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brass adapter tub spout

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brass adapter tub spout

The spout is mainly used in the environment where the air conditioning sent air and the personnel range has a large distance.,When public places such as various halls and assembly workshops, etc.,When the area is very large, the air can not be delivered evenly or unreasonable.,In this case, the spout is blown on the side.。

spout,Usually round,Material has aluminum alloy、plastic、Plastic steel、Stainless steel, etc.,Mainly round、Spherical rotation、Spherical jet、Jet4Type。Due to its high speed injection,Quick delivery features,So suitable for large space。

brass adapter tub spout(brass adapter tub spout)

Selection steps and description

Samples of Suzhou Creating Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd.:

(1)Known to use field length wide high size,Seal installation location size,Indoor temperature requirements and total delivery air volume under summer winter conditions。

(2)According to the possible air air temperature、The difference between indoor temperature and indoor load calculation。

(3)According to the amount of air supply and the known indoor size and three working conditions shown,Preliminary selection spout model#Snow top number。

(4)According to the spout model—Or relational curve,(Tree Bird Education HVAC Design Du Teacher)Identification according to the corresponding model specification according to the table LnValue and other technical parameters。

(5)Based on the highness and inspection of known use places Lnvalue,Preliminary spout installation height H,And calculate the corresponding working conditionα1α2and H2value。

(6)If you have contradictions after the selection is selected as described above,Adjustable spout model or reset installation height HReconservation after value Ln、α1、α2 and H2 value。

(7)Evaluation determination project design,Determine the spout model、Quantity and other parameters。

(brass adapter tub spout)brass adapter tub spout

Technical performance function parameter table

brass adapter tub spout


The above table provides a reference for the selection of spherical spouts of various specifications.,When the air volume is other specification,The relevant parameters can be determined using an equal insertion method between the value values.,When the end wind speed is inconsistent with the values listed in the expression, the equalization insert method can be used to determine and obtain the corresponding air supply distance value.,It is also possible to use the relationship curve to check the required technical parameters.。

(brass adapter tub spout)Ball spray product multi-frequency sound power level correction value Table II

brass adapter tub spout(brass adapter tub spout)

Specification dimension table Table three

brass adapter tub spout

Suitable for takeover diameter Table four

brass adapter tub spout(brass adapter tub spout)

brass adapter tub spout(brass adapter tub spout)

brass adapter tub spout

brass adapter tub spout

Installation diagram

(brass adapter tub spout)Its commonly used angle value is:

(brass adapter tub spout)Manual、electric:Corner:0°~20°(Cool air)

temperature control:Corner:0°~10°(Cool air)

Manual、electric:Corner:0°~30°(Feeding hot air)

temperature control:Corner:0°~20°(Feeding hot air)

The company's spheroidal spout can be mounted on the side wall of square or circular pipeline。

Two connections in the form of connected connections are rounded from all over the hole.,Can be fixed with bolts or rivets,Gasket should be placed at the connection。

(brass adapter tub spout)Directly docking with pipeline or hose,Can be used tubing,The diameter of the takeover meets the diameter of standard pipes and hoses.。QPType spout can insert a union,Secret of bolt,It is also possible to secure the bolt on the wall wall.,The bolt is installed outside can be provided on the decorative panel provided in the air.,Decorative panel to reverse fixation,Disassemble。

Cross-adult pipeline example

brass adapter tub spout

Cross-circular pipe example

brass adapter tub spout(brass adapter tub spout)

Converse circular pipe or hose example

brass adapter tub spout

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