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This year88Aged Italian erotic film master Dindu·Ballas thinks,As long as the intervention of the grading committee remains,Not to mention the complete abolition of censorship。

(tinto brass movie tube)Italian Ministry of Culture4moon5A new decree to completely abolish film censorship was announced,This means that the government will no longer have the right to be moral、religion、Political and other reasons restrict the release of a film。

“Artists will have greater freedom。”Italian Minister of Culture Dario·Franceschini(Dario Franceschini)announced in a statement,“Film censorship is abolished。The state's system of control and intervention over artists has come to an end。”

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Italian Ministry of Culturetwitterstatement issued on

(tinto brass movie tube)Instead,film rating system,Film distributors will have the right to rate films based on their target audience's age group。The decree sets four levels:Suitable for all ages、6Children under the age of、14Children under the age of、18Teens under the age of 2 are prohibited from viewing。

(tinto brass movie tube)Film ratings will still be under official control。The Italian Ministry of Culture will set up a committee for the classification of film works under the Film Division,Responsible for reviewing the correctness of the film operator's self-rating。The newly established committee for the classification of film works will be headed by Alessandro, the former president of the Italian Council of State.·Pano(Alessandro Pajno)be in charge,its members share49name,including the film industry、Youth Education and Protection、social communication、Experts in animal protection organizations and other fields。

according to《Vision》magazine report,This new decree of the Italian Ministry of Culture,equivalent to officially repealing the1913year of film censorship,But the symbolic meaning of the move outweighs the real value,Because in fact, the Italian government has stopped using censorship power in recent years.。2016year,Italy's new film law already provides for self-rating to replace censorship,The new decree of the Ministry of Culture now clarifies the specific implementation method of the review by the official grading committee。

The Italian Ministry of Culture has launched a“film censorship”permanent online exhibition of,showed the public1944years since,Italy has banned247italian movies、130American films and321a film from another country was released,and more than1million movies,It was asked to delete it before it could be released。

Pierre·Paul·Pasolini (Pier Paolo Pasolini)of《Sodom120sky》(Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom)One of the most famous Italian banned films,Zeng Yu1976banned by the government。The masterpiece depicts the dark scene of the Italian regime in exile, a puppet regime fostered by Nazi Germany,Full of gore and violence,Paragraph structure borrowed from Dante's《Divine Comedy》,divided into“Door of hell”、“perverted hell”、“shit hell”、“blood hell”Chapter Four,Restricted in many countries。

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Bernardo·Bertolucci(Bernardo Bertolucci)controversial《Last Tango in Paris》(Last Tango in Paris)It was also one of the banned films,Because there are a lot of R-rated porn scenes,1972Censorship Agency“stare at”,Most copies were ordered destroyed。

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《Last Tango in Paris》stills

And a recent film that sparked censorship controversy,Yes1998comedy of the year《toto who lived twice》(Toto Who Lived Twice)。The film shows about rape、bestiality、Religious beliefs, etc.,angered traditional Italian Catholics,finally restricted by censorship。The filmmakers appealed,sparked heated debate,It is also regarded as the trigger for the cancellation of the film censorship system。

(tinto brass movie tube)Many Italian film industry figures have expressed their excitement to the media。Italy01film distribution head luigi·Lonigro(Luigi Lonigro)Express:“The film industry has been pushing hard for this cross-generational change,We are about to usher in an era of self-monitoring。”

director puppy·Avati(Pupi Avati)told AFP:“(self grading)is a self-discipline。we are mature enough。”he1976films directed by《Bordella》(Bordella)have suffered interference from film censorship。

(tinto brass movie tube)However, Avati also pointed out,rather subtle,“Banned”It's not all bad for filmmakers.,To a certain extent, it is a bait for attracting the audience.,“Ban makes movies more enticing,arouses the interest of the audience,especially those with erotic themes。”

at the same time,Still some filmmakers are uneasy about the creation of a film classification board,Especially since it looks like there are only a few members of this committee with film expertise。European famous movie websiteCineuropa's review article says,Some producers fear future clashes with committee members,Then the government censorship mechanism will become the committee self-censorship mechanism。

(tinto brass movie tube)This year88Aged Italian erotic film master Dindu·Ballas(Tinto Brass)is a libertarian、anarchists,he filmed30in the movie29Ministry has been censored,battling film censorship all my life。In his opinion,Italy did not“Completely abolish censorship”,“As long as there is one grading committee who can decide the grading of the work,even if it's just based on age,But that also means no substantive changes to the review,Because the censorship and intervention mechanisms from the power agencies will continue to limit the freedom of artists。”