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brass tube 1 2 fountain nozzle

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-14 19:05:56

(brass tube 1 2 fountain nozzle)Water curtain movie fountain is through high pressure water pump and special water curtain generator,Spray the water from bottom to high speed and atomization,Use a bunch of beam to project a special video“screen”Water surface,Thereby forming a water curtain movie,Show a strong stereo movie effect。Water curtain movie fountain,With its magnificent and beautiful effects, more and more people have won more and more people.,Such as the latest power of Di Dothi, California“Colorful world”,Use、Light、Water creates a fairy-like magic world;Macau Wynn、Las Vegas and other world famous water curtain images,They have been reflected in the world's first-class city to reflect unparalleled times.。

(brass tube 1 2 fountain nozzle)brass tube 1 2 fountain nozzle

(brass tube 1 2 fountain nozzle)But whether it is the water curtain movie fountain in developed countries and regions.,Or the water curtain movie fountain in developing countries and regions is also,No matter what form and the water curtain movie fountain, which is the effect.,These water curtain movie fountains still fail,Need to repair。So,did you know,Where is the water curtain movie fountain failure??How do we repair water curtain movie fountains??under,Let's take a look together。

brass tube 1 2 fountain nozzle

The water curtain movie fountain is mainly from the water curtain generator、Projector(Plastic monitor)consist of,Which of the devices will fail to cause the entire water curtain movie fountain unable to show everyone,Even serious, will happen to people's lives,so,Before repairing the water curtain movie fountain,We must first know where there is a failure.。Water curtain movie fountain equipment does not only pay attention to water levels,Also have corresponding wavy measures in the pool body,Such as setting longer overflows or underwater waves。

brass tube 1 2 fountain nozzle

After finding the water curtain movie fountain fault,We naturally know how to repair the water curtain movie fountain.。If it is a malfunction at the spout of the water curtain movie fountain.,So,It takes half a year to clean the water curtain fountain nozzle and underwater lamp.,Pay attention to the nozzle riser and lanterns in the water,If there is a screw loose,Tighten it,So as usual,In turn, prevent leakage of lamps leads to common faults;If it is a water curtain movie fountain, it blocks it.,Just clean up a water curtain fountain pipeline every year;If it is a light source of the water curtain movie fountain fault,So,Replace the power cord or light bulb,Of course,A better way is that the projector is not immediately disconnected.,Be sure to automatically stop after the machine is finished,To avoid damage caused by power failure in the machine heat dissipation,Can also reduce the number of turns,Extend the light source(Light bulb)Service life……

All right,The above is about the failure of the water curtain movie fountain and“How to repair water curtain movie fountains”Method introduction,I hope everyone can understand,Then use it correctly,Can better make us enjoy the beauty of the water curtain movie fountain~