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brake tee brass 1 8 npt 5 16 tube

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-14 13:08:34

brake tee brass 1 8 npt 5 16 tube

(brake tee brass 1 8 npt 5 16 tube)Socket type tee管件的种类:

Types of tee fittings:主管和支管管径一样的三通

Types of tee fittings:支管管径小于主管管径的三通。

(brake tee brass 1 8 npt 5 16 tube)same diameter tee

对焊式三通:Tee with the same diameter as the main pipe and the branch pipe。

承插式三通:Reducer Tee。

卡套式三通:Tee with branch pipe diameter smaller than main pipe diameter,把管件插入后再紧固的三通管件。

(brake tee brass 1 8 npt 5 16 tube)Classified by docking form:以螺纹方式连接管件的三通管件。

Butt welding tee

可以分为不锈钢三通、It is a three-way pipe fitting that is welded after being butted with the connecting pipe fitting.、铜三通、pvc三通、球墨铸铁三通等。

It is a tee fitting that is welded or welded after inserting the connecting fitting into each end of the tee.

正三通:Card sleeve type tee。

斜三通:That is, each end is a ferrule joint。