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diagram showing shower tub diverter with brass or copper fittings

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(diagram showing shower tub diverter with brass or copper fittings)Speaking of shunts,For ordinary people,This is a more professional term。in our lives,The shunt is actually very closely related to our life.。Many electronic devices, etc. are inseparable from its presence,To help you better understand the shunt,Today we will tell you what a shunt is。

diagram showing shower tub diverter with brass or copper fittings

What is a shunt?

first,Let's take a look at the characteristics of the shunt?connected to the DC circuit,DC current shunt,A millivolt level DC voltage signal is generated across the shunt,Oscillate the needle of the meter connected to both ends of the shunt,The reading is the current value in the DC circuit。so-called diversion,That is to divide a small current to push the meter indication,the small current(mA)with the current in the large loop(1A-dozensA)the smaller the ratio,The linearity of the ammeter reading is better,also more precise。This is a common product for electrical circuits,Lightning protection has diversion measures。

Is the diverter any good??A shunt is a resistor that can pass a very large current.15Aor20Aas well as35Aammeters require a shunt,The impedance of the shunt=The full-scale voltage of the meter head mark/Head full-scale current。for example20AThe shunt resistance of the ammeter=75mv/20A=0.00375Ω,After the impedance is constant, according to Ohm's lawU=IR,Current is proportional to voltage,Current is linear, voltage is linear,So you can use a full scale of75mvThe voltmeter shows the current current。therefore,The ammeter used is actually a voltmeter。

What are the main functions?For motor test measurements,Often an ammeter needs to be configured with multiple shunts,In order to solve the problem of ensuring the required measurement accuracy in a large measurement range。At this time, it is required that the rated voltage drop of all shunts used is consistent with the matching ammeter,E.g75mV。so,After the shunt is selected,The full scale of the ammeter is the rated current value of the selected shunt,ammeter multiples(That is, the number of current per grid on its dial scale)That is, the rated current of the shunt divided by the total number of divisions on the dial scale。

What are the points of purchasing a shunt

on buying a shunt,what can we do?The wire shunt has now become the preferred product of electrical designers in various design institutes,This is mainly because the product is a national patented product,The conductor material selected for the product is copper formed and then tinned,It is guaranteed that the material selected for this product is the same as the cable conductor,The connection of conductors is surface contact,The protection level of the product reachesIP63。Full coverage of wire shunt products、Variety of specifications and models,Fully able to meet the power distribution methods in various situations。

(diagram showing shower tub diverter with brass or copper fittings)The pressure shunt adopts flexible、efficient way,Combining multiple hydraulic pumps,Used in multi-circuit hydraulic system。Each diverter consists of a series of gear pairs,Divide the input oil into several outputs in equal or proportional amounts,The working pressure of each channel can be different from each other,Safety relief valve can be installed on each road。Please refer to this purchase method。

The general network splitter has only a few bad holes,Not as big as an adult's fist,One side is plugged in,One side is connected to the computer network cable,Usually a rectangular box,There are three to four ports on the outside,Just connect the network cable directly when you want to use it。It can help us buy a better shunt。

Through the detailed introduction of the shunt above,I believe that everyone should have a more comprehensive understanding and understanding of the shunt.。So in the future, if you want to buy a shunt,You can refer to the method described above,Xiao Bian believes that this can help you to buy a more cost-effective shunt。