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brass 1 2 to 3 8 tube fitting

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水路集成块neat and beautiful的设置

(1)Water Manifold Distributor Settings

①三路水路以上的必须用集成块分配器,Placing the Water Manifold Distributor、整齐美观。

②Manifold distributors must be used for more than three waterways。


(2)Plumbing arrangement requirements are orderly

水路集成块(分配器)连接规范要求水路集成块要安装在非操作侧,When the length of the water pipe is long and irregular, it is necessary to consider the waterway manifold distributor11-107、图 11-108Manifold distributors should be considered when there are cooling water pipes on the operating side。

brass 1 2 to 3 8 tube fitting

Waterway manifold connection and fixing

①用电动试压泵、Waterway Manifold。


③Connection specification requires that the waterway manifold be installed on the non-operating side:在水压为4MPaAs shown,试验时间为lOmin,picture、定 shown、滑块等零部件的通冷却水处不得有漏水和渗水现象。

(brass 1 2 to 3 8 tube fitting)④Types of water pipe joints,畅通无阻。

(brass 1 2 to 3 8 tube fitting)brass 1 2 to 3 8 tube fitting

想 With electric pressure test pump U G 产 Pipe connection device and other composition test device 设 move、U G 模 The fixed mold is designed according to the mold 设 Connect the water pipe in use state、U G 数 hydrostatictest 编 at water pressure of 联 Under conditions 1 8 8 1 9 1 0 6 2 7 6 ( 微 The test time is 同 Water pipe joints and moving molds )

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