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brass tube to jic adapter

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Power Adapter,That is, life in a small, easily portable electronic devices,This device provides the same parameters as the product is to be charged can be converted power supply,Power adapter housing is generally made,Power transformer and a rectifying circuit composed of,And the power adapter also has two output ways,Usually embodiment is an AC output and DC output,Of course, there are different output release will have a different connection,Generally there is wall plug and desktop-style。

brass tube to jic adapter

Power adapter can be roughly divided into two types of:

(brass tube to jic adapter)1、A simple transformer,Some regulators have a certain function,AC output。Such internal electrical rectifier circuit。

2、Regulators transformer plus rectifier,DC output。Such a collector is not a rectifying circuit。You must not use one adapter。As for the principle of it,Nothing less than the transformer class,Switching Power SupplyTwo types of。Of course, therecapacitanceSuper cheap partial pressure class。

(brass tube to jic adapter)Classified according to the connection:It can be divided into desktop and wall plug;According outputCurrentType classification:Type can be divided into AC output and DC output type。It is widely used in notebook computers、mobile phone、HouseholdITEquipment and other devices。

brass tube to jic adapter(brass tube to jic adapter)

Power adapter failure detecting step

First, the power adapter can be viewed by a jog or laptop battery or the battery power is good contact linker,If not normal,Try to reinstall the battery or AC adapter。Fault may occur to the power connector or the battery contacts elastically deformable drop。

If the power source or battery connector good,AvailablemultimeterMeasuring the output voltage of the AC adapter or a battery,Mainly to see whether the output voltage stable,And if the actual output voltage value of the power supply match the nominal voltage,If the output is unstable or the actual output voltage differences between the nominal and products,Need to replace damaged power adapter or battery。

If the notebook power adapter and the power supply board、Batteries are in good contact,So use your own hands to replace the commonly used method to check the laptop power supply board is normal,If not normal,Replacement or repair can be done。

If the detecting step of displaying the normal,At this point need to open the laptop case,Check the power board and the motherboard is good contact。 If good contact with the motherboard power board,It can be inferred that the fault is in the laptop motherboard。

If the above-described method to confirm the power board,Motherboard,Power adapter and battery are normal,Can be inferred damage other major components(As supply circuit failure),Should replace or repair the main components。

brass tube to jic adapter