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brass tuba weight

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Today, I will share a learning information to everyone.《Coking,This book is enough.》、《one/Two builder textbooks full set of years》、《Registered security engineer full set of review questions》Paper version!

Coking books will be in place with each detail of coking,one/Two builders and registered securityrs for the full set of true questions and review questions!Information collection is not easy,Everyone can receive time!

The screenshot of the three books is as follows

(brass tuba weight)brass tuba weight

Receive learning information package steps


2、focus on【Small yellow industry interconnection】Headline,Private lettersReply【Industrial interconnection】Received limited time。

one、Basic knowledge







Rapidity of steel(density):7.8g/cm3

Stainless steel specific gravity*(density):7.78g/cm3


Zinc proportion(density):7.05g/cm3

two、Various steel theoretical weight calculation formula

(brass tuba weight)

brass tuba weight

brass tuba weight

(brass tuba weight)brass tuba weight

three、Weight calculation method of colored metals

Note:Formula longness unit is rice,Area unit is square meters,The rest of the unit is millimeters。

1)Round purple copper rod weight(kg)=0.00698*diameter*diameter*length;

(brass tuba weight)2)Round yellow copper rod weight(kg)=0.00668*diameter*diameter*length;

3)Aluminum rod weight(kg)=0.0022*diameter*diameter*length;

4)Fangzi copper rod weight(kg)=0.0089*Edge width*Edge width*length;

5)Bronze rod weight(kg)=0.0085*Edge width*Edge width*Border;

6)Aluminum rod weight(kg)=0.0028*Edge width*Edge width*length;

7)Hexagonus rod weight(kg)=0.0077*Edge width*Edge width*length;

8)Hexagonal brass rod weight(kg)=0.00736*Edge width*Edge width*length;

9)Hexagonal aluminum rod weight(kg)=0.00242*Edge width*Edge width*length;

10)Purple copper weight(kg)=0.0089*thick*width*length;


12)Aluminum plate weight(kg)=0.00171*thick*width*length;

(brass tuba weight)13)Round purple copper tube weight(kg)=0.028*Wall thickness*(Outer diameter-Wall thickness)*length;

14)Round yellow copper tube weight(kg)=0.0267*Wall thickness*(Outer diameter-Wall thickness)*length;

15)Aluminum tube weight(kg)=0.00879*Wall thickness*(Outer diameter-Wall thickness)*length;

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