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brass tuba lessons littleton colorado

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Many times to the United States,Regardless of tolerance or personal leisure vacation,Almost all sets of two major sections in the eastern or western。So when a friend invites the late autumn season to go to Colorado,I have agreed in almost no thinking.。This line,Magnificent snow mountain,Ambitious pasture,Hot spa,There is also a warm and simple……Time to travel all kinds of unexpected hi。

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brass tuba lessons littleton colorado

Central Colorado has both snow mountains and canyons in central USA,There are also plains and pastures,Superior,Folk style is simple,Time to travel full of surprises

(brass tuba lessons littleton colorado)The secret of Colorado

“This timehighlight(Wonderful)What is it??”One week's trip end,Chat with a local friend,He asked such a question.。I thought about a few seconds.,The answer is out of mouth:Telluride。

(brass tuba lessons littleton colorado)This is translated into“Tegrad”、Population only2000Multi-person town,It seems not big in the Chinese world。We along the winding mountain road,When the song, the tweet, the towns surrounded by the snow mountain.,I can't help but I can't help but curious.:What kind of destination is,It is worthwhile to recommend it to us so much.?Conducuse of autumn and winter,I saw the mountain between the mountains.,More and more,Poplar drain scattered the leaves,But still have a few of the tenacious golden leaves,As if showing the last style。

(brass tuba lessons littleton colorado)The famous poet Yunguang has lived in Denver in Denver.。he is《Listen to the cold rain》inside,It also uses his consistently delicate pen to take a description of the Corizons in his eyes.:“Western United States,Moostus desert,Kilometers of drought。sky,Blue-like Angrosason's eyes;land,Red, Indians;cloud,It is a rare white bird。Rocky mountain cluster,Few floating clouds,Come high,Two-way,Three people above the forest,Pine cypresses are also stopping。Chinese poetry‘Slogan studios’Or‘Brosion’Interest,Is a vision on the mountains。Rocky mountain,In stone,In the snow。Those strange rocks,Lamination,Match a thrilling sculpture exhibition,Give the sun and a thousand miles of wind。Savage,White false fantasy,Cold and wake up。That is not a distant momentum,It is difficult to breathe,Heart cold。”And the scenery we all work,It is the re-interpretation of the written text in Yunguang.。

(brass tuba lessons littleton colorado)The hotel calledThe Peaks,The name is also justified in its location.。Push the door of the balcony,I can't help but make an amazing voice:Under the rolling snow mountain,Nearby is a big green land that is still full of fullness.,There are also a variety of unknown birds in a twinkling,It is a fresh landscape。now,This town in the southwestern part of Coal has become one of the famous American ski towns.。Although there is no longerAspen(Asbain)It is a snowfield that is more famous in the United States.,Comparatively,Teliy's ski resort is a higher cost-effective、More profound place。Interestingly,Tom's Snow Square, Tom, the ski enthusiasts in China in recent years.,He also said straightforwardly,I hope to see more and more Chinese tourists.,Let them also enjoy the skiing of the Beijing Winter Olympics“dividend”。

Unfortunately, we have to have some early.,Snow season is officially opened after two weeks,Can you personally experience the smoothness of the snowy trails of the type。But the unique snowy mountain jeep adventure trip has more reduced this regret.。Tour guides and drivers only wear a thin shirt,We have a down jacket to increase the scarf,Wrap yourself。Jeep twist, mountain road,As altitude elevation,The scenery in front of you is getting more and more open,Temperature is getting lower。Welcome the drifting small snow to the highest place in the mountain,First, the technology wearing the driver,Second, I feel his goodness.。

brass tuba lessons littleton colorado(brass tuba lessons littleton colorado)Teli de de deh in the western Coons is one of the famous American ski towns.,Also quite popular。A soup brother、The queen of the show is here

Telid is located in Southwest, Colorado,Located in a valley caused by a glacier。Here is initially due to the mining industry,its name“Terreite”(Tellurium)Therefore。Always arrived until the end of the century60Era,Mining has always been the only industry in the town。With the decline of mining,The miners family gradually move to Utah to seek new job opportunities。And some hippys are attracted by the old time here,Slowly pouring into the town,Their pursuit of casual lifestyle,Such as outdoor sports、Mountaineering、Kayaking, etc.,Also slowly inject into local culture。1972year,Small town built the first ski resort,It not only brings new economic growth points to the town,Also thoroughly changed its later temperament and style。

