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brass wall faucet valve go in tub

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Conclusion first:Use right,Of course。

one、What is a wall-type faucet??

(brass wall faucet valve go in tub)Wall-oriented faucet,Is burying the water pipe in the wall,Guide water directly into the wall in the wall into the washing basin below/Sink,The faucet is independent,Wash basin/Sink is also independent。Wash basin/The sink does not need to consider the internal combination of the faucet.,Therefore, there is more free choice on the shape.,Let different space、The environment has more choices。

Wash basin/The position of the sink and faucet,Usually rust production and bacterial breeding the most place,And its own independent faucet and washing basin/sink,Don't have to worry about the cleaning of these locations.。

brass wall faucet valve go in tub

Two forms into wall faucet

(brass wall faucet valve go in tub)1. Single control form。

(Single switches turn left and right to control cold hot water,Up and down to control the water,Water will save relative)

(1)Single controlled waterConjunctionHidden faucet。

brass wall faucet valve go in tub(brass wall faucet valve go in tub)

(2)Single controlled waterSeparateHidden faucet。

brass wall faucet valve go in tub

(3)Single controlled waterBuried boxHidden faucet。

brass wall faucet valve go in tub

This kind of pre-buried box,Not only on the appearance, there is a cover,The internal structure is not the same,The embedded box will bring a level,When you are buried, you must put the yellow box throughout the wall.。

(brass wall faucet valve go in tub)brass wall faucet valve go in tub

brass wall faucet valve go in tub(brass wall faucet valve go in tub)

brass wall faucet valve go in tub

2. Assigne。

Eggive water valve hidden faucet,That is, refers to the separation control of hot and cold water.,Left and right cold,The middle is the water outlet。

(brass wall faucet valve go in tub)(Dual switch,Hot and cold water should be adjusted separately,Want to adjust to the right water temperature, the water flow is large.,Not very water,It is easy to scalvery if only heat is opened.,Not suitable for the elderly and children,But decorative will be stronger)

brass wall faucet valve go in tub

brass wall faucet valve go in tub

Bronze in the figure。

The above is a common type of wall faucet,Color value and practical,Can't forget water saving,Remember to bring the bubbler when you purchase,Lower noise、Splash、Efficient water。

brass wall faucet valve go in tub(brass wall faucet valve go in tub)

brass wall faucet valve go in tub

two、Advantages of wall faucet


1. save space,Used into wall faucets generally save space,Release table space。

2. Easy to clean,No sanitary corner,Cleaning is more convenient。

(brass wall faucet valve go in tub)3. Decorative strength,Can improve spatial decoration,Space is more tidy。


1. More expensive,In-wall faucet itself is better than the ordinary faucet。

2. Install trouble,Need to ask a professional installation master to install。

3. Maintenance trouble,Many parts are embedded in the wall,So once the problem is more troublesome。

(brass wall faucet valve go in tub)three、Entering wall faucet installation considerations

1.Because of dark suit,In-wall faucet is going to prepare with the water pipe when doing hydropower,thereforeBuy a good faucet in advance before doing hydropower

2.Do not take the product's protective cover during the construction process.,To avoid flowing damaged products。

3.Be sure to pressurize whether the product is pressurized,Whether the water pipe is connected correctly。

(brass wall faucet valve go in tub)4.The debris at the connection must be cleared before installation,To avoid blocking or leaking。

5.The installation is best to control in the basin/Top of the sink15~20cmSomewhere high,High95cm~100cm。

6. ifThere is no problem, it will carry out the porcelain tile.

brass wall faucet valve go in tub(brass wall faucet valve go in tub)

brass wall faucet valve go in tub

Four、So, shouldn't you choose to enter a wall faucet??

1.Entering wall-type faucet,Can be used in various styles according to your own preferences。

(brass wall faucet valve go in tub)brass wall faucet valve go in tub

2.In-wall faucet with a more compact bathroom in space,Can save a lot of space。

brass wall faucet valve go in tub

3.Everyone is still in the maintenance of the wall faucet.,Worried about leaking。In fact, enter the wall-style faucet similar to the shower,Technology is very mature,It is a completely popular practice in foreign countries.。

We can make a contrast with ordinary faucets:

(1)Different connection:The ordinary faucet is connected to the effluent to water through the angle valve and hose.;The wall faucet is connected to the water supply through the embedded part.,The embedded part and the outlet are installed as one。In the way of connection,The wall-type faucet step is less。

brass wall faucet valve go in tub

(2)Accessories:Ordinary faucet fittings are corner valves、hose、Faucet,Corner valve、hose、The faucet itself may cause water leakage;Enter wall faucet accessories for embedded parts and faucets,Because there is no angle valve and hose,Only the possibility of embedded parts and faucet seepage,Choose a good brand,This chance will further decline。

The more complicated connection mode,The more connection points,The more hidden dangers,Both comparison,The hidden danger of the wall-type faucet is actually smaller。

So boldly choose!Just buy a good brand,Request professional standardization,There is no problem。

Fives、How to choose the wall-style faucet?

1. chooseExcellent qualityBrand product,Fully understand the accessories of the product before purchasing。

(brass wall faucet valve go in tub)Brand recommendation:FranceTHG,German contemporary(Dornbracht),German high(Grohe),Hans Gya, Germany(Hansgrohe),Moen(Moen),Kohler, USA(Kohler),Spain Lejia(Roca),JapanTOTO,Chinese nine animal husbandry、Wrigley, etc.。

2. When purchasing a faucet,Try as much as possible,mainlyTry a try to switch whether the handle is,Can't choose a beautiful style,And ignore the practicality of the product。

3. The wall-type faucet size is fixed,After installation,It's easy to use or have a basin/sink、Bathtub and other sizes,So when purchasing,一定要先弄明白面盆/Be sure to make the white basin,这样挑选水龙头时,Sink and bathtub and wall,要求When this is selected when the faucet is selected/水槽或者浴缸的边沿,Come accurately select the length of its outlet。

4.在选购这类型的水龙头时,Require选择铜质材质或者陶瓷阀芯的水龙头The faucet is not close to the basin,因为其密封性能好、Sink or bathtub、耐腐蚀、Otherwise it will affect the convenience of use,总之,When purchasing this type of faucet。

(brass wall faucet valve go in tub)(本文文字为木桐团队原创,most,如涉侵权请联系删除)

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