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Air conditioners rely on refrigerants to carry heat,heating in winter,As the outdoor ambient temperature decreases,Refrigerant unit density decreases,Can't fully evaporate in the outdoor heat exchanger,compressor suction(gaseous refrigerant)insufficient,Reduced flow of refrigerant circulating through the air conditioning system,Air conditioning system operating below design capacity,Heating is attenuated,Heating energy efficiency ratio(COP)also decreased。

The lower the outdoor ambient temperature,The more serious the heating attenuation of the air conditioner。According to Midea、Gree、Hisense、Test results from manufacturers such as Panasonic,When the ambient temperature is lower than2℃,Air conditioner heating is attenuated,2℃It is also a low temperature test condition for household air conditioners.。When the ambient temperature is lower than-5℃,Sharp reduction in refrigerant evaporation,The heating capacity of the air conditioner can only reach the set capacity60%about,General air conditioning is below zero5℃to minus zero7℃Turn on auxiliary heating,At this time, the air conditioner is used as an electric heater。

In general,Ordinary household air conditioners are7℃ arrive below zero7℃outdoor environment design,to be below zero7℃stable heating,Need to use「air jet enthalpy」compressor air conditioner。

MatsushitaEVIt is currently on sale in the country,The only one with jet enthalpy technology、On-hook household air conditioners that support low-temperature heating,below zero12℃Heating does not decay,Minimum support minus zero20℃heating。

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MatsushitaEVseries total5configuration,Dismantled today「E13VKQ2」,YesEVa series of1.5Pixin secondary air conditioner on-hook,Let's start dismantling。

Appearance and heat transfer capacity

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MatsushitaEVFront and back of the outdoor unit

MatsushitaEVThe size of the outer unit,width with valve825mm、without valve780mm,This width is normal。MatsushitaEVThe height of the outdoor unit is626mm,and ordinary1.5Air conditioner height at550mmabout。

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Panasonic Air Conditioner1.5Available in three sizes,The difference is mainly in the height,have542mmand626mmtwo:

  • 825×626×320mm:Panasonic regenerative air conditioner
  • 780×626×289mm:Level 11.5matchE1、G1、J1、D1、H1;secondary1.5matchEV
  • 780×542×289mm:other Panasonic1.5Level 1、secondary、Level 3

Panasonic Thermal Storage and PanasonicEVHeating-heavy air conditioners,Outer size is bigger,It means that the heat exchange capacity of the external machine may be stronger。

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MatsushitaEV(Left)、Dajin Zero Realm(middle)、MitsubishiRY(right)

(buy 7mm brass tube)To make the difference more obvious,I put the big gold in the warehouse、MitsubishiRYalso turn out,Panasonic can be seenEVis the highest size。

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MatsushitaEVOuter side

MatsushitaEVThe top cover and sides are thicker,External machine spray paint evenly,good workmanship。

buy 7mm brass tube(buy 7mm brass tube)MatsushitaEVExternal machine parameters

  • Refrigerant:R410a/1150g
  • Outdoor unit weight:34kg
  • manufacturing date:2020year11moon

MatsushitaEVuseR410aRefrigerant,convert toR32The refrigerant is about920g,a lot of refrigerant。Now1.5Most of the new grades are in600~840g。

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MatsushitaEVRemove the top cover,It can be seen that it is a double row condenser,The control panel is huge,with metal fireproof panel

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MatsushitaEVThe heat sink area of the electronic control board is quite large

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MatsushitaEVFront and back dismantling diagrams of the outdoor unit

(buy 7mm brass tube)MatsushitaEVInternal and external heat exchangers with silver coating,support「Nano water purification membrane」Technology,Has a certain anti-fouling and dust-removing function,Defrost time can also be shortened。

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MatsushitaEVThe condenser of the outdoor unit is a double row of copper pipes,each row14Group,common56copper pipe

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MatsushitaEV,Copper tube length and copper tube outer diameter with fins

(buy 7mm brass tube)MatsushitaEVThe length of the copper pipe with the finned part is approx.76cm,Copper tube outer diameter7mm,total length of copper pipe56copper pipe×76cm,about42.5Meter,and mainstream1.5The length of the new level is basically the same。