In the last century80Era,Tegras gradually became“Colorado preserves the best secrets”This kind of arrogance——As a one,It also means that its mystery does not exist。winter,Skier fluttering into the town,summer,Tourists also squeezed the hotel's room.。Sign in consumers in stimulating nightlife,Also make drug transactions,The town has been constructed of a smart and middle class consumption taste.“bad boy”Image,Actually made Tuliye have different charms from Asbain.。

frankly speaking,Little less than the small town;And really,Appreciates the exquisite town surrounded by stunning views,I know that it is a bit for it.。Small town,Some different cultural charm。Here is the paradise of culture,There is a well-known film festival for a year.、music Festival、Arts festival。1974Annual foundation、Per year9Tuli Lord Film Festival held by Month(Telluride Film Festival),It is also a unique style film festival.。It is said that the famous director Warner·Herzo has said:“There are only two movie festivals in this world.,One is Cannes,The other is Telid。”A soup brother、Expedition Queen Ouraov·Winfuri、Rarff·Many famous celebrities such as Lalance are not only the frequent visits here.,Even this home。What is most interesting?,2014End of the year,Quantin《Eight evil》Main scenery,That is to take it near Tulid。

The free cable car will be slightly luxurious Ski Resort with the small town in the valley.。Imagine the time of the ski season,Skiers after a day in the woods and snow,can take15Minute cable car ride over the mountain,Find a bar in town,Or have a nice meal at a steaming restaurant,just relax。

we're in a small town,Satisfied meal of American-style Japanese ramen,Then take the cable car back to the resort。When leaving the restaurant,Found under the dim lights of the roadside,The dense snowflakes have fallen down,Shroud the town in white silence。get on the cable car,Rising up the valley that has fallen asleep,It was so quiet that only the sound of snow drifting could be heard,We in the cable car are all people who have lived in the city for a long time,So no one is willing to make a sound,For fear of breaking this rare silence。The silence in the snowy night15minute,It turned out to be a particularly memorable part of this trip.。

brass tuba lessons littleton colorado

The hot spring resources in Kezhou are extremely rich。Glenwood is known for its unique natural and man-made wonders《usa today》rated“America's Funniest Town”

Yangguan of the New Western Regions

chatting with friends that day,I suddenly remembered a question:Colorado is the largest state in the United States?this typical“Chinese-style”The question suddenly stopped my friends。Everyone hastily checked,found the answer:Colorado is the eighth-largest state in the U.S.。Learned other knowledge by the way:“Colorado”from Spanish,means“reddish”,This could be a reference to the red sandstone formations in the area or the ochre-red landscape on the banks of the Colorado River.。actually,Colorado people also call their hometown“red land”。

as the capital of Colorado,Denver is our first and last stop in and out of Colorado。a few days before,The first snow has solidly covered the entire city with a thick layer of“white top”,Although still10The moon is the bitterness of early winter;Unexpectedly,come back in a week,A warm autumn day pours down。What an incredible city。I found out later,Denver has more than300sunny day,Plus high latitude elevation,Makes the sky have a wanton swaying blue。And the evaporation of dry air makes the clouds disappear.,The collision of blue and red is very easy to make a wonderful blockbuster。

Denver has another nickname,Call“Ligao City”(Mile High City Denver)。origin of the name,because Denver's altitude is5280foot(1609Meter),happens to be1mile。Colorado State Capitol west side15There is a circular brass piece on the step,sign the city of Denver1exact point of altitude in miles。to this end,The local major league team, the Colorado Rockies, make Coors Field their home(Coors Field)at sea level1The seats above the mile high are specially painted purple in one of their team colors。

The history of Denver is inseparable from the discovery and excavation of gold mines。Denver, originally a coal mining town, discovered a large number of gold mines soon after the town was established,This attracted a large number of gold diggers。With the rise of mining in the Rocky Mountains and farming and animal husbandry in the Great Plains,Transcontinental Central Pacific Railroad opens to traffic,and large-scale westward immigration development across the country,The city is growing rapidly。No wonderNBAThe Denver team named“Nuggets”。Because of the gold rush,Denver was once known as the Wall Street of the West。“looks”resembling the Washington Capitol,is the Colorado State Capitol,But especially,Its roof gleamed golden in the scorching sun——no doubt,It does have a layer of real gold on top,Also to commemorate the gold rush,It is said that after how many years it does not look good, it needs to be replaced with a new one.。It can be seen that the gold rush center of the year“arrogance”。

