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15 32 brass tube

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15 32 brass tube

Shao and her daughter Zhang Wenqiu

2002year7moon11day,Zhang Wenqiu died in Beijing,At the age of99age。Communist revolution in history,Zhang Wenqiu is a special woman。Zhang Wenqiu with Chairman Mao is a double-laws,1949year10moon15day,Liu Siqi eldest daughter to marry Anying;1960year4moon,Shao second daughter married with Mao Anqing。Especially Shao Hua,She is also the new China15One of a legendary woman general。

(15 32 brass tube)1926year1moon,Zhang Wenqiu joined the Chinese Communist Party。The fall of the year,Zhang Wenqiu scheduled to be organized on Jingshan County, served as county party committee propaganda committee member。Zhang Wenqiu work productively,He has organized the establishment of farmers' associations、union,Start local tyrants、Evil gentry divide the land,He ignited the enthusiasm of the people of the county to participate in the revolution。

1927Early,Jingshan County peasant movement came to a climax,County ACCU urgent need of guns and ammunition。County party meeting decided,Assign officials to Wuhan to buy weapons。In view of Zhang Wenqiu had experience studying in Wuhan,She put this task to the county,Zhang Wenqiu after kicked the night went to Wuhan。

(15 32 brass tube)However,A woman to buy weapons easier said than done。Zhang Wenqiu help teachers DongBiWu,He also represented during the Jingshan county participated in the Fifth National People's Congress of the Communist Party of China。After DongBiWu referral,Zhang Wenqiu know a lot of comrades,There is, including her first husband Liu Qian early。

(15 32 brass tube)Zhang Wenqiu but did not think,Soon she will be the first to meet with Chairman Mao。1927year4moon4day,Central Peasant Movement where the opening ceremony was held in Wuchang。At that time the country from18Provinces、city810Participants attended,Be divided into4Classes。Under the arrangement,Chairman Mao、Chenke Wen Standing Committee for the farmers say,Zhou Li as dean,Xia Han as Secretary。

15 32 brass tube

Liu Qian early

After the opening ceremony,Liu Qian Zhang Wenqiu before beginning came with Chairman Mao。Liu Qian said early:“Mao members,This is my good friend Zhang Wenqiu,Now he served as Minister of Women's Jingshan County。”Chairman Mao warmly shook hands with Zhang Wenqiu,I asked with a smile:“Jingshan peasant movement out how well?”

Jingshan County, Zhang Wenqiu the situation fully informed,Chairman Mao was very happy to hear,Praised:“What a heroine!”During the Wuchang Zhang Wenqiu,Mao Anqing dragon gave birth coincided YangKaiHui,She has several times to visit,Established a deep friendship with her。

1927year4End of the month,Liu Qian Zhang Wenqiu with early marriage。Due to organizational arrangements,The couple temporarily separate。1929year6moon,Zhang Wenqiu organizationally transferred to Shandong,Her husband Liu Qian early(When he was secretary of the CPC Shandong Provincial Committee)Working together。8moon,Liu Qian early to go to Shanghai to report to work。

Betrayed by a traitor,Two couples both arrested。1930year3moon2day,She gave birth to daughter Liu Siqi Zhang Wenqiu。4moon5day,Liu Qian was killed early in Jinan,The year34age。1937In the summer,Zhang Wenqiu came to Yanan by the Office of the Eighth Route Army in Xi'an。

While waiting for notification to the Office of Yan'an,Zhang Wenqiu with the Political Department of the Eighth Route Army staying behind Chen Zhenya to get to know。Peng Chen Zhenya is old men,He had lost a leg in combat。When Zhang Wenqiu work in the White areas,Red Army cadres was very impressed,When she heard of the revolutionary experience Chen Zhenya,More respect for him。

15 32 brass tube

Zhang Wenqiu and Chen Zhenya couple

After Zhang Wenqiu came to Yan'an,Meet again with Chen Zhenya,Winter of that year became a couple。1938year10moon30day,Zhang Wenqiu gave birth to second daughter Zhang Shaohua,That Shao Hua。

1939year8moon,Chen Zhenya injured leg again。Central arrangements Chen Zhenya, etc.160Multi-treat injured cadres to Moscow,Zhang Wenqiu and arrange to travel together with her two daughters。unexpectedly,When aircraft approach Urumqi,All were detained warlord Sheng,Including Chen Zhenya a。

