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canadian brass tuba tiger rag

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Speaking of family cleaning,Small rag is definitely a big hero,But it is the most important。Some people's rags are with the remaining old towels.、old clothes,Adhesive oil is also difficult to clean,Not easy to dry,Easy to become a hotbed of bacteria。And even if you buy a dedicated rag,Each rag also has a different range of applications,Let's learn together.~

Different materials have a rag“Applicable post”

Common rag characteristics and performance comparison

canadian brass tuba tiger rag

(canadian brass tuba tiger rag)Characteristic

Strong water absorption,Good price,Diverse

(canadian brass tuba tiger rag)This kind of rack market is very common,The most commonly used home,Kitchen is not too oil stove,table,Bathroom easy splash of water,Daily cleaning of living room or bedroom,Can use,Economical,It is recommended to prepare more。One wet every area,For use with。

shortcoming:No special non-touch oil treatment,Extremely jealous stove,Don't use it with it.。

canadian brass tuba tiger rag(canadian brass tuba tiger rag)


Frequently see,fair price,Have a certain non-touch oil treatment,Water absorption

Plant fiber rag,Generally use it to wash the dishes or used for stoves for the table or not too oil,Going to oil and pollution。

shortcoming:It is easy to discolish after a period of time.,Dirty。

canadian brass tuba tiger rag


Frequently see,fair price,Do not touch the oil effect,Water absorption

Sorase of this bamboo fiber,The main card is not sticky,It is really better than the general rag,But especially greasy,Not a little bit。Use it to wipe the hood,Stove is a good choice。

canadian brass tuba tiger rag


Double-sided design,Strong pollution

This polyester cotton rag,One side is very rough,Like dishwash,Strong friction,Ideal for rubbing“stubborn”Grizzle。For example, it has not been seriously rubbed in the hood for a few days.,Table or kitchen oil greasy wall, etc.。The other side is ordinary material,Willed watermark,Before and after use,Effect is still good。It is easy to hurt when cleaning.,Recommendation with gloves。

canadian brass tuba tiger rag


Convenient hygiene,Water absorption,Text sense thin

The advantage of one-time rag is convenient,Use it rubs particularly greasy things,Throw it,No need to wash,Provincial incident,health。Disadvantages are thin texture,Text sense is not good,Water absorption,Not very environmentally friendly。

canadian brass tuba tiger rag


Continuous oil treatment,Can be cropped at will

No brown cloth,General oil, no detergent, can also be removed;But if too greasy,Still use with cleaner use is better。

shortcoming:Short cycle,It is easy to damage。

canadian brass tuba tiger rag


Strong water absorption,Do not leave watermark,Not fell,Slightly

Take the fish scale,Water absorption is good,Still don't fall,Can be specially rubbed,Mirror,Or a mirror table,Furniture。

This rag is the best effect.,It is to wipe dust with other wet cloth.,Use it to do the last“polishing”deal with,Direct wipe,It is easy to have watermarks with good rags.!

canadian brass tuba tiger rag


diverse,Good price,Water absorption

(canadian brass tuba tiger rag)Cotton rag water absorption is general,Easy to lose,Be uncomfortable,But texture,Suitable as a wip towel。

The rag can be assigned


◆Ultrafine fiber rag(2Piece):Tile wall with water,Washing pool, etc.

◆Fish scales(1Piece):Mirror or glass

◆Disposable rag:Toilet cleaning


◆Ultrafine fiber rag(2Piece):Kitchen stove,dining table

◆Bamboo fiber rag(1Piece):Stove,Hood

◆Polyester cotton silk rag(1Piece):Stove,Hood(Stubborn oil)

(canadian brass tuba tiger rag)◆Disposable rag:Emergency wipe oil

(canadian brass tuba tiger rag)Living room and room

◆Ultrafine fiber rag(1Piece):Ordinary furniture surface

◆Fish scales(1Piece):Mirror furniture surface,Mirror,grass

Homemade rag meets these two points,As easy to use:

●Guaranteed fabric,Can now wipe it on the mirror,If you can see the serious fur, it is not suitable for the rag.。

●Try to choose cotton material,Softness is better than water absorption。

(canadian brass tuba tiger rag)●Single layer texture should not be too thick,Avoid difficult dryness。

also,Natural loofah 瓤 瓤 油 去,It's better to brush the pot and brush the bowl.。

Disinfection method of rag

The rag is a bacterium aggregation,And the exposure is wide,Therefore, a sanitary condition of a rag is likely to affect people's health.,So clean and disinfection work must do it.。

Eating alkali water disinfection

(canadian brass tuba tiger rag)Can be used at home.,Cook a pot of water,Pour alkali,Place the rag into the cooking for three or five minutes。No edible base,You can also add the egg shell together.,Can achieve similar effects。

Microwave oven disinfection

First immerse the rag, put it into the microwave oven2Minute。

84Disinfectant soaking

use84Disinfectant soaking20~30minute,Wash again with water。

●frequency:Disinfected one week,Talking often cleaning the rag,Not only keep the rag cleaning,Can you keep us away from pathogenic bacteria。Conditional can also be disinfected with UV。

Other considerations

Daily maintenance of rag:

(canadian brass tuba tiger rag)The rag is also cleaned every day.,And unfold dry,You can also place the rag on the hollow or dry shelf.,Accelerate dry,And can isolate dirty water。

Welding shelf life:

Even if it is maintained,It is recommended to change the new rag for two to three months.,If the frequency of use is high,It is recommended to replace it every month.。

source:Xiao Wei's health、Hangzhou integrated channel、Wen Yijiatui

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