(brass tuba lessons littleton colorado)In fact, many people don't know that,Denver, a city in the far west of the United States,However, it has a crucial connection with major events in modern Chinese history.。

in Denver17The Brown Palace Hotel(Brown Palace)built in1892year,Well known in Denver。Although it was built for a long time,But push the door in,Still a little surprised by its slightly luxurious style。321The room is now clearly an important part of the hotel“publicity point”——The hotel's well-preserved guest check-in book shows,1911year10moon10day(Tuesday)on the day14people staying at the hotel。Among them, Sun Yat-sen and Huang's entourage stayed together。The signature of the penultimate guest on the register of the day isY.S.Sun,from San Francisco,Check-in room number is321,Y.S.SunIt is the English name of Sun Yat-senSunYat-sen(Sun Yat-sen)abbreviation。

(brass tuba lessons littleton colorado)When the first shot of the Wuchang Uprising was fired,Sun Yat-sen is on his way to Denver, Colorado, USA。10moon11day and night,Sun Yat-sen and his entourage Huang Yunsu arrived in Denver,Staying at the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver321Room。10moon12morning11point around,On the way back from breakfast at the hotel,When passing the newsstand in the hallway,Sun Yat-sen bought a newspaper by the way,He opened it up,There is a message printed on it:“Wuchang is occupied by the revolutionary party。”at first,Sun Yat-sen couldn't believe his eyes,He stared at the newspaper and read it twice more carefully,finally convinced the news。

100many years have passed,The room is still intact。“It was a suite,room number is321,Later, we deliberately kept,and converted into a conference room。”Hotel staff said。in hotel room,Also hanging a copy of the original registration record、Sun Yat-sen's photo and“The world is public”the inscription。

Wander the streets of Denver,There is another kind of intimacy——its most central business district,It was designed by the architectural office of the famous Chinese architect Ieoh Ming Pei.。

last century50s,as the rising Rocky Mountains“empire”the capital of Denver,Its rising population has resulted in a steady increase in the size of its cities,But the city center looks like a backwater,There's been nothing new to come up with since the Great Depression。The fledgling architect Ieoh Ming Pei was responsible for designing Denver's Ligao Center(Mile High Center)。he breaks the rules,Pioneering the combination of public and private space in a commercial building in the city center。Rigao Center is seen as a miniature version of Rockefeller Center,Breathing new life into Denver's old-fashioned downtown。Rigao Center and1960The government square, which was built nearby in,To gradually build Denver into the most dynamic city in the United States。

(brass tuba lessons littleton colorado)to Denver,must go to the famous16Street business district(16th Street Mall),It's not just shopping、travel paradise,And it is a highlight that reflects the level of public management in Denver.。As Denver's main commercial arts pedestrian street,More than two kilometers from Union Station to the Civic Center,Here's the best of Denver's commercial art,except hundreds of stores、outside the restaurant,There are multiple cultures、Financial and other important institutions,such as the Denver Public Library、Denver Art Museum、National Mint、Federal Reserve Currency Museum and more。and16The renovation of the street is also implemented on the basis of the Denver City Government in the proposal of the Behamming Architect.。A dazzling full-time shop,A piano is placed every dozen meters every few tens of meters.,The body is painted in different patterns.,Many passable music enthusiasts are playing a tune before playing,Don't have a city style。16Street is full of humanistic and changing street landscapes、Good public construction and public art facilities, etc.,Successfully shaped the urban image of Denver。

frankly speaking,Denver's cultural charm is my previously underestimated。Italian architect Gio·Pont(Gio Ponti)Hosting the huge blue“Voyeur”,Glass curtain wall in Colorado Convention Center4Outside the wall of the floor,This is full of modern life metaphors,Also become a cultural symbol of Denver。We learned later,Denver is the city that has contributed public art fundors in the United States.,Such as the expansion of Denver Art Museum,Abstract buildings made of triangles and multilateral irregular combinations with glass and metal,Become an iconic modern building under the foot of the United States。

The last dinner in Colorado,Is in DenverThe SourceThe unique restaurant in the market is carried out.。The SourceBrighton Avenue2.610,000 square feet19Century warehouse,At2013Reconstruction of a new market,Winemaker、bakery、Meat shop、Featured grocery stores and craftsmen all these are under a roof,And is becoming the best destination for this city gourmet。Wine foot food,Remembacted the Yunguang in writing one《Denver City——New Western Yangguan》,Not help,now,Regardless of physical space,Still psychological experience,The distance between Denver and the Chinese is far from the distant generation.。(This article is provided by the Colorado Tourism Bureau)