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5.70-8 inner tube with bent brass stem

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5.70-8 inner tube with bent brass stem

Cast iron shutoff valve

5.70-8 inner tube with bent brass stem

Electric welding shutoff valve

5.70-8 inner tube with bent brass stem

Stainless steel US standard flange cutout valve

5.70-8 inner tube with bent brass stem

Cast steel angle shutoff valve

5.70-8 inner tube with bent brass stem

Dramatic shutdown air valve

5.70-8 inner tube with bent brass stem

Stainless steel oxygen shut-off valve

5.70-8 inner tube with bent brass stem

Stainless steel welding shut-off valve

5.70-8 inner tube with bent brass stem(5.70-8 inner tube with bent brass stem)Pneumatic flange cutoff valve

5.70-8 inner tube with bent brass stem

High temperature and high pressure cut valve

5.70-8 inner tube with bent brass stem

Stainless steel internal thread cutout valve

Shuttering valve,It belongs to the mandatory sealed valve,So when the valve is closed,Pressure must be applied to the valve flap,Do not leak in a mandatory seal。When the medium enters the valve below the valve petal,Operation force needs to overcome the resistance,Is the thrust generated by the friction of the valve stem and the filler and the pressure of the medium,The power of the valve is larger than the valve,So the diameter of the stem is large.,Otherwise the failure of the roof bending occurred。According to the connection mode:Flange connection、Silk buckle connection、Welding connection。After the self-sealing valve appears,The medium flow of the shut-off valve is changed from the valve chamber above the valve.,At this time, under the pressure of media,Turn off the valve,And the power to open the valve,The diameter of the stem can be reduced accordingly。at the same time,Medium,This form of valve is also strict。my country valve“Giving”Regulate,Slow direction of the shutoff valve,All use it。Shutdown,Oning of valve flaps,Nominal diameter25%~30%Time.The traffic has reached the maximum,Indicates that the valve has been fully open。So the full open position of the shutoff valve,It should be determined by the trip of the flap.。

(5.70-8 inner tube with bent brass stem)Shut-off valve(stop valve,Globe Valve)The opening and closing piece is a plug flap,The sealed is flat or sea cones,Valves along the centerline of the seat。Motion form of the stem,(Universal name:Dark rod),There is also a lifting rotary rotor type to control the air.、water、steam、Various corrosive media、mud、Oil、Flow of various types of fluids such as liquid metals and radioactive media。therefore,This type of intercepting shut-off valve is very suitable as cutting or adjustment and throttling。Since the valve stem of the type of valve is relatively shorter,And have a very reliable cut-off function,Also because the variation of the valve seat is proportional to the stroke of the valve flap,Ideal for regulation of traffic。


one、In accordance with the direction of the channel

(5.70-8 inner tube with bent brass stem)1)Direct shut-off valve:Direct shut-off valve,It relies on the pressure of the stem,Keep the valve flap seal with the valve sealing surface,Block media circulation。

2)DC cut-off valve:DC orYShaped shutoff valve,The flow path of the valve body is a slant line,Such a flow state is smaller than the conventional shutoff valve.,Therefore, the pressure loss through the valve is also small.。

3)Corner shut-off valve:In the angle shutoff valve,Fluid only needs to change one direction,Surprising the shutoff valve of the conventional structure by the pressure of this valve。

5.70-8 inner tube with bent brass stem

Pass through、DC、Angular difference

4)Palease shut-off valve:This type of shut-off valve is a variant of a conventional shutoff valve。In this valve,Valves and valve seats are typically designed based on plunger principle。Valve polishing is connected to the valve stem.,The seal is achieved by two elastic seals on the plunger.。Two elastic seals are spaced apart with a set,And press the sealing ring around the plunger by applying the load applied to the valve cover by the valve cover nut。Elastic seal can be replaced,It can be made of a wide variety of materials.,The valve is mainly used for“open”or“close”,However, there is a special form of plunger or special collar,Can also be used to adjust traffic。

(5.70-8 inner tube with bent brass stem)5.70-8 inner tube with bent brass stem

Palease shut-off valve

two、According to the purpose

(5.70-8 inner tube with bent brass stem)1)Lined fluorine shut-off valve-50~150℃Various concentrations of Wangshui、sulfuric acid、hydrochloric acid、Hydrofluoric acid and various organic acids、strong acid、Strong oxidants,Also suitable for various concentrations of strong alkali organic solvents and other corrosive gases,Used on the pipeline of liquid media.

(5.70-8 inner tube with bent brass stem)2)The national standard crosstalk is the most common product in the shutdown valve.,APIUS standard cutoff valve US standard intermittent valveANSIandAPIstandard,The sealing surface of the valve flap and the valve seat uses different hardness Si Taiyi(Stellite)Cobalt-based hard alloy binder,Seal reliable、High hardness、Wear-resistant、High temperature、preservative、Good resistance、long life。

3)Needle valve is a small caliber instrument valve,Enable and accurate flow control effect in the instrument measuring pipeline system,Mainly has a power plant instrument series、Oilfield special series、American standard series, etc.。

4)Low-temperature shut-off valves generally refer to the operating temperature -110℃ Valve,Widely used in liquefied natural gas,LNG and other low temperature industries。from08Applicable temperature -196℃ Shutoff valve,All parts are low-temperature pretreatment in liquid nitrogen,Remove the sealing deformation leak during use。

5)Paleristal and fame plug shut-off valve,Its sealing surface adopts a radial sealing structure,The load of the plunger is applied to the elastic seal of the plunger to the slider from the two elastic seals on the grinding plug.。

6)Insulation jacket shut-off valve designs,Using external heat sources to heat the outside of the valve,Can effectively prevent the medium from temperature loss through the valve,Ensure the temperature of the medium。

7)Forged steel shut-off valveAPI 602Standard design,Provide three valve cover design forms:Bolt type hole cover,Welding valve cover,Pressure self-tight sealing valve cover,Users can choose different forms as needed,supplyRFFlange、NPTThread、SWWelding type three connection methods。

8)The oxygen special shut-off valve is made of silicone or stainless steel molded material.,High mechanical strength,durable、Good security, etc.。Use on the oxygen pipeline,Best explosion-proof flammable performance,Eliminating the unsafe factor on the oxygen pipeline,Widely used in steel、metallurgy、Petrochemical、Chemical, etc.。In addition to the function of the ordinary valve,There is also its own characteristics。Strict bioteheal measures in manufacturing,And all parts are strictly skimmed before installation。

9)波纹管截止阀采用成形不锈钢波纹管设计,Wall-shaped stainless steel bellows design10000次无故障,Corrugated tube reciprocating test,适用于易燃易爆,Secondary failure,可以有效地防止阀门外漏现象。

5.70-8 inner tube with bent brass stem

Suitable for flammable and explosive

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