Although the length of the copper pipes is basically the same,But PanasonicEVThe heat exchanger is more square,Larger cooling area,And the whole heat exchanger is well ventilated,The overall heat transfer capacity is still stronger。

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MatsushitaEVUse of external fan40wJingma DC Motor

(buy 7mm brass tube)Air conditioning external fan motor,More good brand:Chichus、Wolong、Capital、Fu Tianjiang, etc.。Panasonic and Jingma signed a strategic cooperation agreement,At present, Panasonic motor is dominated by hemp,Mitsubishi motor uses Wolong,Fujitsu mainly uses its own rich Tianjiang,Chichus motor,Daily brand and Haier use more。

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MatsushitaEVField fan

Panasonic external machine uses a gull wing shaft flow,Bionic design makes fan motors save power,Can also reduce operation noise。There is no label diameter on the blade,I quoted about it.426mm。The red arrow is a screw in the figure.,Can be removed,This is a relatively rare blade balance design,Quite interesting。

Jet 増 増 压 compressor and refrigerant circuit

buy 7mm brass tube(buy 7mm brass tube)MatsushitaEVJet,Outside package, two layers, thick sound cotton

MatsushitaEVUse Mei Zhi Jetunction toggle Compressor,ModelEAQN108D43UFS,Displacement10.8cc,MatsushitaEVIt is also the only air conditioning hang up in China.。

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MatsushitaEVJets and junction compressors with two electronic expansion valves,All flow

MatsushitaEVElectronic expansion valve,Secure the housing of the buckle and outer machine housing,This design of the electronic valve is also extremely rare。

(buy 7mm brass tube)MatsushitaEVYes, jet, junction compressor,In contrast to ordinary air conditioners increased inhalation,Electronic expansion valve、Electromagnetic second-pass valve, etc. are electronically controlled,In addition to pipelines,The valve also has wires.。I deliberately put HualingHL1Also moving to the disassembly comparison,Can appear to be looseEVPipeline complex。

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Normal air conditioner is in heating,Refrigerant flows directly from the outdoor heat exchanger to the compressor。

(buy 7mm brass tube)「④Electromagnetic two-way valve」When the outdoor environment is lower than0℃,Qi loop open,Air conditioning start jet 焓 function。

  • Pneumatic circuit:After the refrigerant comes from the indoor heat exchanger,First pass「①Qi loop electronic valve」,After the throttle is entered「③Flicker」,Flash is evaporated here,Small part of the vaporized medium temperature refrigerant passes「⑤Compressor pins」Enter the compressor。
  • Normal circuit:Liquid refrigerant after separation by flash,Then pass again「②Normal circuit electronic valve」Thrifty,Enter outdoor heat exchanger evaporation,After going back to the compressor,This is the normal heating process of air conditioning。
(buy 7mm brass tube)buy 7mm brass tube

Compared with ordinary air conditioners,MatsushitaEVAn electronic expansion valve、Flash、Electromagnetic two-way valve(Can be turned on or off)

(buy 7mm brass tube)Air conditioner is below0℃environment,Indoor temperature is relatively low,The inner machine heat exchanger is unpredictable.。Problem in outdoor heat exchanger,Because the temperature is too low,Unable to evaporate,So a low temperature design heating air conditioner,Need a larger size external machine heat exchanger to supplement evaporation problems,MatsushitaEVBe1.5Two capable energy air conditioning,Outdoor machine heat exchanger is close2Moderate。

The addition of the heater is still not enough.,And the heat exchanger cost is also very high。

Jet,Part of the refrigerant that will not fully evaporate,Evaporate through the flash,Solve compressor inhalation problem。This allows the compressor to still discharge sufficiently capacity high temperature refrigerant,Heating to the inner machine heat exchanger,Meet low-temperature heat demand。

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MatsushitaEVConnect tube,Length3Meter

MatsushitaEVInternal and foreign machine connection tube,High pressure liquid pipeφ6mmPipe diameter,Low-voltage tracheaφ12.7mmPipe diameter。

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MatsushitaEVLow-voltage tracheaφ12.7mmPipe diameter

