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38mm antique brass tube

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Historical and cultural in China,There are a lot of valuable things。in,In those celebrities,Outdrawart a lot of invaluable treasures。in China,People can see very serious about death after death.。Those who have dignified people often have to put their favorite treasures.,Top with him, the most worthy treasure is brought into the grave.,And those graves are also very luxurious。In different dynasties,Different tombs reflect the characteristics of the dynasty。

(38mm antique brass tube)38mm antique brass tube

In the Qin Dynasty and the previous precedent。People are not so deep about the concept of the tomb。Many tomb is very simple,Just pay more attention to the burial of the tombs。Only those princes of the princes will cultivate some gorgeous mausoleum。In the Qin Dynasty,In Qin Wang Ji Zheng just successively,I started to be planning to start for myself.,The famous Qin Shihuang Mausole is beginning to start in his year.。But until he died,37The time still is still finished。

It seems that the head of Qin Shihuang,After entering the Han Dynasty,Not only the king,Some people have also begun to build their own mausoleum。At that time,They will bring their most money treasures to the tomb。And the princes of the Western Han Dynasty,I found a lot of rare treasures from his tomb.。One of them,Its use is very mysterious,But I settled a record of the world.。

38mm antique brass tube

This person is a famous Zhongshan Jingwang Liu Sheng.。familiar《Three Kingdoms》I know that he is the ancestors of Liu Bei.。Liu Sheng is the son of Han Jing Emperor Liu Qi。Since then,His Fengguo City is set in Dingzhou。And he and his future generation,They were buried around Dingzhou。A total of discovered in this region281Han Tomb。

exist1965Year,Archaeologist at the time,The Sino-Shan Wangling tomb group that has already destroyed traces has begun to protect excavation。then,Outdrawart nine horses and a large number of car models in the tombs。Among them,Experts also found the copper clocks belonging to Zhongshan Wangfu House。There are two copper printers belonging to Zhongshan King.。The most meaningful discovery in it is found in a carriage that is unearthed.。This umbrella is quite complete,long26.5cm,Composed of four sections。

38mm antique brass tube(38mm antique brass tube)

Above each section。The pattern of portrayed is different.,Some portrait Yunshang people,Some portrait of flower bird trees。Top above,It can also be counted.。And the meaning of this umbrella tits。There is different opinions at the academic community at the time.。One of the above-mentioned ripples said that Xiangrui's texture。In the Western Han Dynasty。The feathers at the time were regarded as Xiangrui.。at that time,Feather is a symbol of death,They can guide the soul of the deceased to go deep into the fairy。So experts think that this umbrella grain pattern is。Guide the tomb owner to upgrade to the fairy。However, some people say that this thing is just the decoration of Puttong, and the life realistic life of the Han Dynasty.,And their pursuit of beautiful ideals。

As for the meaning of this umbrella tits,There is no clear conclusion so far.。And this wrong gold and silver bronze umbrella is tense,Already reached a fairly high level。At the time, the wrong gold and silver process is very rare.。If you want to leave a texture, you need to make fire-roasting evaporation.。And the bronze grain decoration above is perfect,It can be explained that the craftsman's craftsmanship created for this tomb owner。I have to admire those craftsmen more than 2,000 years ago.。

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