,Spring can keep the copper tube in a certain range of copper tubes that will not be bent flat。

bending brass tube parts

Bending tube bending copper tube

  • Hard tube for elimination operation:For hard tersons can't make a bending operation,Need to use the welding elbow。
(bending brass tube parts)bending brass tube parts

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