Household1.5Air conditioner,Most of them are usedφ9.52mmLow-pressure trachea,The larger the pipe diameter,Note more refrigerant flowing in air conditioners,The larger the air conditioner system。Currently1.5Air conditioning,useφ12.7mmAir machine model,Most of the Japanese2Picking the compressor downgrade1.5Motion model。

松 松EVConnecting the pipe only3Meter,This slightly regret,Mitsubishi motor and big gold are4Rice pipe。

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MatsushitaEVHong Kong Lixia

Configuration summary and personal opinion

  •   compressor:Beauty jetEAQN108D43UFScompressor,Displacement10.8cc
  •   Refrigerant:R410a/1150g
  • Outer unit heat exchanger:2Row×14Group copper tube,7mmPipe diameter,Total length42.5Meter
  • External wind fan motor:40wJingma DC motor,φ426mmBlade
  • Extra-depth:825(780)×626×289mm
  •  External machine weight:34kg
  • Electronic expansion valve:Three flowers
  • Inner machine wide:890×290×207mm
  •  Inner machine weight:10kg
  •  Circulating air volume:618m³/h
  • Connection tube length:3Meter
  •  After-sales policy:Machine warranty3year,Compressor warranty6year

After disassembly confirmation,MatsushitaEV 1.5Pixin secondary air conditioner,Use beauty10.8ccJet Enthalpy Compressor,The compressor displacement is relatively large,The outdoor unit heat exchanger is also relatively large,match40wJingma DC Motor,Strong heat exchange ability,The overall configuration is more than the majority1.5new level strong。

MatsushitaEVIt is also the only hanger in China that uses jet enthalpy technology.。Current household heating and air conditioning products,Mostly heat pump air blower,Heat pump air blower also uses jet enthalpy technology,Designing for Coal-to-Electricity Rural Areas,Strong low temperature heating performance,But the function of the internal machine is simple。Heat pump hot air blower in terms of sales channels,Mainly rely on local government procurement,Eligible household purchases are subsidized,a policy product,Not a pure retail model。

(buy 7mm brass tube)MatsushitaEVThe configuration is better than the heat pump heat fan,MatsushitaEVWith two-way valve,Automatic switch for gas supplement and enthalpy increase,The hot air blower does not have this two-way valve,The air supply circuit is always on,Not as energy efficient as Panasonic when coolingEV。The heat pump hot air blower uses only one electronic expansion valve,The air supply circuit is capillary,PanasonicEVare two electronic expansion valves。

In general,MatsushitaEVIt is an air conditioner designed for the north of the Yangtze River,Suitable for the lowest temperature in winter0to minus zero20area use。Actually PanasonicEVmost suitable area,Central heating in winter,If the home heating is not good,Consider buying PanasonicEV。

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MatsushitaEVat minus zero12Low temperature heating is basically not attenuated

MatsushitaEVWhy not with thermal storage technology?

(buy 7mm brass tube)Panasonic Thermal Storage Technology,Solve the problem of air conditioner shutdown and defrost,And the air conditioner is3℃to minus zero3℃Easiest to frost,Panasonic Regenerative Air Conditioning Products,It is designed for the wet and cold regions of the Yangtze River Basin。MatsushitaEVThe use environment will be lower than minus zero3℃,The air has low moisture content at this low temperature,Frosting is not particularly severe,MatsushitaEVThe nano water purification film also has a certain effect on defrosting,If heat storage is added,Usability in general,Cost will increase a lot。

MatsushitaEV 1.5Pixin Level 2,The usual price is5908~6428Yuan,Selling for5608Yuan,my personal opinion,EVThe configuration is worth so much,You can buy it if you need it。

(buy 7mm brass tube)MatsushitaEVSuitable for winter minimum temperature below zero5~below zero20degree area,If the temperature is not so low,then PanasonicEVno performance。region with winter temperatures,Must have central heating,If the home heating is not hot enough,just buy PanasonicEVdemand。

(buy 7mm brass tube)MatsushitaEVI also dismantled the internal unit.

Remove Panasonic Air ConditionerEVlow temperature forced heat1.5Pixin secondary internal unit 40wbig motor106mmbig wind wheel

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