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150 brass tube

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150 brass tube(150 brass tube)

10 moon 11 day:

Shanghai copper main force 1811 Contract oscillation。Open offer 50730 Yuan/Ton,day Highest 50930 Yuan/Ton,lowest 49760 Yuan/Ton,Close 49980 Yuan/Ton, fall 720 Yuan/Ton,Decline 1.42%。Shanghai copper main force 1811 Contract volume increases throughout the day add 13296 Handle 226062 hand,Warehouse reduction 4858 Handle 175978 hand。 LME Copper open 6176.5 Dollar/Ton,Close 6150.5 Dollar/Ton(Remark: Asian time LME Copper price is the same day SHFE Close 15:00 Finding price。)


【America 8 Moon cathode copper imported】 Data released by the US Department of Commerce,America 8 Moon cathode copper import is 48,052,089 kilogram,Lower than 7 Month 58,910,624 kilogram,Before this year 8 indivual Total monthly imports 530,907,431 kilogram。America 8 Moon cathode copper exit is 10,121,995 kilogram,Higher than 7 Month 7,789,947 kilogram,This year 1-8 moon Export total 58,204,346 kilogram。

【Bulk to rebate the Olympic dam copper mine this month】 Must and Bilit Tuando Australian business executive said on Tuesday,The company expects its Olympics Dam(Olympic Dam)A factory will restart this month,It will be maintained before build。The company has found a way to obtain an asset return,Improved productivity。

150 brass tube(150 brass tube)

Shanghai market:1#Liter copper 50050 Yuan/Ton,-820 Yuan/Ton;Flat copper all 50020 Yuan/Ton,-820 Yuan/Ton;Wet copper 49970 Yuan/Ton,-800 Yuan /Ton。Small shrinkage,Lifting water rebound rebound,Good copper rise 30 Yuan/Ton,Flat water Copper stickers 0 Yuan/Ton,Wet bronze sticker 50 Yuan/Ton,Overall convertible;

Guangdong Market:Good copper 49990-50030 Yuan/Ton,-910 Yuan/Ton;Flat water copper 49920-49950 Yuan/Ton,-910 Yuan/Ton。Despite the small abortion,Stock High position,Listening water slightly decline,Good copper rise 0-paste 20 Yuan/Ton,Very small supply,flat Bronze sticker 80-90 Yuan/Ton,With the absolute price,Market transactions have improved。 11 Japan Guangdong spot inventory continues to increase 2.94 Tens of tons,Close 3 New high;

Tianjin market:1#copper 49970-50000 Yuan/Ton,Average price 49985 Yuan/Ton, -895 Yuan/Ton;Lifting water and yesterday basically,paste 20-50 Yuan,Smelter out The goods are mainly single,Downstream zero single demand,General;

Shandong market:Smelting company quotation remains unchanged,paste 130-150 Yuan,local Large smelting plant overhaul,Shipment is restored,Market demand performance;

Chongqing market:1#copper 50100-50120 Yuan/Ton,Average price 50110 Yuan/Ton, -900 Yuan/Ton,General,Downstream reservoir is slightly displayed。

Waste copper market

Today's scrap copper prices stop rising,1#Bright copper East China quote 44600 Yuan/Ton, South China quotation 44600 Yuan/Ton,North China offer 44500 Yuan/Ton,Down Decline 700 Yuan/Ton:Today's precision is narrowed,Tighten 40 Yuan/Tonne 1400 Yuan/Ton。The la carte is quizing is willing to enhance,And difficulties in replenishment market Transaction light。Anhui Province wins the three-year action plan implementation plan for the Blue Sky Defense War, 2019 Fully completed year ago“Disappear”Enterprise dynamic management mechanism,Resolute Ending to shut down the company、Dead ashes。It has been shut down to start again. Difficult。

Downstream market

Copper rod:Today, North China Market Processing Fees have been lowered yesterday.,North China Market 8mm Copper rod 700-800 Yuan/Ton factory,Today, the market is slower than yesterday. untie;East China Market 8mm Copper rod 650-750 Yuan/Ton factory,Processing fee is basically unchanged, Order situation;Today, Shandong Market Order,Processing fee is maintained 700-800 about;South China Market 8mm Copper rod 650-800 Yuan/Ton factory,Machining Temporary fee。Today's electrical copper price has a callback,Copper market in each mainstream area The transaction is better than yesterday.,Some downstream wire and cable companies start a small amount of goods。

Copper strip:Luoyang T2 Purpose average price 54690 Yuan/Ton,Fall 800 Yuan/Ton, H62 Brass with average price 46800 Yuan/Ton,Fall 600 Yuan/Ton。Ningbo T2 Copper Average price 54050 Yuan/Ton,Fall 800 Yuan/Ton,H62 Brass with average price 47700 Yuan/Ton,Fall 600 Yuan/Ton。Anhui regional research company shipped last week 1000 Ton about,Order saturation,Less raw material stocks and finished stocks,No stock operation do。Today's copper price has fallen sharply,Copper strip market downstream delivery will increase,need Take a little more improved。

Copper stick:Shanghai T2 Amount average price 52300 Yuan/Ton,Fall 800 Yuan/Ton,H62 Brass rod average price 46540 Yuan/Ton,Fall 600 Yuan/Ton。Ningbo T2 Copper rod price 54550 Yuan/Ton,Fall 800 Yuan/Ton,H62 Brass rod average price 46690 Yuan/ Ton,Fall 600 Yuan/Ton。The overall situation of the copper rod market is better than before.,source Today's copper price fell,In particular, large business orders in Zhejiang region is good.。But can you Maintain a good market situation,Also need the entire market benign development。Customers expect this year The origin of the origin may accumulate in the last few months,Confident for the market。

Copper tube:Guangdong TP2 Amitobic price 55100 Yuan/Ton,fall 900 Yuan/Ton,H62 Brass tube average price 48600 Yuan/Ton,fall 600 Yuan/Ton,Shandong TP2 Amitobic price 55900 Yuan/Ton,fall 800 Yuan/Ton,H62 Brass tube average price 49050 Yuan/Ton,fall 600 Yuan/Ton 。Today's electrolytic copper decline is obvious,At present, the bronze tube market is last year. Differ,There will be a small climax in the same period in the year.,But there is no change in improvement。

150 brass tube

150 brass tube


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