1941In the spring,Chen Zhenya fell into the river while walking with a few comrades,Broke into serious injuries,It was poisoned in the treatment process,The year39age。Misfortunes never come singly,Sheng will all the other people in jail。Then again pregnant Zhang Wenqiu,In complete darkness in prison,She gave birth to a third daughter, Zhang Shaolin。

1946year7moon,Under the CCP continues to fight,Zhang Wenqiu and other surviving131Were released,When he was director of the KMT camp northwest Xinjiang provincial governor Zhang Zhizhong an escort you back to Yan'an。7moon12day,Chairman Mao、Zhu De and other people who visit the Central Party School in Yan'an。

Shao later years recalled the scene that year,she says:

“Chairman Mao shook hands with each person one by one,When he shook hands with our children,I was speechless with excitement。We all feel the warmth of Chairman Mao's hand than others,Warm,It was a pair we look forward to for so long hand。I do not think quickly,In addition to children and older a point also point to discuss naughty,To go to a hand grip and the President。So we went to the team final rapid,Second line。for me,Stalwart leader Chairman Mao's image,Not the first time set up when he witnessed,As early as four years of prison life in prison,This image in my mind set up”

(15 32 brass tube)15 32 brass tube

Shao Hua(Left)And sister Liu Siqi

(15 32 brass tube)Holding the hand of Chairman Mao,Shao did not think his sister and Liu Siqi fate,It will be a closely together with Chairman Mao,She eventually married Mao Anqing。1949year10moon15day,Anying married and Liu Siqi。

They married the same day, Chairman Mao made an exception a few drinks,He stood up to toast said Zhang Wenqiu:“Thank you educate a boy this DLB,Ying and for the well-being of DLB,Here's to your health。”

Zhang Wenqiu immediately retaliate Duanbei,she says:“Thank you Mr. Chairman busy to worry about the children's marriage。DLB is not sensible young,Hope that the President and more comments or suggestions。”When the end of the wedding,Chairman Mao let the staff brought an old coat,That was wearing when he participated in the negotiations in Chongqing。

(15 32 brass tube)Chairman Mao said:“Anying、DLB:I do not have to send you expensive gifts,So a coat,Let Anying wear during the day,On the quilt cover at night,You both have copies。”Married,Anying continue to work,Liu Siqi then reading,The two agreed to go every weekend to visit my father Zhongnanhai。

Whenever my sister and her husband went to Zhongnanhai,Shao always followed the two men,Shao had a nickname for this purpose,“Dragging tail worm。” Previously mentioned,Shao spent in prison4year,After the founding of plus Zhang Wenqiu very busy,It is difficult to take into account her daughter's learning。

15 32 brass tube

Zhang Wenqiu and three daughters

Although Chairman Mao busy state,But he was very concerned about the children's learning。Every time Liu Siqi to Zhongnanhai,Chairman Mao would ask her learning。Over time,Shao also cried:“Mao Bobo,I would also like sister school。”Chairman Mao was surprised,Finally, he asked the secretary to arrange Shao Ye Zilong reading。

(15 32 brass tube)soon,Shao into the central organs Yuying primary school。Shao cherish this opportunity to learn,Together with Chairman Mao as concerned about her sister Liu Siqi,She is very concerned about the academic performance of。once,Shao Hua in the mid-term exam in cultural studies and achieved very good results。

When Shao Hua, the report card to see Chairman Mao,At the time waiting to be praised,Chairman Mao says:“You did very well culture,But sports to strengthen,To enhance physical fitness,To exercise。A person's energy is limited,You can not put the average energy used on each subject,You should drill one you like best,Do you think that most things worth learning。On this subject,You're going to achieve a breakthrough、An understanding,A little deeper。A full house is not necessarily considered good。”

1950year10moon,Anying without telling mother Zhang Wenqiu、Liu Siqi wife went to the Korean War。Just a month later,Anying sacrifice in enemy air strikes,Only28age。After the sad news that Chairman Mao,The news will deceive everyone,Mother and daughter relatives including。

Anying before North Korea,Multi-commissioned mother take care of Mao Anqing,Zhang Wenqiu fulfilled its commitment to the son of。Mao Anqing due to poor living skills,Zhang Wenqiu let Mao Anqing gave her a week to wash dirty clothes,And give her some pocket money。Because often home to Zhang Wenqiu,With young Shao Hua Mao Anqing also met on several occasions。

15 32 brass tube

Mao Anqing young light shine

This time, Shao Hua himself completely as Mao Anqing little sister,After her marriage with Mao Anqing say:“It has always been his little sister,In his eyes is a little sister,Well, he said I grew up。One hundred ninety-four years、After one hundred ninety-five zero before that period,I just look at him as a brother,And finally to that point of。”

