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brass tube shelving unit

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brass tube shelving unit

Module shelf unit without screws。

Kurio的目标是个人在现代和精致的住宅中使用,Everyone's home represents them personal,可满足个人的需求;

KurioThe goal is to use in modern and exquisite homes.,而且还可以作为一种引人注目的墙艺术品,Is a decorative wall artwork!

Kurio是2019Can meet your needsA'设计奖的获得者。

Not only functional elements:Von Morgen的Markus Hofko

brass tube shelving unit

基本思想的灵感来自于文艺复兴晚期的好奇之屋(Bring a color of the roomKurio)。

brass tube shelving unitbrass tube shelving unitbrass tube shelving unit