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dip tube foam dispenser brass

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oil——Human civilized society,It shows how human beings use their own wisdom and can stand out in nature.。

(dip tube foam dispenser brass)All kinds of“Oil”Promoting the development of society,Enriched people's lives。However,In recent years,Oil leakage at sea、Oil-containing wastewater produced by industrial waste oil and oily oil is also seriously destroying the ecological environment、Harm human health,Become a new challenge for human survival and development。Since,Studying high-efficiency oil-water separation materials and technologies have important scientific significance and application value。

dip tube foam dispenser brass

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Currently,Conventional oil pollution is still in a maribule bar、Flotation method、Burn method and film separation method, etc.,But the above method has a certain deficiencies.,For example, energy consumption、Duration、high cost、Complex、Add harmful solvents and easy to cause secondary pollution, etc.。

Therefore, existing oil sewage treatment means difficult to meet demand,New materials and new methods for the development of efficient treatment of oil pollution problems。

recently,The National Institute of Ningbo Materials, the Ningbo Materials, the Ningbo Materials, and the successful system of Zheng Culture researchers have been prepared for the magic foam tube that can be quickly separated from the oil mixture.,Its preparation process green environmental protection、No chemical reagents or fillers need,low cost、Mass production(Preparation of exceeding every second0.5Meter)。

dip tube foam dispenser brass

Optimization effect demonstration 1

This superior oil absorbing foam is a ionized hydrophobic polypropylene material.,according to“Same-sex,Heterosexuality”Principle,Polypropylene without polar group,Be alienated(Polar)water,More about oil。

We know,But,Light is a hydrophobic material to achieve rapid oil separation effect is still not enough.!

dip tube foam dispenser brass

So the researcher Huangong shoes to nature this“Wise”Help。“Wise”Three disciples(“Lotus leaf”、“bee”、“Straw”)Multi-face guidance。

“Lotus leaf”Say:“Lianshi is sludge without dyeing,It is because there is a rough micro-morphology and hydrophobic epidermis.,Superhydrophilic structure,So in order to increase the hydrophobic performance of materials, you can try to improve the roughness of the surface.”。

“bee”Say:“Honeycomb,Ako。Our honeycomb is used as a positive hexagonal structure,Therefore, the highest accent、Most minimalism required、Maximum space,Therefore, you can accommodate a larger number of honey。Therefore, in order to increase the amount of oil absorption of the material, you can build a positive six-side structure inside the material.,However, it is necessary to use the opening structure.,Also, add the sealing structure to prevent oil from flowing out.。”

“Straw”Say:“Bean straw blowing hot coat。Our hollow structure can be made to blow fire.、Absorbent、Transportation。Pipe flux according to the inner diameter of the Posu Lee,Substance、The speed is our biggest feature,So I want to make things fast, I'm right.。”

dip tube foam dispenser brass

After listening to nature“Masters”After guidance,Huang Tong Shoes Poutington opened,Designed a new type of bionic hollow gradient structure。

dip tube foam dispenser brass

picture1 Structural design

With design maps and early surveys,The researchers have proposed to prepare the above-mentioned biochemical expressing gradient structures using supercritical carbon dioxide extrusion processes.,And derive its feasibility and construct a corresponding model through theoretical。

dip tube foam dispenser brass

picture2 Extrusion process

Compared to other materials,This bionic hollow structure does not require any chemical reagents and filler,You can give the material super high flux、Efficient separation efficiency and other advantages,Greatly reduce the cost of materials,And easy to produce mass production。also,After practical application, the magic suction bubble tube is sucking oil,Can also be recovered by extrusion。

dip tube foam dispenser brass

picture3 Optical oil renderings

dip tube foam dispenser brass

Optimization effect demonstration 2

I hope this new technology and new materials can wait for human beings soon after constantly improvement and optimization.,Reduce oil pollution damage to human health and ecological environment。

source:Ningbo Material Technology and Engineering Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences

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dip tube foam dispenser brass