1953year,Shao was admitted to Beijing Normal University High School for Girls learn。When the news spread Anying sacrifice,Illness had no cure head of Mao Anqing,Sick again,Splitting headache。Due to limited domestic medical standards,Chairman Mao Mao Anqing will be sent to Moscow cure。

1959year,Shao was admitted to Peking University。After Anying sacrifice,Liu Siqi and Shao week also went to Zhongnanhai。once,Chairman Mao Shao with a rare mention Mao Anqing,He said in earnest:

(15 32 brass tube)I am the second child,Several of the thirty,Although encountered many girls,But so far not a favorite。I criticized him,You love to find the object,Do not say you are the son of Mao Zedong Well!Say you are not a good thing Propaganda translation。I advise you to find a worker or peasant origin of man,It may also be of some help to you。You ask a high condition,Strong people's ability,Look down on you,It is not good,Unpleasant sulking all day,Then what does it mean……

After Shao back,The mother told these words。that moment,Zhang Wenqiu smiled。Since Anying sacrifice,Chairman Mao increasingly concerned about Liu Siqi,They continue letters,Daughter repeatedly said“daughter”、“DLB children”,These have been looking in the eyes of Zhang Wenqiu。This fall,Mao Anqing returned home from the Soviet Union,Then he came to rest in Dalian,Lives in Nanshan Hotel。

15 32 brass tube

Mao Anqing and Shao Hua

Zhang Wenqiu learning of the news,Shao Hua use winter break,Dalian immediately took his daughter to visit Mao Anqing。Zhang Shi Bao was the Director of the Dalian Municipal Public Security guards at,He was in charge of receiving them,And witnessed the whole meeting with Shao Hua Mao Anqing,He firmly believed that with Shao Hua Zhang Wenqiu to Dalian,“More or less meaning blind date。”

When Mao Anqing see Shao Hua,I actually did not want to fall in love。Shao returned to Beijing after,Mao Anqing her obsession,Since then, the two continue to exchange letters,Two hearts closer and closer,Love finally comes up。As the great leader Chairman Mao,But he was also a father,In particular, the eldest son Mao Anying sacrifice,He put more attention on Mao Anqing body。

(15 32 brass tube)Mao Anqing learned to get along with Shao Hua,Chairman Mao once again marriage for his son to seek the views of mother's relatives Zhang Wenqiu。Zhang Wenqiu that as long as two happy children,She does not have any advice。Chairman Mao elated,They started to promote marriage matters。

1960In the spring,Shao Hua and Liu Siqi sister to visit Dalian Mao Anqing,Chairman Mao Mao Anqing to let them bring a personal letter:

Anqing my children:

(15 32 brass tube)Anterior letter,Understanding received。Even read。I heard that you are ill and a lot better,Extremely happy。Still listen to the views of gay doctor,Exceedingly convalesce,In order to heal,Do not impatient。Your sister and her sister DLB Shaohua(That Shao Hua)Look at you,She is very concerned about your condition,You should be nice to them。I heard that you have a lot of letters.,is not it?Do you have a friend??Shaohua is a good child,You can talk to her.,Have a letter,Exclude、Shaohua brought back。In the next time,Don't turn around。also,Jiaojiao can also turn,Comrade helping your Municipal Party Committee,Dear comrades of the medical group,Be sure to express your gratitude,They are very concerned about you,Very effort。This letter gives them a look,I express my heartfelt gratitude to them.。best regard!Father

15 32 brass tube

Mao Cangqing、Shao Hua、Liu Siqi and others visit Chairman Mao

Dalian Municipal Committee Leading Comrade saw the letter after the letter,I am also very happy,They found Zhang Shi to understand the situation,When I heard that Mao'an and Shao Chinese were in combination,Said to promote this job as soon as possible。Considering that Shao Hua is still reading in Peking University,Dalian Municipal Committee reports Chairman Mao,Put Shao Hua from Peking University to the Liaoning Teachers College Chinese Division Studying。

Shaohua is relatively relaxed,This makes her more time to get along with Mao Shiqing。Every progress is smooth,1960On the eve of the May 1st Labor Day,Mao'an Qing and Shao Hua held a wedding in Dalian。At this time, Mao Shiqing37age,Shao Hua22age。Two people are simple and simple,Mao'an younger wear,Shao Hua is wearing a dress。

(15 32 brass tube)Wedding scene,Shao Hua said in a deep affectionate:“Thank you all blessings,I am sincerely love with the shore.,Our combination is just the beginning of a long journey,There is still wind in the road of life.,But as long as we join hands with concentricity,Mutual help,We will be able to overcome any difficulties.,Create a better future!

