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burr free brass tube cutting machine

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The pipe laser cutting machine is a rapid heating of the tubular surface to melt or vaporize the surface of the tube or steam.,Cut is completed。Flame cut compared to traditional cutting equipment、Water saw cutting、Traditional processing equipment such as plasma cutting equipment is more advantageous,Whether it is for pipe,Can be accurate、Fast cutting。

(burr free brass tube cutting machine)burr free brass tube cutting machine

Pipe cutting machine working principle

Advantages of laser cutting technology:High positioning accuracy;Sutter;Cut surface smooth burr;high speed;Cutting quality is good to reduce secondary processing;Contactless cutting does not damage workpiece;Not affected by the hardness of the case;Not affected by the shape of the workpiece;Cut processing of non-metallic;Save material improve material utilization;Shorten new product manufacturing cycle。

burr free brass tube cutting machine

Pipe cutting

Pipe laser cutting machine,The sheet metal processing industry processed to the pipe has brought more convenient processing methods.,Pipe cutting machine adopts professional CNC system and kit programming software,You can change or replace the product at any time,Simple operation。The pipetting process can complete multi-step processing at a time,Can achieve large quantity、high efficiency、High-precision、Multi-functional flexible processing。Small platinum is a sheet metal processing plant with pipe cutting machine,Technology using laser cutting pipe,Bring better sheet metal products to customers。

burr free brass tube cutting machine

Platinum shield

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