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clawfoot tub shower faucet brass

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(clawfoot tub shower faucet brass)

2013year7moon14day,Shanghai TV《one seventh》The column exposes that the lead content of faucet products of many brands exceeds the national standard,Many of them are Moen、GROHE、Jiumu and other well-known brands at home and abroad,Immediately caused a strong response from all parties。When various media channels continue to carry out negative reports and hype to combat copper faucets,Supor's first stainless steel faucet flagship store in Beijing opened with a high profile,And claim that stainless steel faucets are lead-free,Healthier and Safer。

(clawfoot tub shower faucet brass)clawfoot tub shower faucet brass

Two things happened so coincidentally,Reminiscent of a faucet“leaded door”Is there a behind-the-scenes hype or is it real??Let the author analyze the netizens below。

(clawfoot tub shower faucet brass)Part1:Copper faucets contain excessive lead?

one、Why choose copper faucets?

clawfoot tub shower faucet brass

we know,Faucets can be divided into cast iron faucets by type、copper faucet、stainless steel faucet、Alloy faucet and plastic faucet five。Among them, cast iron faucets have long been eliminated,And the alloy、Plastic faucets have poor durability,Therefore, the main products sold in the market are copper、stainless steel faucet。Copper faucets last a long time,Inexpensive compared to stainless steel,It also has high sterilization ability,Therefore, the market share of copper faucets is as high as95%。

(clawfoot tub shower faucet brass) two、Why copper faucets contain lead?

(clawfoot tub shower faucet brass)clawfoot tub shower faucet brass

The main material of copper faucet is copper and zinc,Commonly known as brass,It needs to add a small amount of lead in the process of making it into a faucet,To improve the cutting performance of brass。If no lead is added to the faucet at all,Not only will cutting difficulties arise、Problems such as poor forging performance,even when finished,Can also cause cracking due to poor stress corrosion resistance。

(clawfoot tub shower faucet brass) three、Lead content in copper faucets can harm human health?

clawfoot tub shower faucet brass

mentioned earlier,Copper faucets must have lead added,Processing and physical properties can be guaranteed。So is the lead-containing copper faucet really harmful to human health??Are there lead free copper faucets?

(clawfoot tub shower faucet brass)research shows,The safe limit for lead content in drinking water is generally100microgram/Rise,while the highest acceptable level is50microgram/Rise。The national standard stipulates,faucet(Faucet)The lead precipitation limit shall not be greater than11microgram/Rise,That is to say,If the copper faucet meets the national standard,Then there will be no harm to the human body。

(clawfoot tub shower faucet brass)at the same time,Faucet manufacturers also continuously improve technology through continuous improvement,to reduce lead content in copper faucets。For example, Moen's clean lead technology can make copper faucet lead content far below the national standard,close to lead-free,But it still contains lead。If there is a copper faucet on the market that advertises that it is completely lead-free,That must be a lie。

Part2:Stainless steel faucet must be healthy?

one、Stainless steel faucets may contain chromium

clawfoot tub shower faucet brass

Although stainless steel faucets are lead free,Acid resistant﹑Alkali resistant﹑preservative,However, in the random inspection of the quality of stainless steel faucets, it was found that,The content of hexavalent chromium in some stainless steel faucet products exceeds the standard。According to experts,Hexavalent chromium is easily absorbed by the body,it can be digested、respiratory tract、Skin and mucous membranes invade the human body。Hexavalent chromium compounds are carcinogenic in the body,and many other health problems, Excessive doses of chromium can cause kidney and liver damage、nausea、Gastrointestinal irritation、gastric ulcer、convulsions or even death。

two、Stainless steel is not the most suitable faucet material

clawfoot tub shower faucet brass

Although not all stainless steel faucets will exceed the standard hexavalent chromium,But at least it shows that it does contain hexavalent chromium,This is the same as copper faucets that contain lead,As a consumer, why should you pay high prices to buy stainless steel faucets instead of copper faucets??in addition,Stainless steel faucets do not have bactericidal properties,The immature processing technology determines that stainless steel is not the most suitable faucet material。

Part3:Faucet“leaded door”pure hype

exist“leaded door”after exposure,The well-known faucet brands on the list have been tested for the second time,Test result display,14All faucets contain lead,Among them Roca、Jiu Mu, etc.12The lead precipitation of the faucet and faucet is less than the national limit value.11microgram/Rise,In line with national standards。The previous testing unit, Shanghai East China University of Science and Technology Joint State Key Laboratory of Chemical Engineering,It has been found that it has not passed the national laboratory qualification certification。

clawfoot tub shower faucet brass

more suspicious,“leaded door”after exposure,More than 100 media focused reports,Touted the dangers of lead,Arouse anger and panic in the audience。But if you look closely, you can see,There are many similarities in the content of multiple media reports,Even the title is the same,Most likely it was done by a brand's PR firm。

clawfoot tub shower faucet brass

event has passed,It doesn't make sense for us to analyze further.。Finally, I would like to remind you:Don't worry too much about lead in copper faucets,Choosing a copper faucet will not cause harm to human health,But the premise is to choose a big brand,Products that can issue relevant test reports;And if you like the brushed metal surface of the stainless steel faucet and value the anti-rust performance of the product,Able to accept stainless steel faucet price,Then you can also buy stainless steel faucets,But the most important thing is to buy big brands,Products with relevant test reports。

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