After marriage,Shao Hua and Mao'an Qing lived in Dalian for nearly one year。Chairman Mao's huge stone finally landed,1962Spring,Shao Hua and Mao'an Qing return to Beijing life。One goes to Beijing,The two will go to Zhongnanhai to visit Dad。Common statement,Every family has a difficult experience,Shao Hua has not avoided with Mao Shiqing.。

15 32 brass tube

Mao'an Qing and Shao Hua wedding scene

Mao'an green head disease can't be stimulated,Plus in the Soviet life for many years,Favorite,Confused Shao Hua's lively,It is difficult to avoid some small contradictions between the two.。Shao Huisi is three,Write a letter to Chairman Mao,the time is1962year6moon。

Chairman Mao understands,He used the outer inspection of the intercourse to Shao Hua back a letter.:

Hello!Have a letter。Take,Want to see。Be good,Rich,Daughter should be less,Add a little male,Do a career for society,Enterprise。《The evil》One,Read more。Not。Father June 3

Everyone pays attention,This letter is completely different from Mao's letter to the child.,No write up,And the word is clearly telling what to do。Faith,Chairman Mao read more《The evil》,This is how the same thing?

《The evil》Is the folk song of Han Dynasty《Rare》A song,The whole text is as follows:

The evil!I want to know with Jun.,Long life is no loss。Mountain,River,Winter thunder shock,Xia Yukue,Heavenly,Dare to be with the king!

This is a love song,The probabilistic meaning of translation is to say:“Day!I am willing to love you.,Until the end of life。If you want to separate,Unless the mountain becomes a plain,The endless river evaporates dry,Winter in the winter,Hot summer floating snow,Heaven and earth connecting together,Only this will be separated。”

(15 32 brass tube)15 32 brass tube

Mao'an and Shao Hua

A few words,The authors listed five impossible natural phenomena,In order to praise the woman's loyalty to love。It is clear,Chairman Mao is borrowed《The evil》Tell Shao Hua,Love is sweet,Marriage life is inevitable,To put your eyes long。

Shao Hua found《The evil》Repeatedly read,She slowly understood the good intentions of Chairman Mao.,There are also a bit more about Mao'anqing.,The relationship between husband and wife is more and more harmonious。For example, after dinner,Shao Hua accompanied the hair of the hair,From the beginning of the first two,The last two people always hold hands。Shao Hua started a bit embarrassed,Mao Shiqing said:“What is this,We are couples,No relationship。”

1970year1moon,32Aged Shaohua Caesal produces the next boy,This is the only grandson of Chairman Mao,Make up the regret of the child before the sacrifice of Mao'an。Chairman Mao77age,When Mao'an Qing and Shao Hua asked him to name the grandson,He thought about it.,Write down on paper“Mao Xinyu”Three words。

For your own name,Mao Xinyu later explained:“My name is my grandfather。Xinyu,Representing new world,The old man hopes that I will be in the future.、Contribute to the country。”for a long time,Some people say that Mao Xinyu did not have the face of Chairman Mao.,This kind of saying is wrong。

Mao Xinyu many times:“I'm1970Birthday。at me3Old4Year old,Mother Shaohua regularly find some opportunity to take me to the South China Sea。I have seen my grandfather.,And also stay,But not living with many ordinary grandchildren.。Although I am very happy is the grandson of Chairman Mao,But in my childhood memory,I still think that Chairman Mao is very sacred.。”

15 32 brass tube

Mao Anqing

作为毛主席的孙子,Chairman Mao's only grandson born by caesarean section,而邵华对儿子要求非常严格。Mao Anqing's family portrait5age to go to university开始,grandson of Chairman Mao。同时,Mao Xinyu naturally received special attention from the outside world“行万里路”And Shao Hua is very strict with his son。

毛新宇从8probably from,每逢假期邵华都会带着他,year old。毛新宇长大后,Shao Hua asked Mao Xinyu to recite Chairman Mao's poems,不要搞特殊,at the same time。

2007年3Shao Hua insists on23日,Walk Wanli Road,享年84岁。短短一年后,Mao Xinyucong,享年69岁。根据两人的遗愿,Every holiday, Shao Hua will take him with him,永远安眠在母亲杨开慧身边。

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