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dipwell brass overflow tube

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-14 15:17:29

(dipwell brass overflow tube)

Today, Xiaobian will take you to know a new thing.—Overflow pipe,May be the first time I heard that it,But it often appears in our lives;Whether you are curious about the small holes on the inner wall of the handle pool?Anyway, Xiaobian is curious;Every time it looks at the water level is too high.,Will have water from the small hole,I still feel a little waste of water.。

dipwell brass overflow tube

So what is the overflow pipe??In short, it means that sets a channel that can overflow water at a slightly lower than container,This will avoid the flow of water in the container.,Water is directly overflowing,Waterman“Spectacular scene”。

dipwell brass overflow tubeDon't look small,Applicable range is very wide,Washbasin、sink、Solar water storage tank、washing machine,The toilet has its figure。So many places need it,What role is specific??

dipwell brass overflow tube

one、Water level warning line

Say it is the water level warning line is not too much.,Because whenever more than overflow hole,Water flow will flow from the air into the water pipe,Cause everyone's alert,Turn off the faucet,Save way to save water to a certain extent?。

dipwell brass overflow tubetwo、Safeguarding the safety of home appliances

(dipwell brass overflow tube)This is mainly for the washing machine,The outer barrel side of the washing machine will have a tube from the top.,It is an overflow pipe,Washing opportunities set an overflowing exit at the maximum water capacity of the interior,Connect it on the overflow pipe,When the water level height of the washing machine is above the highest water level,Then the water will leave through the overflowing pipe.,Avoid electric shock problems caused by too high water level。

dipwell brass overflow tube

three、Remove toilet

The overflow pipe in the toilet has such a role.,When the water level in the toilet is lower thanUTop of the tube,No water seal,At this time, there will be a small tube to receive the overflow tube on the water supply valve.,In water,A part of the water flows into the toilet through the overflow pipe.,Keep the surface height back to the height of the water seal,To achieve the purpose of removing odor。

(dipwell brass overflow tube)dipwell brass overflow tube

The related knowledge of the overflow pipe is going to know more about it.,I hope to understand it for everyone.。This article is written by Hefei flying ink design!Original,Please indicate the source,Thank you for cooperation!

dipwell brass overflow tube

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